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Aqua pour Homme by Bulgari

Guilty pleasure?

Heh, BAquaPH is marine/ozone done well. The 'noses' may sniff at it but it is an original scent, it stands out among modern scents which is what it was designed to do and should be commended for doing so.
23rd June, 2010

Knize Ten by Knize

Maybe it was the expectation and this review is a knee jerk reaction but I was underwhelmed by the dirty/tar/leather note.

I guess I was expecting something more potent and inappropriate. Probably the first negative review due to the lack of mechanical scent but through the reviews here I came to believe I was in for a much grimier experience. The flowery base seems mundane compared to other fragrances of the time, maybe mundane is a harsh word but it seems to just pleasantly linger instead of stand out in any unique fashion.

An interesting older scent anyway and hard to find a bottle of, if you are looking. Just not what I pictured nor something I would personally choose to wear.
14th June, 2010

Mitsouko by Guerlain

Fantastic. When the purse allows it, this will be my first 'female' fragrance. Also, for me this is a rare scent that pulls off that powdered touch fragrances of the era seem to have in common.
11th June, 2010
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Windsor by Creed

Price aside, this is a brilliant scent. The rose is sublime and the concoction of an ingredient from each of the colonies is fine marketing and ads a worldly touch. More scents should be so diverse in creation, few could come together as this one has however.

Sillage is perfect and it lasts for days, try it if you can.
30th March, 2010

Encre Noire by Lalique

Fantastic scent, holds it's own in the vetiver world. I've noticed some comparison to the Guerlain Vetiver and have sampled Encre Noir along side it and there is a distinct difference. The Encre Noir being more smokey and downright persuasive, the Guerlain has it's green playful lightness to it and is a touch sweeter.

Longevity is fine yet on my skin it holds close only available for noses dug deep into my neck or for clothes that rub against mine. Perhaps I'm under applying or perhaps I need the EDP rather than my EDT. The plus side is both are affordable and this is a scent so well crafted it could easily have 30-40 dollars thrown on top of it and I wouldn't blink at the tag. The EDP goes for around $55 for 50 ml, well worth it.

As for gender I would fall in love with any woman I found rocking this scent. It's definitely masculine but it has that cool imagery to it, sort of like in the old Walt Disney cartoons when an overwhelming scent would visibly emanate in this slow moving sly gray cloud eventually finding it's mark with deft precision. That is Encre Noir.
20th February, 2010

Guerlain Homme by Guerlain

Despite the flash marketing campaign, Ferrari designed bottle that all the SA's have memorized as the main point of interest for my demographic and the apparent under achievement pointed out by other reviewers. This scent is fantastic.

Cut away all the heritage that the house of Guerlain has amassed, any marketing tactic which I would gladly replace with something from the mind of Richard Hamilton and to a bottle more boring than something from Frederic Malle. What you are left with is a cool crisp reliable scent. The mojito is subdued like it's cocktail inspiration the scent emanating from the soda carbonate. Sweet but kept on its toes by the rum and mint. And the drydown goes on and on.

The drydown is something to wait for as well perhaps it's the vetiver that keeps it in check but there is a fresh refined class, that the silver in the aerodynamic bottle reflects.

The negativity surrounding this will only set you up for a pleasant surprise.
21st March, 2009 (last edited: 04th December, 2009)

Eau Sauvage by Christian Dior

Manly, rugged, impressive from start to finish. Classic smell however 'Revolver' by the Beatles was released the same year and it sounds like it was made in '66 but you wouldn't have it any other way! Wild Review? A homage to Wild Water++
09th February, 2009

Havana by Aramis

Just tried this and for scent lover's it's a must. If you purely enjoy fragrances as their own unique scent this is something you must experience, it is a sweltering tip of the hat to the port of Havana.

Wearable? Perhaps for a 6 foot Latino Samba-ing and Salsa-ing into the Night with many a Senorita.

As for myself standing at 6 foot with darker features but with no dancing flare and unfortunately no Mojito propelled Affairs with colourful wemon on a weekly basis. I don't beleive I could pull this off.

In fact I considered it amazing until the dry down which though spicy and smokey doesn't attract me as much as the opening and unfortunately your left to deal with this longer than the original cacophony of scents.

In fact if this scent was reversed I would have no problem going out on the multiple personality disorder drydown. It would be like the olfactory equivalent of smelling like the inside an impressionable teens mind trying to figure out what you want to be, this or this, left or right..?

It would leave all in awe and craving more trying to figure you out, meanwhile your subtly trying to figure out who you will be tonight. The Frank Abignale of scents, unfortunately the last two paragraphs aren't real.
30th January, 2009

Aramis Bermuda Tonic by Aramis

It is a scientific fact that everyone has unique pheromones that secretes from them and attract the opposite sex. In fact it's the lines between the lines between the lines for some scientists. The theory is that pheromones hold our DNA and smelling a strain of DNA that fills in the missing parts of ours (to create a stronger strain) is the basis behind attraction. (Love is truely blind)

Science aside it appears the lads at Aramis have found the exact scent that I personally emit, exaggerated and bottled it. I know this because the dry down on me effectively is unending and the scent remains well past the Spray on version of me has disappeared.

This isn't witty allegory, it's the truth, I am a walking $36 USD bottle of Perfume.

However, if you experience hot flushes and indescribable primal urges from this scent, we should do the right thing by evolution and arrange a rendezvous.
27th January, 2009

Fahrenheit by Christian Dior

Fahrenheit, quite an interesting title, what is Christian Dior trying to provoke?

Fire and brimstone? The sweltering sexuality of the wearer? The pretentious friction induced Heat generated between wearer and his Mark?

Seasoned marketers would be onto their second round at some swanky bar after reading this definition, saluting to a job well done ..None of them however would be wearing this scent.

The initial blast unfortunately reminded me walking through a gaggle of mechanics, 4 hours into their work day..towards the office where I will be inevitably charged far more than I anticipated.

After the intense black smells of motor oil and pneumatic drill lubricant or whatever instrument they use to cause holes in my $600 exhaust pipe reside, you find yourself sitting in some kind of oversensitive purgatory.

A purgatory embodied by the office itself. The freshener on the wall set to release its pre-timed overcompensating spicy-sweet humanitarian aid on the doomed receptionist. Yet the door still swings open sending an occasional reminder of the mechanical workplace outside..

After 30 minutes floating, wondering more or less what the price tag will be..You get called to the counter snapping you back to reality..

You reluctantly pay your bill, paying more attention to your exit strategy than questioning the replacement of your brake fluid reservoir. Get handed your keys and sprint to your car.

Reversing quickly you breathe in and raise an eyebrow..You notice they have put some kind of gentle chili and cinnamon air freshener dangling from your rear view mirror..This is daringly left on because you signed a petition recently supporting the criminalization of littering our streets, and turns out, you were charged for it anyway.

On the long drive back you do get a chance to catch a glimpse of the bill. The price tag leaves you wondering if one of life's most unenvied errands can be possibly avoided altogether.

Fortunately Fahrenheit
27th August, 2008