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No. 88 by Czech & Speake

There's something dark and dense in No.88 which is very attractive and repulsive at the same time. Instead that, the fragance doesn't loose a certain toilette feel, even refreshing. Interesting. Prominents notes of Geranium and Rose. Very gothic feel, even aristocratic. Intrigant. On me doesn't last more than 5/6 hours and is not very potent either. That's the shame...
16th February, 2010

Cuir Mauresque by Serge Lutens

I'm lucky with Cuir Mauresque: I smell a delicious and poisoned leather accord mixed with orange flower, mandarin peel, a bit of clove and cinnamon and a touch of amber. But after all leather, provocative but easy to wear, sexy. There is something animalic lurking aorund very masculine, but instead that, I think CM is totally unisex. I prefer dabbing this than spraying it. Longevity is great and sillage soft but present. A masterwork!!
16th February, 2010

Ambre Sultan by Serge Lutens

Glorious Amber!! Thick, resinous, herbal, powerful, regal, opulent. Sexy too! Also a bit linear to my tastes, but smells good and exotic. Wear it with confident, at nights. Definitely a turn-heads fragance. Sillage and longevity are very good.
16th February, 2010
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La Cologne Fleur du Mâle by Jean Paul Gaultier

Disgusting. The same strong heart of Le Male mixed with a synthetic and sickening "floral" opening. They said "neroli", I say Ugghhh!!!
09th January, 2009

Calvin Klein Man by Calvin Klein

A typical mainstream fragance: boring, insipid, synthetic and short lived. Well, if you cant say something nice, dont say anything at all...
09th January, 2009

Rousse by Serge Lutens

I love cinnamon, and maybe thats why I dont have any problem in love Rousse. Very well constructed. Soft but deep, woody and floral. Not too gourmandy, a bit airy and velvety, and very wereable to be a Lutens. Duration is so so...
09th January, 2009

Paestum Rose by Eau d'Italie

A shockingly modern rose based fragance. Bright and deep, baroque, colorful and intense yet totally wereable and unisex. Dark fruit, roses, spices and incense. To me, unforgettable.
09th January, 2009

Sienne L'Hiver by Eau d'Italie

So impressionistic, like Monet paint. Vegetal, semi sweet, cold, enigmatic. A very personal fragance, I love it.
09th January, 2009

Gaultier² by Jean Paul Gaultier

Bubblegum, vanilla and a little amber. Like all Gaultiers, very synthetic. Candy like. Long lasting and very linear. If you like to smell like a candy store, this is your fragance.
09th January, 2009

Musc Ravageur by Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle

Very sexy and medicinal. All about cinnamon, clove, vanilla and musk, so you get the picture. Great sillage and longevity. Very linear, I think. Last all day. Soo soo good that its even boring!!!
09th January, 2009

Noir Epices by Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle

Excelent and bold. A modern Mitsouko for men, with an aldehydic orange note instead of a slightly more femenine peach note, and with more rose in the heart. A bit fussy but needs time to work. Very good longevity and sillage.
09th January, 2009

Racquets Formula by Penhaligon's

Very underrated, maybe because the name. Racquets is a semi oriental with a delicious top of citrus, and a floral/spicy heart. Amazing texture: fresh but powdery at the same time. So well blended that its astonishing!! Very versatile, and great longevity. To me, one of the best Penhaligons, period.
09th January, 2009

Castile by Penhaligon's

This is a neroli I can enjoy, tempered with a touch of rose, and a musk base. A quility smell. Charming, and not too sweet. Very natural, casual but elegant. If you like masculine florals and orange/neroli based fragances, try it!!!
09th January, 2009
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Iris Bleu Gris by Maître Parfumeur et Gantier

zztopp: Ditto

In three words: refined, exquisite, marvelous
09th January, 2009

Platinum Égoïste by Chanel

Well, first of all, the similitudes with the original Egoiste and Platinum line starts and ends in his classic squared bottle.

Second: I don't know why Platinum is often compared with Xs Rabanne and Herrera for men. To me, Xs it's a total failure, a dull mix between one mint note and soft sandalwood, which lacks in longevity, complexity and quality: a clear young-mass-market-stuff.

By the other side, Herrera for men it's better: a classic blend of herbal notes and tobacco with amber. Very well made, more mature and classic, and very very formal (some people maybe could say "boring") and versatile.

But Platinum Egoiste hits more. The opening is very strong and slightly synthetic (maybe aldehydes?), with a great dose of lavender mixed with citrus. But the effect doesn't last long: the smell starts to show his quality and artistry when the lavender relax his intensity and - at least on my skin - the Petitgrain or a delicious bitter orange note (Orange from Paraguay, as said in Chanel's web) takes the principal role. Lavender and Orange in a fantastic way!!

The heart it's more hesperidic and floral than Herrera and XS, and more interesting. Geranium provides a floral heart which lasts long time, and a intense wood base ends the show with confidence and charming. Thumbs up, indeed.

04th April, 2007

Miel de Bois by Serge Lutens

Wow!! Very eccentric fragance. Unwereable, I think. At first, smells exactly like a strepsils honey & lemon candy (you know, provide effective relief from sore throat pain and irritation, he he). Exactly.

Then, the honey note softs a bit his raw condition, and a woody note appears as base as the sweet-herbal-honeyed-unwereable smell.

I don't wanna smell like this!! Maybe eat it when I got throat irritations!!
25th January, 2007

Black XS by Paco Rabanne

Interesting and very original. I like that unusual, young, fruity, provocative and sensual smell, but on my skin lasts one a half and a hour with zero sillage!!
22nd January, 2007

L by Lolita Lempicka

Yummy, not girly at all but youthful, unserious and chic, the candy-bright orange plus delicate-spicy cinnamon opening it's a hooker! The musky-creamy vanilla drydown with a touch of inmortelle flower lasts days in your skin. I'm a man, but I don't mind smell so wonderful!!
11th November, 2006

Arpège pour Homme by Lanvin

Important stuff. Extremely well made. Sweet but no cloying, elegant and absolutely sexy!! All the notes got his right pronuntiation with the quality of a great house. Très bien!!
11th November, 2006

Daim Blond by Serge Lutens

So refined, so beauty, so transparent (but no simple), completely unisex..

This is the best fragance I've ever smell.
26th September, 2006

R by Révillon

Not sensual but sexy, optimistic, fresh and lasting fragance. A charming balance between fruity and sweetness, with a elegant combination of sandalwood, Tonka Bean and Amber at the end... Difficult to find, im afraid. My first love at first smell in the perfumerie world!!
07th August, 2005

Chic for Men by Carolina Herrera

Ummm... a Chanel's Allure soft clon. A sweet-fruity scent with a cinnamon note, very addictive indeed. But the scent it's flat and doesn't last too much I think.
04th August, 2005

Eau Parfumée au Thé Blanc by Bulgari

Smooth, refreshing, sensual... ideal for summer, relaxing-mood days. Some fragances like Aqua de Giò takes the fame, but this one can compite with them with his exceeded quality and elegant manners
04th August, 2005