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Zino Davidoff by Davidoff

I recently purchased this again after many years, and boy, was I wowed! I'd forgotten how gorgeous this stuff is. It is a gloriously fresh and floral bouquet inspired with lovely woods and subtle patchouli. JaimeB describes the notes and character of this fragrance articulately and eloquently; this is at once an engaging and intoxicating scent. It sells for much less than it is worth on internet fragrance sites. Zino Davidoff is singular masculine sophistication at its finest, and it is appropriate for any occasion, formal or casual. I wish I could give it more than a thumbs up. Enthusiastically recommended.
09th June, 2009

Blue Jeans by Versace

I smelled this the first time on an airline steward reaching over and helping the passenger next to me. I thought it was one of the most delightful fragrances I'd ever smelled, and I asked him what he was wearing. I just bought it again after more than ten years and it smells better than ever. It is a harmonious blend of soft woods, lavender and ripe citrus notes. It is at once innocent and sophisticated. A winner!
08th June, 2009

Déclaration by Cartier

I sprayed this on for the first time at a department store tonight, and I really regret doing so. The scent is very overbearing and cloying with a dingy-dirty feral smell. It reminds of a Tommy Bahama fragrance, but I'm not sure which one. These are the type of fragrances that I keep away from because of the putrid images that they evoke. I would definitely recommend wearing this on the wrist for a while before purchasing this disturbing concoction. Fetid stuff.
03rd June, 2009
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Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker

I find so many women's fragrances too floral and cloying. There are very few that I buy as gifts, because I find them overdone. I was shopping for an Xmas gift once and I smelled this one. I didn't buy it as a gift, but I remember being impressed by the glorious bouquet. It smelled very classy and sophisticated, yet piquant and pure, and like Cashmere Mist, ultra-feminine. I need to go back and take a whiff of this one again. It has lingered in my memory.
18th May, 2009

Nicole Miller for Men by Nicole Miller

I see this all the time at TJ Maxx. Never paid much attention to it, bought it blind because it was on clearance. I like it, but it does smell like a lot of other colognes. Maybe this is an original fragrance that was imitated a lot. There is a slight "boozy" aspect to it as others have pointed out, but my overall impression is that of a sweet and somewhat musky oriental fragrance with muted fruit notes. I haven't experienced its sillage, dry down or longevity. I'm glad I purchased it.
18th May, 2009

Roots for Him by Roots

Very Nice, cooly green and kind of elegant. Roots products are high quality and this cologne reflects their integrity. Recommended.
16th May, 2009

Rochas Man by Rochas

Bright, refined and casual. I generally like Rochas fragrances, and this is one of their finest. It does smell delicious without overdoing it, as other gourmand fragrances do.
16th May, 2009

Lapidus pour Homme by Ted Lapidus

The fruity notes in this are really cloying. It has a loud cheap overbearing presence. It smells like an old lady's fragrance; really musty and stale I really regret this purchase.
16th May, 2009

Beyond Paradise for Men by Estée Lauder

I have tried this on at department stores numerous times, but I can't get past the initial shock of a cat urine-like stench. It does dry down to a more complex composition, but there is that feral sub-odor that repulses my olfactory sensibility and makes me gag. This scent is a cross-blending of beauty and depravity, intended for the Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde-type personality. Beyond Belief is what I call it. What were they thinking?
12th May, 2009

L'Instant de Guerlain pour Homme by Guerlain

Whenever I smell this sprayed on paper or on my clothing, I love it. The "green notes" are a lovely accompaniment to complex woods. When I wear it, however, I smell Pledge on an antique bureau. It seems like a very "old" fragrance, perhaps from Edwardian England. I am reluctant to give it anything but a thumbs up because it really is an intriguing and handsome scent from a quality house. It was just not intended for my body chemistry. My misfortune.
12th May, 2009

Lauder for Men by Estée Lauder

It doesn't matter when, where, or why, wear this and you will always be the epitome of sophistication. All of the notes rush to the fore in a ravishingly clear and crisp bouquet. A singularly debonaire and timeless fragrance. Together with Metropolis, Lauder's masculine masterpiece.
12th May, 2009

cK In 2U Him by Calvin Klein

If this smells like bug spray, then bug spray I will wear. I agree with the positive comments; it is light and creamy with sweet notes and gentle woods. Self-effacing and innocuous, it is a wonderfully pleasant casual fragrance. It is probably intended for the younger crowd, but anyone can wear it because it is utterly ingratiating. Perhaps bug spray is smelling too good nowadays.
26th April, 2009

Jazz by Yves Saint Laurent

I had never smelled Jazz until recently. Definitely my loss. I bought it on the spot. It is a splendid example of masculine elegance. I agree with "mrclmind" that this is a fragrance that mesmerizes in the dry down. The sandalwood and leather stand out, but they are mitigated by the other lovely notes surrounding them. Yes, this is YSL's most wonderful creation, ever. That is saying a lot. Two enthusiastic thumbs up.
18th April, 2009
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Reaction for Men by Kenneth Cole

I was at a store today and I smelled this on someone, and I found it enthralling. I had to ask him what he was wearing. I've never liked this when I've smelled it in department stores, but smelling it on someone I am impressed. A light gorgeous, musky powdery sillage. I need to reconsider this one.
01st March, 2009

PS by Paul Sebastian

Compared to some of the outlandish colognes for men out there today, this smells ultra-refined. I don't understand some of the vitriol and diatribe against this fragrance by other reviewers. It is not saccharine or fetid, and it does not smell dated. Perhaps after smelling every fruit note and arcane outre essence imaginable, one's nose is no longer attuned to what an honest and singular men's fragrance should be. Smart and genteel without pretense or apologies, is what PS is.
25th February, 2009

Hypnôse Homme by Lancôme

Looking at the note pyramid I am not able to discern any of the individual notes, maybe for musk. It is harmoniously blended, or not too densely textured. That said, it is a very agreeable and completely warm and affable scent. I wouldn't rush to apply it as a first choice, but it seems suitable for almost any occasion. I do not detect any 'synthetic' characteristic at all. It has a refined and delicious sillage.
24th February, 2009

Rive Gauche pour Homme by Yves Saint Laurent

Wow! This is a stunningly original and appealing fragrance. Luxurious 'barber shop' is how I define it. It is fresh, metallic, and assertively masculine. Definitely a head turner. What took YSL so long to come up with Rive Gauche for men? It was well worth the wait. Two thumbs up!
24th February, 2009

Lime, Basil & Mandarin by Jo Malone

I remember loud colognes from the seventies that smelled like cheap lime candy. This cologne comes perilously close to that extreme, but it is redeemed by quality ingredients and masterful blending. Its initial application is a shock, but it evolves into an assertive, but attractive, citrus wallow. I would wear this to a summer evening concert, classy barbecue, or a nice club. It is definitely unisex, but intended for a boldly self-assured or effusively outgoing person.
24th February, 2009 (last edited: 21st March, 2010)

Kenzo pour Homme by Kenzo

I purchased this blind some time ago and I can still recall my first impression; a rubber-like synthetic flower. There was no attempt to capture any natural scent with this one. Walking into the showroom of a tire store recently brought back the memory of Kenzo to my mind. It might appeal to anyone who likes the smell of a new car interior, but that probably smells better than this scent. One of the weirdest colognes I've ever come across.
24th February, 2009 (last edited: 16th May, 2009)

Bulgari pour Homme Extrême by Bulgari

A salesperson at Nordstrom told me he couldn't stand this fragrance because all he got from it was pine needles. There is a Christmas tree-like air to it, but it is the Darjeeling that comes to the fore. I like the bouquet of aromatic leaves, but I am not convinced that I should smell like an elegant cup of tea all day. I do like this brew, and I know it probably smells wonderful on others, I just don't want others to smell it on me. My bottle sits forlornly lamenting my neglect.
24th February, 2009

Quiksilver by Quiksilver

The eucalyptus-like scent on this is overwhelming. It is too medicinal-smelling on first application. The dry down doesn't reveal much else to my nose. I love the Quiksilver brand, so this is a disappointment. I'll go back to the store and give it another chance.
22nd February, 2009

23 by Michael Jordan

This is a lovely fragrance, perhaps a bit too feminine. I smell a roses and violet-like floral which is very prominent. Don't buy it blind, but if you do and you don't care for it, pass it along to your girlfriend, wife, or female friend.
22nd February, 2009

Michael for Men by Michael Kors

This fragrance has a fantastic dry down and it's very long-lasting. There is a strong bourbon-like character to the initial application, but there are so many masculine and sumptuous notes in this brew that mitigate that aspect, that it doesn't overwhelm the bouquet. It is thoroughly sophisticated and decidedly headier and more virile than other more popular scents. Michael Kors is underrated and overlooked, unfortunately. It is definitely suitable for evening wear.
22nd February, 2009

KL Homme by Lagerfeld

KL Homme is a sophisticated powdery and tangy oriental. It reminds me of Estee Lauder women's fragrances, especially Youth Dew. This fragrance, however, is complex, masculine and long-lasting. The rich bouquet is very prominent, so a few sprays will do, unless you want to announce your presence in a grand manner. It's a pity that this wasn't more popular, it's a classy scent. A discontinued treasure from Lagerfeld.
22nd February, 2009

Esencia Loewe by Loewe

I do not like this as much as I thought I would. It is certainly sophisticated enough, but the pungent character hits a discordant note. The couple of times I've worn this I am aware of its assertive, yet unusual tone. I do like the "green" in this fragrance, but the "moss and herbs" smell too earthy, verging on dirty, rubbish-bin like.
22nd February, 2009

Ferré for Men by Gianfranco Ferré

Sublime. It smells like "The Dreamer" in a way, but much more sophisticated and substantial. Whenever I wear this beauty, I am constantly smelling my wrist to take in more of its delightful bouquet. A saleswoman brought this one to my attention, and I am so grateful she did. A stunningly gorgeous cohesion of all of its notes. Definitely recommended.
08th February, 2009

Rochas Lui by Rochas

I want to like this one because I like Rochas' scents. There is a note in this that smells musty to me. Otherwise, it is an interesting melange. It probably smells better on others.
25th January, 2009

Guess Man by Guess

There are notes in this that are cloying and ruin the character of the essence. An annoying melange.
16th January, 2009

Gucci pour Homme by Gucci

Yuk! Pencil shavings and suffocating church-like incense. What were they thinking? Suitable for a gothic funeral.
16th January, 2009

Quorum by Antonio Puig

Sexy and civilized. This always elicits positive comments when I wear it. It dries down wonderfully. How do the Spanish manage to create such original fragrances?
16th January, 2009