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Paris by Yves Saint Laurent

I had heard so many positive things about Paris that I just HAD to buy it.Unfortunately it's just not "me" though.I do like the rose fragrance but on me it's too strong and it lasts and lasts.Perhaps the Paris Premieres Roses would be better with my chemistry???
05th June, 2006

Eternity by Calvin Klein

Horrible!Too strong and heavy.I get a migraine every time I'm even near someone wearing this.A co-worker use to wear this to work every day and I knew the instant she stepped off the elevator!I called it her "bug spray".Perhaps she put too much on~another co-worker wore it on occassion and it was at least tolerable on her.Not my favorite scent!
04th June, 2006

Jaïpur Saphir by Boucheron

A favourite of mine too.My husband likes Jaipur on me but I prefer this one.I don't really notice much of a difference in the two.This seems a bit lighter to me than Jaipur and lasts longer on my skin.
04th June, 2006
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Jaïpur by Boucheron

My husbands favourite fragrance on me.He LOVES this one on me.I like it too but prefer the Jaipur Saphir.This doesn't seem to last very long on me.
04th June, 2006