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Freedom for Him (new) by Tommy Hilfiger

Fresh, soapy, salty, briny...

Very linear, does not bloom or develop much; a saltier and brinier version of Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio. There is an underlying soft powder note in the background.

The sage and herbal notes also add a slight spiciness to this fragrance.

Tommy Hilfiger Freedom (new) is perfect for the Spring and Summer months and very wearable to the office.

Oddly, this has a muggy quality along with a salty armpit kind of scent but not in a bad way; a just showered body, salty-skin scent.

I do like this one.
08th April, 2014

Bulgari Man Extreme by Bulgari

I LOVE this version!

Bvlgari Man Extreme is EVEN BETTER than the original! It still possesses the DNA of the original but amps the woodiness and warmth up a couple of notches yet not so much as to be ostentatious. This is a perfect scent to wear into the office, on a date or to dinner. The warm woods character isn't so much as to strictly make it a cold weather cologne, the underlying lightness of it's character make this a year round scent.

The sillage and projection are just right; I have received more compliments wearing Bvlgari Man Extreme than with wearing the original!

Bvlgari Man Extreme is a classy, elegant, refined, urbane, gentlemanly cologne!
17th March, 2014

Boss Bottled Night by Hugo Boss

Boss Bottled Night is a nice office scent; don't let the name fool you, it is lighter than expected. With it's warm woods opening, it quickly segues into a light, fresh, fruity fragrance. This is a perfect scent to wear into the office, or in the warmer months, don't get caught up in the name, this is a light scent; just as nice as the original Boss Bottled but in a different variation. Perfect for office or casual wear.

Boss Bottled Night is a nice iteration on the slight woody, fresh, fruity cologne. If you already have this type of cologne, then don't buy, if you want this type, then Hugo Boss does this class respectfully, in a casual-elegant, refined way.
17th March, 2014
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Vince Camuto Original Cologne for Men by Vince Camuto

Simply, a NICE cologne. Vince Camuto for Men is a lot lighter than I expected. This cologne, eventhough it does bloom somewhat on the skin, it stays pretty linear and close to the wearer which isn't necessarily bad; this is a lavender-violet-leather fragrance and stays this way. On me, I do NOT detect any musks, woods or herbs, however, eventhough light [or presumably] light, this scent is detectable and is very nice and wearable. On the last hours of life of this scent, I do detect a little bit of woods which seem to be vetiver.

The sillage is light to moderate and the longevity is on par with every other fragrance on the market.

Vince Camuto for Men is an absolutely perfect cologne to wear into the office; it is very nice and pleasant and very inoffensive...the wearer will get compliments as I have from several passerby's.

This fragrance is a sleeper scent, it is way nicer than expected, wears better the longer it is on, is a perfect office cologne and as a daily wear.

Would I recommend this cologne?...DEFINITELY, YES!...would I purchase a full bottle?...YES.
17th March, 2014

Zegna Uomo by Ermenegildo Zegna

Nice But Nothing Special

Zegna Uomo is a nice, safe fragrance that is very wearable into the office. It opens with a slight sparkle of Bergamot and Violettyne Captive (whatever this is?). Uomo, on my skin, is very linear and one dimensional; the dominant note is the Violettyne Captive.

This scent does NOT bloom on the skin much. The sillage is mild to moderate and wears close to the skin. The longevity is on par with other fragrances on the market, which is to say, average.

All through the life and duration of Uomo, the dominant note is the Violettyne Captive, yet at the complete end of it's life, the dry-down, the sparkling opening warms (which I assume is the inclusion of the Cedarwood and Vetiver) up a bit...this gives the Violettyne a soft, warming floral, rather than it's cool, metallic introduction.

Zegna Uomo is a nice, safe, wearable mens fragrance for the guy who doesn't want to announce what he is wearing or wants to be noticed; it is light, clean, floral (maculine-floral) office scent.

Would I recommend this new mens scent?...probably; would I buy it again?...probably not.

Pros: Light, Clean, Wearable, Inoffensive
Cons: Boring, Done Before, Not New"

14th September, 2013

Polo Red by Ralph Lauren

A Decent, Different Offering

I DO LIKE this one. I feel it is the nicer of the flankers or the colored POLO’s. The red fruit, cranberry is a nice departure from the extremely overused grapefruit and bergamot. On my skin, the saffron and woodiness shines through just as much as the fruitiness, which is not that sweet or cloying; yes, it is noticeable and a little sweet but a nice juxtaposition to the woodiness. All of Ralph Lauren fragrances are generic, common place to reach as many as possible for that bottom line, but this is at least a little more different than most recent offerings. Safari, original (Green) Polo and Polo Sport were the best. Polo Red is a decent offering. I will wear this more often than not!

I also feel this is a nice inoffensive fragrance to wear into the office and as a year-rounder; Polo Red is being touted as a Spring/Summer scent, but I think it would be just as nice for the colder weather as well. Nice under a sweater…the saffron and woodiness is warming.

Pros: Woody, Warming, Inoffensive, Wearable, Office-Friendly
Cons: A little sweet"

25th August, 2013

Dude No. 1 by MCMC Fragrances

Wonderful and woody!

As my Scent of the Day, today, 5/19/2013.

19th May, 2013

Essential Sport by Lacoste

To start...I must admit, there are very few fragrances that I don't like and I do like Marine/Citrus/Light Woodsy fragrances for Spring and Summer and with that said, I do like this flanker to Lacoste's Essential.

Lacoste Essential Sport is Marine, Citrus and Woodsy. It is a wonderful fragrance to wear into the office, on the weekends, with a t-shirt, or out with is an inoffensive fragrance, nice and pleasant. It doesn't break any new ground, it's been done before, but it is nice to have if tired of everything else, and yet, does remind you of everything else; contradictory perhaps, but true.

Essential Sport starts off with the "Oh-So-Done" Marine and pretty much stays this way all through the development of the scent, maybe with a little citrus thrown in to pep it up a little but not much; when the citrus burns off, this is when the woodsiness appears to take Citrus' place and stays to the end of the party where now all the act is, starring "Marine and Woodsiness".

This is a pleasant enough fragrance, NOT a must buy, but if you don't have any Marine-Light Woodsy fragrance in your wardrobe, then a small bottle will suffice.

The longevity is a little better than average...I sprayed a couple of sprays this morning and can still smell it on me this evening; and so is the sillage, a couple of spritzes go a long way...others can detect it but not before you enter the room.

Would I recommend this scent, yes, but ony if you don't have the genre in your wardrobe repertoire and only buy the small bottle as to not waste money.
03rd April, 2011

Lacoste Challenge by Lacoste

Don't know why all the bad press on this site...I really do like this one. I feel it is a true "sporty" fragrance, meaning, it isn't the typical ocean, ozone, fresh sport fragrance like all the others out there. It has depth to it with some woodsy aspects as well in the dry down but still holds true as a sport fragrance. I feel one can wear this into the office, on the weekends, out with friends, even on a dinner date because the woodsy aspect raises it to a level of casual sophistication. This is a very inoffensive, nice fragrance to have in your collection and a masculine scent too but not loud or obnoxious.
Lacoste Challenge is sporty, and might I add, "fresh" without being ozone, ocean, is dry, herbal and woodsy but with a lightness to it. The sillage is moderate and the longevity is a little above average. I do highly recommend getting Lacoste Challenge; it feels as if it could become a "comfort", "go-to" cologne...
Lacoste Challenge is a new fave of mine...a must have for a cologne wardrobe.
11th December, 2010

Mandarina Duck Pure Black by Mandarina Duck

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS FRAGRANCE!!! It reminds me of a combination of Paco Rabanne 1 Million and Christian Lacroix Tumulte Pour Homme.

Mandarina Duck Pure Black is thick, resinous, woodsy, tobacco with a little floral-sweetness thrown in. It is a perfect fragrance for Autumn and Winter. Applied lightly and you can wear this into work. Pure Black is very nice for an evening out, going to clubs, a dinner date or even a black-tie affair.

This is a thick, heavy fragrance so if you are a reserved kinda guy, than look elsewhere. The sillage is moderate to noticeable and the longevity is better than average.

I really do love this fragrance and highly recommend it...a must buy!
16th October, 2010

9 IX Rocawear by Rocawear

To start, I would have voted neutral but I think this cologne is a little better than that. Even though there are a few facets to this fragrance, I find it to be quite linear. From start to finish, 9 IX Rocawear is lemony-citrus with light woods and light marine notes. The opening is lemony-citrus with the light woods as undertone, then the heart shows itself as "body sweat after sex", it isn't rancid or off-putting you just kind of want to take a sniff once in a while, it blends well. The dry down is pretty much a continuation of the opening...the lemony-citrus, the light woods, the marine notes.

This is a good office fragrance, it is inoffensive, wearable and nice. Also, 9 IX Rocawear is more of a casual, laid-back scent. It's easy going. Wears well with a t-shirt and a pair of jeans or easy work attire. It is made more for the "younger" crowd but if you are looking for something nice, easy, simple and wearable, then I would suggest 9 IX Rocawear.
17th July, 2010

Euphoria Men Intense by Calvin Klein

I have found a new favorite cologne! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS FRAGRANCE! Calvin Klein Intense Euphoria Men is a very wearable fragrance for any occasion. It is a casual-elegant cologne that goes with everything. It opens with a light floral-fruity somewhat cooling aroma yet not feminine at all. The heart appears as a gourmand, spicy-herbal facet then morphs into a spicy, warm, woodsy blend that settles well to the end. You can wear this one into the office, on a date, on the weekends, with a Polo shirt, a t-shirt, a button-down shirt or a suit. It has a casual-elegance, a quiet masculinity that saunters rather than swaggers; it is just plain sexy. I highly recommend this cologne; I do have to mention, I feel this scent is more for the older consumer, 35 and up. A must buy Gentlemen!
10th July, 2010

Cannabis Santal by Fresh

I really love this Eau de Parfum! It is very masculine, spicy, smoky, sweet and incense. Cannabis Santal opens with a spicy-sweetness, then blossoms into a sweet, smoky, ashy incense, not the tar, burnt used incense but the kind that is softly filling the air of a shrine. The dry down is of a sweet powder, not cloyingly so, but soft; the sweetness is a constant role through the life of this scent. This cologne displays nothing of it's does not show any of it's herbaceous character. I find this cologne to be very masculine rather than unisex.
The sillage is better than average and the longevity is about the same, a little better than average. This is a versatile cologne. You can wear this to multiple functions such as a nice dinner-date, formal function, into work, on the weekends, to clubs, a sport shirt or a polo. I highly recommend this fragrance, a must buy!
20th May, 2010
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Midnight Oud by Juliette Has a Gun

I am wearing the sample vial today and absolutely love it. This scent to me is more of a masculine fragrance rather than a unisex scent; under the Luckyscent website and here it is catagorized as a femme/unisex scent with a leaning towards the women. It's NOT, it is more of a masculine scent with rose included.

Midnight Oud opens with an odd rubbery facet [ I suspect it is the saffron] which makes this a unique and different Eau De Parfum. This odd facet gives this cologne a unique somewhat sharp aspect, different, quite nice. It sounds odd but do not think of "rubber" as brash or putrid.

Midnight Oud is actually a linear scent. When the top notes start to fade, the rose and title note, Oud, become more prominent and stay this way through the drydown, they do soften and become a little more powdery.

I would wear this scent during the Fall/Winter months, out-on-the-town, to clubs, or to a nice dinner date. This is a trendy scent, not elegant or urbane, but fun, trendy, in-the-now fashion fragrance.

I do highly recommend this Eau De Parfum for those of you who love the Oud aroma as I do.
26th March, 2010

Tom Ford Extreme by Tom Ford

I must begin by stating that I am a huge Tom Ford admirer. I am actually very surprised at this scent's soft sillage for such a complex composition. In my adoration for fragrances, this scent and Houbigant Duc de Vervins 'L'Elegance Pour Homme' Eau de Toilette are the epitome of class, urbanity, nobility and character.

Tom Ford 'Extreme' Eau de Toilette opens with a soft lemony citrus but fades quickly into the earthy natural fig and black truffle notes. There are some detectable floral notes that come and go like a gentle breeze yet still noticable, I'm guessing violet; all the while there is a delicate woodsiness that is woven through the scent.

To round-out this fragrance, the dry down is again, woodsy with some perceptible incense and leather facets. The incense and leather are the endcap to this Eau de Toilette.

Extreme is a complex fragrance that blooms superbly in layers. As afore mentioned, it has a soft sillage that wears close to
the skin and would welcome anyone to come in close to admire. Tom Ford Extreme is another special occasion fragrance to be worn on a romantic date, an evening out, a candlelight dinner or to black-tie affairs.

Tom Ford develops some of the most complex, impeccably blended fragrances in the business; they are extremely well crafted.

I would highly recommend this fragrance to everyone! This is a must buy!
24th February, 2010

Italian Cypress by Tom Ford

This is another superb fragrance by Tom Ford. It reminds me of Halston Z-14 almost exactly but with a more urbane, congenial nature. Italian Cypress' opening is of a smoky, herbaceous pine that welcomes attention and yet exudes class and nobility. This Eau de Parfum is in a different class, it smells of a country club's library of overstuffed leather chairs, wood panelling, roaring fire, and bookshelves stuffed with dusty, first-editions.

As the heart begins to appear, the herbaceousness softens into the background as it morphs into ashy, charred embers and wisps of smoky church incense; to elaborate on the incense facet, it has the hint of Japanese incense as well. It is so well combined, that the herbs and incense are so intertwined yet definable. Furthermore, I seem to detect Agarwood, which seems to be a favorite of Mr. Tom Ford and lends to the woodsy aspect of the scent.

At the dry down, Italian Cypress does not develop. It stays linear.

This is a linear Eau de Parfum albeit, complex. This scent is, to my opinion, age specific; this is a fragrance that is touted for the mature, not old; a man of class, character and urbanity. If generously applied, then it would smell as if a boy got into his father's cologne. This scent carries an air of colognes past, to name some: Z-14 by Halston, M7 by Yves Saint Laurent, Rive Gauche Pour Homme by Yves Saint Laurent and the original L'Homme by Roger & Gallet. Longevity is excellent and the sillage is moderate but if worn sparingly; if overapplied, then this scent can be ostentatious.

I feel this is a special occasion fragrance; a romantic date, an evening out, a candlelight dinner or black-tie affairs. However, at the asking price of $180, I would wear it quite often and not hoard it away, enjoy the complexity.

Tom Ford Prive Blend Italian Cypress is a must buy and is highly recommended!
19th February, 2010

White Patchouli by Tom Ford

Even though I enjoy this fragrance, I was expecting something different from Tom Ford Black Orchid. To me White Patchouli seems similar. It contains the creaminess aspect but from a different venue; whereas Black Orchid's cream-smoothness comes from Vanilla, White Patchouli's is from Amberette seed and Amber. They both contain the following ingredients: Sandalwood, Bergamot, Incense, Mandarin and Jasmine too similar and yet totally deviating. White Patchouli smells of warm vinyl, rubbery-plastic [picture Barbie's skin] and dirty, Earthy white flowers not clean, pretty bouquets. This has the same animalic undertone as does Black Orchid but it's cameo appearance is intertwined with the florals.

The sillage is close to the skin if worn sparingly, but ostentatious if spritzed generously. The longevity is excellent. I feel this fragrance can be worn by men as well as women [and I am a guy who enjoys this Eau de Parfum] if the guy has a strong self-worth and is confident. White Patchouli is a sensual fragrance worn with confidence. You can wear this to a dinner out, a black-tie affair, or on a romantic date; this is not a casual, weekend scent.

Would I recommend this fragrance, yes...but to reiterate, one has to have a strong self-worth and confidence to pull it off.

I also, recommend trying a sample first before shelling out the big bucks for a bottle because it's not for everyone.
18th February, 2010

John Varvatos by John Varvatos

I like this fragrance. It's what I would consider a casual-elegant scent. You can wear John Varvatos Original for any occasion, to work, an evening out, a date, a board meeting, the weekends. It wears close to the skin, sillage is moderate and longevity is lasts for the regular amount of time, but you would probably have to refresh if you are going out to happy hour after work.

The fragrance itself is very nice. It opens with a soft herbaceous facet; but this herbaceous note is a woodsy type, not the sharp, leafy kind. The opening is also spicy, but a smooth spice not harsh. The heart and dry down both are more of a powdery, woodsy, vanilla aroma; the vanilla is not the candy-sweet cloying kind, but just enough to add docility. I highly recommend this fragrance. You won't be disappointed.
05th February, 2010

Costume National Homme by Costume National

Fabulous, Simply Fabulous...Another one that is on it's way to me right after wearing the sample vial. I LOVE this fragrance the moment I put it on! Costume National Homme is full-on masculine! This fragrance is somewhat linear, it starts out with tobacco, woods and spice and stays this way until the dry down stage and then it morphs into a powdery incense. It reminds me of two other fragrances, Aedes de Venustas' roomspray and Christian Lacroix Tumulte but with a smoother controlled edge. The sillage on this scent is moderate to strong, so use sparingly; and the longevity is excellent. Costume National Homme is a wonderful fragrance for an evening out, a board meeting or a is very masculine, urbane, classy and smooth also a black-tie cologne. I highly recommend this cologne...A DEFINITE MUST BUY!
02nd February, 2010

Vintage by John Varvatos

Nice...but the Original is Better. Varvatos Vintage is a nice enough fragrance, but there is a component that is off-putting or irritating [at least to my nose]; it smells of a rancid, herbaceous "tang", mind you not strong, but still there. This herbaceous note presents itself towards the middle or heart of development. The continuing development of the life of the fragrance is nice, but with the cameo of the herbaceous accord. The sillage of this scent is somewhat soft and wears close to the skin. It is a perfect scent to wear into the office, it's unobtrusive and inoffensive. I like the original John Varvatos better.
31st January, 2010

cK Free by Calvin Klein

Nice enough scent, but extremely boring! I have to spray a few times just to get some sillage; the sillage is soft, it wears close on the skin. CK Free is a clean, fresh fragrance, can be worn into the office, is definitely a weekend scent, casual, very wearable. However, the longevity is horrible...DOES NOT LAST LONG AT ALL!!! By the end of the work day, you have to refresh with a couple more sprays if you are going out to happy hour. Calvin Klein has not had a good, long lasting fragrance since Obsession and Eternity...the company's two best! Again, this fragrance is nice enough, fresh, clean, pleasant, but I would not waste my money to buy it.
30th January, 2010

Givenchy Play by Givenchy

I quite like and enjoy this scent. Givenchy Play starts with a sweet-citrus aroma [but not cloyingly sweet], then morphs quickly into a plastic-y, sweaty accord [but don't be put-off by the latter description, it's actually rather nice] finally the dry down is soft, powdery, woodsy and musky with the sweetness amped up a little more but still without being cloying. This fragrance reminds one of being in a barbershop; it's a soft sweet masculinity that is musky enough to attract the ladies. The sillage is soft to moderate and it wears close to the skin so whomever is near has to come close to get a whiff. You can wear Givenchy Play year round, into the office without offending anyone and on the weekends; this is a very wearable scent. I most definitely recommend this fragrance. A MUST BUY!!!
30th January, 2010

1270 by Frapin

Hmmm, this was a nice scent but it was just that, "nice." I was not impressed wearing it as I was reading the composition. The sillage is soft, it wears close to the skin. Frapin 1270 smells more of butterscotch or butter-rum candy than it does anything masculine or urbane; it isn't really cloying [even though I do tend to like some cloying scents] it is just very "candied." All through the scent's development and longevity, it is sweet all the way. I don't like boozy smelling colognes and I thought this one would be more club-room masculine than boozy, and this one is DEFINITELY NOT boozy. To my nose, it fits into the "Gourmand" category. It's nice if you want a sweet scent, but if you are looking for masculine, urbane, classy, stick to their liquors.
16th January, 2010

Nightscape by Ulrich Lang

I must start by saying I do seriously think that you have the gender wrong on this one, it is way more masculine than with that being said:

I wore my sample vial today and liked it so much I ordered a bottle. I must say that the scent DOES NOT match the should be called an "Evening Out". In regards to the name and the city in which it supposedly represents, it is not bold or unique enough. New York City is bold, bustling and awake, this scent is not. It is very nice, quiet [almost shy] classy in an understated way. Nightscape is a go-to fragrance, unobtrusive, wearable. When I look for Patchouli, I want it to be dirty and Earthy, this is a dry dusty [yet not old or musty] version; I do detect a metallic coolness to this fragrance, must be the geranium. Nightscape is subdued, urbane, relaxed. This scent wears close to the skin and the sillage is soft to moderate. Yes, Nightscape has been done before and nothing new if new is what you are looking for.

However, if you are looking for an easy, classy fragrance, that, as mentioned before, is very wearable than Nightscape is for you. I highly recommend this scent...give it a try.
12th January, 2010

Polo Modern Reserve by Ralph Lauren

I was very surprised at all the "Thumbs Up" and positive responses here. I was NOT IMPRESSED! I was surprised at this scent. It is nothing new on the original; PRL Mondern Reserve is only slightly more floral than the original. Modern Reserve still imparts the harsh herbal tang as the first but softens the fragrance somewhat with a touch more floral. This fragrance still carries the moderate to strong sillage and does last a good while. If you are a fan of Ralph Lauren Polo, than you will like this one. Modern Reserve is boring, and has been done before, the florals don't help much. It is a nice work and weekend fragrance and it's reliable like an old friend, it's inoffensive; a go-to fragrance. But if you're looking for something new, this is NOT your fragrance.
11th January, 2010

Black Orchid by Tom Ford

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this fragrance!!! I am a guy who wears this scent and I feel that anyone can wear it whether male or female; Tom Ford Black Orchid blurs boundaries.

It has a moderate to strong sillage and very long lasting. I would categorize this Eau De Parfum as "Floral-Gourmand"

Black Orchid is superbly blended, very carnal and all out sexy. The florals are alluring, the woods masculine and the vanilla creamy and delicious.

This fragrance is definitely an evening scent, date scent or an important board meeting scent but worn sparingly.

I would highly recommend this fragrance...a must buy!
11th January, 2010 (last edited: 30th January, 2010)

He Wood by Dsquared2

I was not impressed with DSquared2 He Wood. It is too close to Kenzo's KenzoAir but without the Anise seed. The opening is nice, fresh and airy, but lasts only five minutes (at least on me with my chemistry) the heart is all violets...very floral; as much as I like florals, there should be more complexity to this scent. The dry down is still all violets until the dying end where the cedar or wood finally sneaks in...and I do mean sneak in, especially with a whisper. The wood is very soft, almost undetectable.

I do not recommend this fragrance if you are not a fan of violets...I like them but in moderation, mixed with other aromas. This one is too much of a good thing.

This is an inoffensive scent. Very wearable on the weekends, into the office, anywhere.

Sample first before purchase. There are other fresh-florals outthere that would impress more so.
22nd July, 2009

Chergui by Serge Lutens

Chergui starts off with a burnt fire embers and burnt incense opening but fades quickly into a rough medicinal, moldy-cinnamon and leather accord. There is a heavy sweetness to this fragrance [perhaps the honey and the hay sugar (as
described by the Luckyscent website); a sweetness that comes from spices such as cinnamon, not sickly-cloying like candy. The medicinal fades quickly as well and the sweetness stays around through the lifespan of the cologne. There is a lavender-like facet to this scent, however, lavender is not listed so I would assume it is the combination of the iris mixed with the sandalwood and rose which gives Chergui a slight indelicate floral undertone. The dry-down is very peaceful, meaning that it is a soft vanillic wood that reminds one of an exstinguished fire from the fireplace and the scent is lingering in the air still.

The sillage is somewhat moderate, meaning those close to you can smell it and yet, it does not announce itself; this cologne wears close to the skin. Chergui is a strong fragrance but with a sophisticated, urbane demeanor. The longevity is excellent...let's just say that you get what you pay for; well worth the money!

I feel this Eau de Parfum is more of a Winter fragrance. One can wear this for an evening out, under a tuxedo, or to a board meeting. Chergui is a very classy and elegant albeit different cologne, yet wearable.

If and/or when you are ready to splurge on an Eau de Parfum that is different and elegant, then I would highly recommend Chergui by Serge Lutens!
03rd January, 2009

Aqua pour Homme Marine by Bulgari

I REALLY, REALLY LIKE THIS ONE! It reminds me of Aqua Di Gio by Armani because of the salty facet to it; but this fragrance has a more aquatic, outdoorsy, sea spray character, whereas Aqua Di Gio smells more of fresh clean skin. This fragrance smells of fresh sea air, the sea spray and ocean water [if ocean water had a scent] and cleanliness. Bulgari Aqua Pour Homme Marine is my new favorite. I would recommend wearing this scent during the Spring/Summer months. Furthermore, this scent is a very good cologne to wear to work and on the is a very non-obtrusive or offensive fragrance. A very casual, relaxed cologne, easy to wear. I highly recommend this fragrance.
01st January, 2009

Canali Men by Canali

To me, Canali is a simple refined cologne. Compared to other fragrances, it is quite synthetic. This scent reminds me of Ferrari Black but a tad-bit smoother and refined. I get a somewhat spicy-geranium, which mimics a floral rose character but without the creamy, dewiness slant. The top note is were the geranium is most prominent, then segueing into the middle note, Canali starts turning ho-hum...a very powdery (a seemingly synthetic powder at that) accord. As the dry-down appears, the powdery aspect seems to intensify slightly with a tinge of mellow sweetness. It is this dry-down period that seems to ruin a higher rating.

The sillage is moderate and the longevity is a little better than most. Canali wears close to the skin with a slightly bolder presence.

This is a very wearable cologne, especially for work, under a nice sweater, or an evening out.

Would I recommend this cologne, no more than any other out there, but this is a nice, simple, refined fragrance if you want something unobtrusive, inoffensive and classy.
17th December, 2008