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Dahn Al Oudh Matheel by Ajmal

It is very linear....but smells good for an ajmal oud. definatly not worth the $200 price tag! you can get a much better single origin oud for the same money that actually evolves! Ajmal does mukhallats and musks pretty good...but they need some practice in the oud department. neutral cuz it does smell good....just dosent do the things a good oud does.
07th February, 2010

Silver Musk by Nasomatto

like another one said i cant make out any notes in this other then musk......but its INCREDBILE!!!! it makes your skin smell like you just washed yourself in the laundry and hung yourself out to dry on a nice spring day! its very rare a scent moves me so much i have to go write a review and tell the world how wonderful it smell! it changes your skin to make you smell like a million dollars. i dont care the price i am buying a bottle of this ASAP! very well done scent. might be a masterpiece.
11th March, 2009

Jolly Roger by Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

this is kinda good....its like a heavy aquatic....its rich yet its salty...its really quite good
11th March, 2009
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Boisé Vanillé by Montale

this montale is one of the best IMO. It is very very hard to explain this one. Its kinda like red vetyver....but intead of using the peppery note they use in red vetyver, they use a very light touch of non sweet vanilla to blend the citrusy grapefruit and the woods together. It almost smells citrusy and powdery at the same time....kinda like side by side. thats why it is hard to explain this kinda has the notion of a creamcycle.....take citrus and add a slight touch of vanilla to it.....yet it remains more of a wood citrus scent then anything.......besides all that it smells wonderful! definatly worth a of my favorite montales.
06th March, 2009

Dew Musk by Montale

ok here is my review on Mukhallat dew musk and crystal aoud. they all have this same cherry/strawberry fruity smell to them except all 3 slightly differ.......

dew musk is the cherry smell with musk

Mukhallat is the cherry smell with almond

crystal aoud is the cherry smell with a touch of aoud

the odd thing about montale is they take the same smell and make 10 different purfumes out of the same thing just slightly different......if you own one of these there is really no need to get the other...or the other.
15th February, 2009 (last edited: 18th February, 2009)

Black Aoud by Montale

black's harsh and pungent yet beautiful and well blended. it's complex yet it's simple. it's rose! yet it's masculine! i cant stand it but i love it!

that about sums it up lol anyone who has tried this understands.
03rd February, 2009

Chez Bond by Bond No. 9

this is a non evolving version of GIT with an added vanilla smell that smells very feminine. from the time you put this on to the time it fades, it smells the exact same. I cant give it a negative because it does smell great....just not on a man.
17th November, 2008 (last edited: 30th November, 2008)

Himalaya by Creed

I think this is the best creed i have sampled so far. It has a very nice peppery soapy smell that lasts all day.I find most creeds like royal water and MI too feminine. This scent actually makes you smell good and feel masculant wearing it. To me it feels kinda like GIT but with a kick. Its not quite as boring as GIT yet still has that amazing smell that GIT has. I highly recommend this one if you want to try a creed.Like others have stated a perfectly balanced scent!
23rd September, 2008

Royal Water by Creed

This is a perfect cross between fast orange degreaser hand cleaner and deep woods off. If that's your thing then this scent is for you. I find it so appauling it is almost making me sick to my stomach! i have to go shower again right now just to get it off me. I got a few samples of this on ebay. When it arrived i put a little on my wrist and was appauled at first smell. Giving Creed the benefit of the doubt i am now in my 4th hour of wearing this scent and it smells just as bad as when I put it on. These samples are going in the trash. I wouldnt even give these away.
22nd September, 2008