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Déclaration by Cartier

This fragrance has a lively attitude that gives me a lift when I wear it. It's a lovely subtle woodsy smell that doesn't attack or demand attention, although it is certainly worthy of attention. I definitely consider this a unisex fragrance... it is a beautifully balanced scent.
25th November, 2008

Chinatown by Bond No. 9

I got a sample of this late last year, & didn't much care for it. I recently rediscovered the sample & tried it again, with no high expectations, but was very pleasantly surprised. I think this may need warm weather to 'work' on me... I like it so much more now than I did half a year ago. The initial impression is a tad fruity for my tastes, but it morphs rather quickly to something warmer & more interesting than that peach salute. And it lasts, drying down to a very pleasant scent... some other reviewers have described it as 'creamy' & that fits with my experience. It's a bit too soon for me to predict whether this will become a tried-and-true staple, but I do expect to enjoy its charms at least until the weather gets cooler.
27th August, 2008

Magie Noire by Lancôme

Woodsy, bittersweet & not at all safe or wishy-washy. A scent for evenings only... at least for me, and the name suggests that it's not intended as an 'office' fragrance. Although it's definitely spicy, I'm not sure about the oriental category... it's certainly not heavy & sweet like Opium or Coco.
27th August, 2008
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No. 19 by Chanel

One of my all-time favorites. Chanel 19 is one of those rare perfumes that really synthesizes so beautifully that it's difficult to dissect. On me, it's all-at-once fresh, floral & woodsy & has wonderful staying power. Fortunately, I don't get the powdery, aldehyde rush that some others seem to experience. A sophisticated classic that's nearly always appropriate (hot summer days being the exception for me).
27th August, 2008

Ma Griffe (original) by Carven

This scent conjures up vivid memories of my grandparents beach house, so how could I not like it? Delightful childhood summer memories aside, though, it's a bit too powdery on me. Obviously, this is a summer scent for me, but a spritz in the air can evoke warm weather even when it's cold out.
27th August, 2008