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Gucci Eau de Parfum by Gucci

I discern a bit of confusion in these reviews - a light floral this perfume ain't! Perhaps people are thinking of eau de parfum II which is much lighter.
Gucci Eau de Parfum (I), the amber-coloured one, is a spicy oriental with top notes of orange blossom and cumin,
middles notes of iris, and base notes of cedar, vanilla and musk. It's dark and refined rather than vanilla-sweet, with a beautiful mix of spice. A lovely evening scent, and quite unisex in my view.

31st December, 2006

Noir Epices by Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle

I got this as a generous sample from Editions de Parfums after taking their 'test'; they suggested Iris Poudre, I suggested Noir Epices, so they sent me both. I generally like spicy orientals, but this is quite distinctive - very masculine, with a cutting edge, and quite a pronounced orange top note. It's the only very spicy fragrance I know that is also cold and distant. It's growing on me...
02nd June, 2006

Le Feu d'Issey by Issey Miyake

I was curious to try a perfume that's been described as 'created by someone with a sense of humour'. But after I'd spritzed some on, I realised the joke was on me. Oversweetened reconstituted orange juice and soured milk, anyone? Actually, make that vitamin-C chemical orange taste plus rancid butter with a bit of liquid fabric softener thrown in. Not very appetising. On some people apparently it's very peppery, but I only wish I could detect some of the putative clean-smelling Sichuan peppercorns through this household mess.
10th April, 2006
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