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Red by Giorgio Beverly Hills

My husband, back in his young single days, dated a woman who wore this with a relentless fervor. He still gets ill with the thought of this scent. I have worn this on occasion...very few occasions. I can say it is very STRONG. A little dab 'l do ya.
I am sure there are those out there with whom this scent smells heavenly. I am not one of them.
It is a heavy, somewhat smokey, almost acrid scent. But that's on me.
Comes on sweet and heavy dries down to a bitter incense.
18th September, 2008

Giorgio by Giorgio Beverly Hills

I remember my mother's very glamorous and showy friend wearing this. I adored her. It smelled so good on her. She was the epitomy of glamour in my opinion. She talked my mom into wearing it. It smelled ok on my mother but just not the same as on her friend. My mother eventually gave the bottle to me, an eleven year old girl. I loved the smell, it was very strong...very floral. I never wore it in public, but indulged plenty at home. I loved waking up when I had applied it the night before. So sensual in a soft way.
When you apply, please do not rub the scent into your skin. Let it dry naturally, notice the change in notes....wonderful!
I wouldn't wear it today, it doesn't fit my chemistry or personality. Still a beautiful scent for those who can wear it.
18th September, 2008