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Artisan by John Varvatos

Anyone who lives in the warmer temperate areas should be familiar with the common garden shrub Murraya Paniculata, commonly called "Mexican Orange Blossom". The sporadic flowers have an exquisite orange blossom fragrance that perfumes the air on warm, still evenings. The wood, when the bush is pruned, exudes a wonderful bright green fragrance as well, highly reminiscent of Pemou or Siam wood.
Artisan uses both the flowers and the wood of the Murraya plant and it's the first time I've encountered it in perfumery. I've always wondered why it's not more widely used as I imagine its production would not be expensive as the plant is a fast grower and responds frenetically to pruning. Significantly, Artisan captures the fragrance beautifully. You're smelling pure murraya flowers and wood, folks. And it's real. Those who accuse it of smelling synthetic probably have never experienced the real thing.
It's deceptively light and fleeting on initial encounters. I was tempted to over-compensate, but have since learned that an application of no more than 4-5 sprays is best. Over-spraying in an attempt to get more out of it defeats the purpose, because olfactory fatigue will kick in almost immediately and you'll spend the day wondering where it's got at the same time leaving a trail of destruction behind you. Don't be fooled. This one blooms wonderfully in the heat. And the bottle is beautifully unique.
17th April, 2010 (last edited: 20th April, 2012)

Eau des 4 Voleurs by L'Occitane

A great warm weather pick-me-up/comfort scent; lively, fresh and classy!

Every time I visit the local L'Occitane store I always have a spritz of this. Deceptively simple with impressive sillage and longevity built around the classic 'chypre' accord of bergamot, oak moss and amber. Odysseusm described it perfectly and I agree with his appraisal of the lavender, but let's not forget the oregano! Lavender can be problematic with me, but L'Occitane nailed it with L'Eau des Quatre Voleurs and the oregano lends a warm, herbal note to the woody heart. It never embarrases; you know the feeling... is it too loud/too sweet/too girlie/too old-fashioned/too...whatever. No, this one is always 'just right'!

I find similarities to Dunhill Edition but I actually prefer this one.

So much so, I finally bought a bottle today.
30th October, 2009

Hilfiger Est. 1985 by Tommy Hilfiger

I share SirSlarty's disappointment with this one. I gave my wrist a quick spritz in the store and like it initially. Picked up a free sample to take away. Soon it disappeared from my wrist, but I blamed that to a) a single light spritz and b) olfactory overload from having sniffed a few other things along the way.

But when I tried the sample I had the same problem. Watered-down Tommy with a dash of something that reminds me of D&G By Man. Sounds promising, but the stuff disappears within half an hour. Zero sillage. Nada. If they beefed it up it could have some potential.

Why do they do this?
26th November, 2008
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