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Touch for Men by Burberry

I'm new to fragrances, the only other scent I've bought recently is Thierry Mugler Cologne, another fragrance I like very much. I like this one a lot, the floral notes seem to stay with it through most of the scent, drying down into a soapy clean feeling that makes it a very nice scent for hanging out around the apartment or for wearing in a professional work environment. It doesn't strike my as a good nightlife scent, because it's very calming and definitely has a feminine feeling. I think this is why I like it, I don't really like over the top masculine musks, and I could see a woman wearing this scent just as much as a man. At Sephora I was torn between this and Dior Eau Sauvage, and chose this one because fall is coming and the pepper lends it a slight spiciness that might be nice as the weather gets a little colder. The sillage isn't over the top, it wears pretty close to the skin but I find women on the subway leaning in close to me on the subway in the morning after putting it on. Very nice, and reasonably priced. I'm very happy with this purchase.
30th August, 2008