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Incredible Me by Escada

More info on Escada Incredible Me blog:

The story of Incredible Me unfolds in a café in Chiang Mai, Thailand, as dessert is ordered. A delicious
Tiramisu is brought to the table, served on a plate decorated with a beautiful and fragrant orchid… With
this unusual and striking presentation, the perfumer immediately starts to imagine new olfactive associations. The result is Incredible Me, a creation that celebrates the perfect blend of Asian exoticism
and European comfort; a modern and imaginative sensuality that unites East with West and immediately
attracts the senses of the young, vibrant fashionista.

Base Notes:
A highly edible accord which clearly demonstrates the smooth, gourmand texture of the base note, and
the addictive personality of the fragrance. The perfumer wanted to recreate the olfactive ‘sensation’ of a
tiramisu dessert, so that aspects of the key ingredients would be subtly detectable within the fragrance:
mascarpone, coffee, chocolate and biscuit. The overall effect is exceptionally creamy and offers a
generous warmth and sensuality to the dry down of the fragrance.

Middle Accord:
This accord is built around a living head-space of the Miva Fragrance orchid. The Miva Orchid has a
feminine and lively scent; a blend of delicate peony floralcy and light fruitiness, with a soft feminine
appeal. The accord has a clean and fresh quality to it but also hints at something slightly more mysterious
and exotic. It is this more sensual element of the orchid note that provides such a perfect link to the
smoothness of the base note.

Top Notes:
The top note accord demonstrates another living head-space, this time of Clementine. The delicate bittersweet
note from this subtle citrus is gently effervescent and extremely natural. It acts as a hook in the top
note of the fragrance, which freshens and contrasts the sweet creaminess in the heart and base, without
overpowering or detracting from its presence.
25th August, 2008