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Russian Leather by Demeter Fragrance Library

Haven't seen this one in forever. I remember liking it. It carries a funny memory for me though. Stuck at Naval Air Station North Island, over Christmas of 1978, Myself and another Aircrew cantidate (we were 2 flights away from graduating from flight school when they broke for Christmas, and we had to hang around for school to fire back up after New Years). Being healthy young sailors we made the best of it, and on Christmas Eve, went to the Pussycat theatre in downtown San Diego to catch a porn flick. Lol, there were some very attractive young ladies handing out giant,economy sized bottles of this stuff, and I used every drop as it brought back fond memories of the sweetheart who gave it to me. (never saw her again)
06th September, 2008

Polo by Ralph Lauren

I have honestly never used smellum-goodem water that drew as much interest from women. I never heard a negative comment about it and love the smell of it myself. definately a keeper.
06th September, 2008

Old Spice by Procter & Gamble

Manly Aye! I read that this is the one that made fragrances acceptable to American men in general, by Fulton's Coca-Cola ploy of supplying it to servicemen in WW2. That Is what I think I like most about it (besides just loving the smell) is the historical connection with the Greatest Generation in WW2. I like smelling like 1940's GI.
06th September, 2008
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Navy for Men by Dana

I like that comparison to cat pee and brown sugar. Thanks gmmcnair, that works for me also. PU!
06th September, 2008

English Leather by Dana

One of my all time favorites. This stuff is just righteous!
06th September, 2008

British Sterling by Dana

I love this one, but my wife loves it even more. this is the one she buys for me, and if she likes it, I'm happy :-)
06th September, 2008

Aqua Velva Ice Blue by Williams

I've always loved this one. Very clean and simple. If you don't like it, good! more for me lol. Two thumbs way way up for this old classic.
06th September, 2008