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Acqua di Giò pour Homme by Giorgio Armani

After reading all the positive reviews and of all the awards it has received (even here in South Africa), i was so hoping that this would be the fragrance that i was looking for. However, after trying it i was very disappointed at how sour it turned out to be once it had settled down. This didn't deter me in trying it a few more times as i thought maybe it would grow on me, but to no avail. The fragrance just develops into a blunt sour melon-type smell (on my skin that is) that leaves me wondering "Is this it? Is this what everyone is so hyped up about?" It's not the worst fragrance i've smelt, but it's just not one that would make me say "Wow!" Just my thoughts.
01st March, 2004

Diesel Zero Plus by Diesel

I liked this fragrance at first, but the novelty soon wore off. i must admit that it was a rushed buy. It's just too cinnamony, annoyingly so. It almost suffocates you. Maybe it's just my skin chemistry, but i won't buy this again in a hurry. Although i will give it a thumbs up for longevity.
28th February, 2004