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    New York Intense by Nicolaï

    A very classy and sophisticated fragrance from Nicolai. This is more similar to the vintage New York, and the stayingpower has really been inproved comparing to the present edt. A timeless classical fragrance for gentlemen. Thumbs up!

    25th January, 2015


    Acqua di Parma Colonia Leather by Acqua di Parma

    Usually I'm not a big fan of leather fragrances, but this smells amazing! A refined blend of citrus, berry and leather. Longevity and sillage seems very good. My favourite leather so far. Stunning!

    29th June, 2014


    Fate Man by Amouage

    This is spice-heaven! Though a heavy doze of cumin, it is quite smooth and sweet thanks to the immortelle. This is one of the best scents from Amouage, and one of the best spicy and unique scents I have EVER smelled. Longevity and sillage are very good, so less is more with this one. Highly recommended, and this stunning bottle is a must have in a Amouage collection.

    08th January, 2014


    Van Gils by Van Gils

    A great strong powerhouse-scent from the 80-ies. Very masculine and dark fragrance, best suited for 30+, and formal/semi-formal occasions with elegant attire. It`s quite unique actually, but we can put it in the same family as Quorum, Santos, Antaeus, Oscar Pour Lui etc. You can buy it quite cheap, but it definitively doesn`t smell cheap!

    25th March, 2012


    Chanel Pour Monsieur by Chanel

    This is the highest level of luxury and elegance. For fastidious gentlemen. Stylish attire is a must. Longevity is good, but sillage could be better. One of the best!

    30th December, 2011


    Opus 1870 by Penhaligon's

    Opus 1870 is my favorite from the Penhaligon`s line. It`s one of the most refined fragrances I can think of. Pepper, woods, spices and rose. Typical British "upper-class" aura, but also very versatile. Perfect for all seasons, but not for the most casual attire. If I was forced to choose only one fragrance to use, then Opus 1870 could be my signature scent without scruple. Highly recommended!

    07th November, 2011


    Must de Cartier Pour Homme by Cartier

    One of the most classy oriental fragrances for men. Smells very luxurious and refined. It doesn`t smell like an old-man, but it`s quite modern. Smells like a million bucks. Awesome stuff from Cartier!

    01st September, 2011


    Jaïpur Homme by Boucheron

    -One of the best male orientals on the market! A classy attention-grabber.

    29th July, 2011


    Reflection Man by Amouage

    Reflection man.. One of the few fragrances that made me feel sick! That was at the time I didn`t know how much to apply. The trick here is to go very light on the trigger. One spray extra can ruin this fragrance. One spray under the shirt, one spray on the fingertip and just dab it on your neck, and the result is perfect. It`s a type of fragrance that`s very nice to smell from time to time, but not on a everyday basis. Too much of it can give you a headache. If you like Le Male and Antico Caruso, you will probably like this also. I changed my rating from negativ to positiv, after I "learned" the right way to apply it. Used sparingly, It`s actualy quite sexy and unique. Smells very expensive. The bottle is a work of art.

    18th July, 2011 (Last Edited: 23rd October, 2011)


    Terre d'Hermès by Hermès

    Terre d`Hermes has already become a classic. This fresh, earthy and spicy fragrance is very original and unique. Terre d`hermes is very versatile, and you can wear it for most occasions and seasons. I like both the EDP and EDT version, but the strange thing is that the EDT actual has better sillage and projection than the EDP. The Pure Perfume version stays veeery close to the skin, lacks the fresh top notes, and has a more rich, dense, dirty/spicy base-note. if you want the TDH with best sillage, and the fresh grapefruite/orange top- note, I will recommend the EDT vesion. It`s also a bit cheaper. -In any case; Terre d`hermes is one of Jean-Claude Ellena`s best masterpieces. Highly recommended.

    08th July, 2011


    Michael for Men by Michael Kors

    One of the best designer-scents on the market. Sweet tobacco over dark plum and dried fruits. Classical, elegant, and very refined. Aahh..-It`s marvellous!

    01st July, 2011


    Muscs Koublaï Khän by Serge Lutens Les Salons du Palais Royal Shiseido

    It took me some time, but this fragrance has grown to be one of my top-favorites. My first thought was "disgusting". Now I think "dirty, sexy, and unique". MKK is the most unique and original fragrance I have tried ever! Highly recommended if you`r looking for something totaly unique and special. One of the best from Serge Lutens.

    24th June, 2011


    Elixir by Penhaligon's

    A very nice spicy oriental fragrance. Warm and cozy, perfect for autumn and winter. This is the refined "niche" version of Gucci pour homme. Highly recommended if you like unique spicy orientals.

    17th May, 2011


    Silver Cologne by Amouage

    As always with Amouage, this is very high quality. A classical woody spicy fragrance that is quite formal. One of the most masculine of the Amouage scents. It has a luxurious aura, and works well for both day and evening use. It`s very strong stuff, so 2 sprays are enough. Please, do not over-apply! This is a very classy fragrance brimful of quality ingredients, perfect for fastidious gentlemen. I love this stuff! You will definitively not go un-noticed when wearing Amouage Silver.

    04th May, 2011


    Dia Man by Amouage

    One of the best from Amouage. Smells very luxurious. A very elegant fragrance for day and night, summer and winter. Quite formal, and not for "kids". Longevity is great, and projection is average. Very classy and elegant stuff. I give it 9 points.

    04th May, 2011


    Équipage by Hermès

    The superlatives are so many. What more can be said? This is the highest level of elegance and refinement you can find in the world of fragrances. Few words are enough to describe this timeless fragrance: A TRUE MASTERPIECE.

    24th April, 2011


    Obsession for Men by Calvin Klein

    I love spicy bold scents with elgant style. Obsession is the ultimate oriental fragrance. Many says it`s only for old people, but I think it`s perfect for all men above age 25 with a certain style and class. In my opinion, Obsession is one of the best spicy/oriental designer-releases, on the same footing as Boss no.1, Mikhael Kors for men, Aramis, Tuscany, and Hermes Bel Ami. If you like those classic masculine type fragrances, you can`t steer beyond Obsession. Sillage and longevity could be better (reformulated?). It does smell a bit like the 80-ies, but so what!?

    11th April, 2011 (Last Edited: 30th October, 2012)


    Boss Number One by Hugo Boss

    A classic! I used to sprinkle myself with this stuff in the late 80-ies, but afterwards all the new "fresh-sport-citrus-aqua" stuff took over the market. I tried this scent recently, and I just had to buy a bottle! I love spicy/woody/oriental bold fragrances with a hint of sweetness, and I will place Boss no:1 in that category. If you like classic masculines like Obsession, Tuscany, Aramis, Azzaro etc, you will probably love this one. Warm, dense, spicy, and sweet, with excellent sillage and longevity. I own several fragrances in this category that are more refined, but I think Boss no.1 is quite unique. I have never smell enything similar. Attire: suit jacket, white shirt, leather shoes, and maby a tie. Not for casual ans sport, but great for business and formal occasions. IMO, the only Boss scent with a certain style, elegance, and individuality. A must have in a fragrance-collectors closet. It has passed the test of time, and still smells great after all these years.

    11th April, 2011


    New Haarlem by Bond No. 9

    This one is a winner! Aahh it smell so delicious.. It`s sweet, but there is a mild coffe note lingering in the background to give it some smooth depth. I think this is just as good as Hermes Ambre Narguile, but a bit more masculine. New Haarlem is perfect for the cooler month, and has great longevity with reasonable sillage. If you like scents like Ambre Narguile, Musc Ravageur, A*Men, Jaipur, Rochas Man, Valentino V etc, you must try New Haarlem! It`s definitively the best scent from Bond no.9, and I have not yet meet a human that dislike this scent. One of my favourites. I love it!

    27th March, 2011


    Eau d'Hermès by Hermès

    A unique classic, a love or hate fragrance. It`s both clean and dirty, and require a certain courage to wear, because others will probably think you haven`t taken a shower for the last 3-4 days but just put on some cologne over your "old" sweaty body odour. It`s a true work of art, and serve as model for many of Jean Claude Ellenas creations. If you like this one, but think it`s a bit to dirty and difficult to wear, please try Frederic Malles Bigarade Concentree. It`s a modern take on Eau D`Hermes.

    26th March, 2011 (Last Edited: 07th November, 2012)


    Zizonia by Penhaligon's

    Classy stuff. It has some similarities with both TDH and Declaration, but this one has much much better quality, and It`s masterfuly blended. Quite unique and original among todays mainstream fragrances. Highly recommended!

    24th March, 2011


    Antico Caruso by Profumum

    Classy and elegant, yet modern and trendy. It has some similarities with Le Male, but this one is much more refined and classy. Very high quality scent, with great sillage and longevity. Works very well with both jeans and suit & tie.

    20th March, 2011


    Caravelle Epicée by Frapin

    One of the best spicy scents you can get. Perfect for autumn/winter. It`s very warm and "cozy". If you like scents like Malle`s Noir Epices and Musc Ravageur, you will love this one. Highly recommended for spice-lovers!

    08th March, 2011


    Green Irish Tweed by Creed

    This is a legendary pole in the history of Creed. The superlatives are so many..-Timeless, classical, sophisticated, complex, versatile. This fresh, natural, green, woody, luxurious smelling fragrance is perfect for absolutely any seasons, occasions, and any attire. Timeless and classical, but always modern! Great as a signature scent. If you will know the difference between natural and synthetic ingredience in a fragrance, you must try G-I-T and you will undertand immediately. After first sniff, all you can say is WOW! Highly recommended.

    04th March, 2011


    Himalaya by Creed

    Ohh I like this one! Creed Himalaya is very versatille, and it`s perfect for absolutely any occasions, seasons, and age. Casual, formal, summer, winter, day, night..if you`r looking for one Creed that fits all these criterias, you must try Himalaya. It`s both cool and warm, icy-fresh, oriental- woody, and very modern. The clean freshness makes it perfect for casual, daytime/work scent, and the heavyness makes it great as a more stylish classy evening scent for restaurant/ theatre/ bar etc. Someone complaint against the longevity. On my skin, it`s just perfect. Actually one of the best from this company. The bottle... Wow! It`s a sight for sore eyes!

    08th February, 2011


    Private Collection - Querelle by Parfumerie Generale

    A very high quality fragrance from Parfumerie Generale. Maby the most intresting. It reminds me a bit of good old Paco Rabane Pour homme! It`s like a very refined, darker, complex version of Paco Rabane. Very unique stuff, and great for all fragrance connoisseurs. It`s classified as unisex, but I can`t imagine this on a woman.

    01st February, 2011


    Passion Boisée by Frapin

    Boozie, woody, spicy, leathery. A very refined scent from Frapin. Quite sweet in the opening, but dries down to a more spicy boozy fragrance. Perfect for autumn and winter. Very "cozy" and warm. This is my second favourite from Frapin. My no.1 is still Caravelle Epicee. This could be yours! Unisex, leaning to the masculine side of the scale.

    01st February, 2011


    Erolfa by Creed

    I love it! It has a very realistic ocean-breeze smell. Citrusy, salty, and woody. It reminds me of my childhood when I grow up by the coast. It smells like a dried up old wooden quay with sea salt on it. Ahhh.. I love that smell. But Erolfa must have been reformulated when the new bottle came. The old was dirtier, and smelled quite sour after some hours, and had excellent longevity. The new version has the same notes, but it is more crisp and fresh, and it lacks the sour note at the end of the day. It has been toned down a bit, so the longevity was better on the old formulation. I prefer the new fresher version, becuse it doesn`t got that sour note I could detect in the old bottle. Put on a nice iron white shirt, stylish jeans, 4-5 sprays of Erolfa, and you are ready for the beach party! Highly recommended!

    25th January, 2011


    Original Santal by Creed

    Smells quite nice and pretty. I didn`t like this fragrance the first time I smelled it. I thought it was too sweet. But I just smelled it from a sample, and never on my skin. After that I have revisit the fragrance several times, and tried it on my skin. Nowdays, I like it a lot. The top notes are still too sweet and heavy for my taste, but the dry-down is pure magic! Original Santal is a big compliment and attention grabber. You will stand out when you wear Original Santal, and it works great as an evening fragrance. Wait for the dry-down, and you will discover what a delicious elixir this is.

    21st January, 2011 (Last Edited: 21st August, 2011)


    Tabaróme Millésime by Creed

    This is a very nice scent from Creed. Very proffesional in style. It`s a extremely elegant and classy "english club" fragrance with a wonderful tobacco aroma. Fresh and warm at the same time, and perfect for stylish gentlemen. Sillage and longevity is great! 2 sprays will last for a day. It has a classical feel, with a modern tuch. Best used with a stylish white iron shirt. This is a very serious scent with a luxurious aura. Very underrated IMO. It`s one of my most complimented Creed fragrances. Recommended!

    21st January, 2011

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