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Reviews by Doc.T 1977

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Touch for Men by Burberry

Smells floral and peppery, But well balanced

I went and tried many different colognes at a local department store. I usually pick out the sweeter fruitier ones. This scent isn't so much on the fruity side as to me, It smells peppery, as well as powdery. I can detect the base of white musk in it. It's a very well rounded scent. The only issue was I thought it was a bit overly priced. Other than that, Keep up the good work Burberry!

Pros: Last a long time, Smells great
Cons: Price"

01st October, 2013

Azzaro pour Homme by Azzaro

Great timeless scent.

I have seen Paco Rabanne mentioned in these reviews. If you can imagine Paco and Rabanne and Draccar put together, this is what you would have. The initial application is not overbearing and it lasts for quite a while. This scent will draw positive attention as well.

Pros: Lasts long, Consistent dry down
Cons: None"

16th September, 2013

Spark for Men by Liz Claiborne

This to me is a nice spicy root beer sort of scent. This is one of the better ones from Liz Claiborne. Use this one lightly, You overdo it, Everyone within a 5 mile radius of you will be able to smell it.

Good for a night out with your girlfriend or wife.
23rd March, 2012
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Curve Wave for Men by Liz Claiborne

I'm going to have to give this a thumbs down. First, There are already too many aquatic scents out there, and much like those other aquatic scents, This one shares the same lemony watery accord as well. Nothing anywhere near original about this scent. And most certainly, there is nothing about this scent that is memorable, but rather forgettable.

This scent demands a complete do over with a new name.
23rd March, 2012

V pour Homme by Valentino

This is a very incense heavy fragrance. To me it also has hints of lavender. It also seems to last fairly well. It is what I consider to be a "Darker" version of Eternity by Calvin Klein. This is a scent that I like. I don't wear it often as I have to be in the mood for it and that isn't too often. While it does have some originality to it, it's not a very memorable fragrance.
23rd March, 2012

Mambo for Men by Liz Claiborne

I don't know why so many thumbs down. This is a very nice scent. Its a woodsy / spicy scent and I would like to see it last a bit longer. But I love the scent and despite some of these other ratings, It does actually get compliments.
23rd March, 2012

White Musk for Women by Jovan

This one to me is definitely a thumbs up. The scent is a soapy powdery out of the shower type scent. This is a scent in my mind that could last 8 hours easy. You don't have to put a lot of this on for it to last either. This is also a scent that is not too floral and could work for both men AND women.

I own this and when I run out, I will be buying more.
23rd March, 2012

John Varvatos by John Varvatos

I'm not going to say this is a bad fragrance, However, I do believe it could use some assistance. I would classify this as a dark fragrance, in many ways similar to Hugo Dark Blue. Or on other words like a dark woodsy oriental.

I am giving this a neutral
First, the bad. While it is a darker scent, to me it seems to have no real direction. There is a slight Dr. Peppery note in there that I do enjoy however. It also seems to last fairly well without being overpowering and the scent dries to a darker sandalwood / amber type of accord. You could get a good 8 hours out of this without dousing yourself in it. A little goes a long way here.
23rd March, 2012

Thallium by Jacques Evard

When I tried Thallium for the first time out at the mall, it was hard to put my finger on the notes of it and it still is. Best description of notes that I detect is Vanilla, Cedar and a few other unknown notes. I enjoy this scent quite a bit. The other nice thing is that it will last you ALL DAY. No need to re spritz yourself. I highly recommend it.
19th May, 2009

Escada Moon Sparkle for Men by Escada

This is not the worst scent out there. It does smell like a lot of other "Cucumbery" type scents. To me, it is missing something and I cannot quite put my finger on it. This is a decent summer scent though, but nothing spectacular.
10th April, 2009

Armani Attitude by Giorgio Armani

This is a pretty nice cologne. To me, it is a citrus with woodsy fragrance. This is a nice one. I don't quite know how best to describe this scent as I do not have anything to compare it to. Note; The first day I wore this, I could tell people were checking me out and they were not running away, so that says something to me.
10th April, 2009

Sunset Heat for Men by Escada

This is an aquatic cucumber melon type scent. I do like it and it would make a great summer scent. The only issue I have with it is that it needs improvement in the longevity department. On me, it will only last for a couple of hours. I does not quite earn the five star mark form me because it does not last long, I will because it is a decent scent give it four stars.
10th April, 2009

Polo Double Black by Ralph Lauren

The other guys in here are right. It starts out citrus like and fresh, but it goes to a dark coffee like woody undertone. It is not bad and it is worth a try, but I have had better.
10th April, 2009
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Sentiment for Men by Escada

This is one of those scents that may not be for everyone and it is something that you have to be in the mood for. At first try, it smelled like lavender scented pine sol to me and I walked away from it. When I got home though it turned into a deep woodsy fruity scent that had plenty of depth and I loved it and eventually I went back for it and I am glad I did.
10th April, 2009

Safari for Men by Ralph Lauren

This scent may be a little dated, but it is still in my opinion a good scent. I would describe this as a good sleeper scent.
10th April, 2009

By Man by Dolce & Gabbana

Now this here is a nice lavender type scent but it is a little on the musky side. To me, I smell musk, tea and lavender. Not a bad combo. The scent carries nicely and last for the whole day. Glad I have this one.
10th April, 2009

Body Kouros by Yves Saint Laurent

I enjoys this fragrance. To me it was a woodsy scent but it had a suntan lotion quality about it. I would gladly buy this again as it had its own personality and uniqueness to it.
10th April, 2009

Hypnotic Poison Eau de Toilette by Christian Dior

I have seen others say that this fragrance could work for a guy. You are right. I own it and it is one of the most comforting and relaxing scents I own and my wife lives it on me.

Scent Description;
Cedarwood, Vanilla, and the Bitter Almond are the initial scents. The biter almond and the cedarwood are what gives it its initial play dough like scent. Then it settles down into a soft powdery rootbeer scent brought in by the initial scent drying down enough to reveal the caraway scent which would explain the rootbeer note. I cannot smell the jasmine in it though. This scent will last you for about 6 hours.

I would ask for a little bit more longevity, other than that, its the perfect scent in my book.
09th September, 2008

Curve for Women by Liz Claiborne

This is a nice floral aquatic scent. Hints of water lily are prevelent with this one. Good scent if you just want to relax.
14th August, 2008