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Black Cashmere by Donna Karan

I had the chance to try Black Cashmere again a few days ago. Per usual, upon application its rich, sweet, inky dark fragrance enchanted and I was ready for my 'shadowy forest floorbed covered by rain soaked autumnal leaves lit only by the mysterious full moon' Black Mass. But then, per usual, it started to give me a headache. One can't truly enjoy a Black Mass with a migraine. I mean, am I wrong? Black Cashmere is so...THERE...on me. It's there, permeating, seeping, enveloping-but not in a luxurious cloak or sexy embrace way, more like a locked inside a newly varnished cedar wardrobe with no chance of escape way. All that written it's still a gorgeous scent, unfortunately, because I've officially realized I can't do woods (with the exception of CdG Avignon=divinity). For me, woods are the new violets.
20th August, 2009

Diorissimo by Christian Dior

Fleeting isn't even really the word. But I suppose that dreamy illusiveness is part of Diorissimo's appeal. Very beautiful, gentle, lily of the valley perfume. Lovely, airy, naive and 'first bloom,' like a David Hamilton photograph. You really don't want to search for any more depth or hidden meaning, and you can't anyway. You simply must enjoy the filmy, distant sweetness for what it is.
20th August, 2009

Brandy by Brandy

The story behind Brandy is so sweet, like the perfume itself. As others have stated, apples, hay, spices, smoking pipes, autumn carriage rides, a small flask of (brandy) to warm you up, snuggles under tartan throws, a horse's gentle eyes. Beautiful scent.
16th July, 2009
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10 Corso Como by 10 Corso Como

Very heavy with powder and sandalwood, and gave me an instant headache.
16th July, 2009 (last edited: 22nd November, 2009)

Blush by Marc Jacobs

This smells like chalk dust on me. In and of itself, Blush is a pretty, clean, light floral and smells faintly of tangerine and honeysuckle with a warm base. I can imagine this as a modern Anais Anais for blossoming young women. But on me, chalk dust. I suppose I've graduated.
16th July, 2009

Drakkar Noir by Guy Laroche

MassMenace says: "Drakkar Noir is that annoying guy that talks too much and needs to get attention from everybody no matter what measures need to be taken.Some people like this guy, some don't..."

Well, it was worn by Truman Capote ;). Which is just one of the reasons I love this. It smells so good. Simply, that's all. Masculine, soapy and dirty at the same time, fresh, classic, comforting. For me, this will never go out of style.
16th July, 2009

4711 Echt Kölnisch Wasser by 4711

I love that this simple, classic cologne is available in such huge bottles, like a 40oz or something. In the summertime, you can chill this in the fridge, place it in your favorite brown paper bag, and off you go. You'll have a refreshing splash always at your fingertips.

I am joking. About the paper bag.
16th July, 2009

Bandit by Robert Piguet


Lovely: climbing ivy, elbow-length black leather gloves, gardenia perfume, orange juice.

Questionable: smoker's cough, gasoline, dirty underwear, burnt tar.

Together: lethal.
16th July, 2009 (last edited: 22nd November, 2009)

Ce Soir Ou Jamais by Annick Goutal

A friend of mine once declared "What is that rotting flowers??"-she does not like floral perfumes-to which I replied "C'est moi, I of the rotting flowers!" It's true, Ce Soir Ou Jamais does smell a bit...overripe (hence the tonight or never bit), but not in an unpleasant sense. At least not unpleasant to me. Full bloom roses and sweet, sparkling champagne, that's what I think of when I recall this perfume.
16th July, 2009

Agent Provocateur by Agent Provocateur

If underwear had shoulder pads, this is what it would smell like. I think AP works better as a sachet. When this fragrance was first introduced, I received a pack of tissues scented with AP. I used them as sachets and it was lovely and intriguing. However, the straight-up perfume is too much for me.
16th July, 2009

Opium by Yves Saint Laurent

I was 2 years old when Opium made its debut. I began to wear Opium in my late teens, which is ridiculous because Opium in all its heady, spicy mystery is made for a WOMAN. I really had no idea what I was doing regarding perfume or anything else then, and subsequently avoided Opium (and lots of other things) like the plague for years. Now, at 33, I'm ready to give Opium another try. This time I know what I'm doing. Sort of.
21st April, 2009

Violetta by Penhaligon's

Well, I've had to eat my words regarding violet perfume. I suppose I've met one I really enjoy. Of course it would be from Penhaligon's, because they're amazing. The thing I love about Violetta is its deep purple but resilient green nature, much like the flower itself. There is no sickly sweet candy, no stray Choward's mint found in a Harris Tweed coat pocket. This violet isn't trying to choke me or take over my world (I'm not going to make another Napoleon and his love of violets reference here, even though I just did), it's simply a lovely, elegant fragrance. Darn sexy, too.
05th March, 2009

Bal à Versailles by Jean Desprez

this smelled a bit like wee-scented leather on me for a bit, which really turned me off. then warmth and incense. a nice affair, but nothing to write home about, particularly the wee part.
21st November, 2008
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Tendre Poison by Christian Dior

i used to wear this poison-literally, poison-and god knows why. it's incredibly overpowering and has a strange "tomato soup" note i can't explain further. i just want to publicly apologize to those who had to be near me during this pahse in my life.
31st October, 2008

Vanille Abricot by Comptoir Sud Pacifique

i'm much too dirty and complex to wear this fragrance, apparently, though i once tried. very, very sweet and gourmand with almost no developments or textures on my skin.
30th October, 2008

Green Irish Tweed by Creed

I have a green tweed hat from Ireland and it doesn't smell like this, really thankfully. There is a mossy suredness to Green Irish Tweed that I like but also a tinny, sweetness-beginning-to-sour quality that I don't like. Perhaps it's the violet leaves. What a tiny little dictator, that violet! Eventually this cologne dries down to the scent of a nice man I'd like to run into occasionally, one with a smile and a broad shoulder to lean on, such as Cary Grant.
26th September, 2008

Narcisse Noir by Caron

Sweet, candied orange blossoms on an altar of black velvet and mystical incense.
24th September, 2008 (last edited: 22nd November, 2009)

Sécrétions Magnifiques by Etat Libre d'Orange

Evil and vile with a faint whiff of genius.
23rd September, 2008 (last edited: 22nd November, 2009)

Dior Homme by Christian Dior

I first encountered Dior Homme on a former love, and honestly, it was the best thing about him. There are reminisces of Musc Ravageur in this scent, but the iris lends it an aloof sophistication with a less, er, ravaged quality. I like this, and I like this on my own skin.
23rd September, 2008

Rose de Nuit by Serge Lutens

For me, Rose de Nuit is carbolic and headache inducing, along the lines of Bandit and her ilk.
23rd September, 2008 (last edited: 22nd November, 2009)

Diorella by Christian Dior

Chandler Burr's infamous retelling of Diorella as "fur rubbed with mint toothpaste" is yeah! That! Bright, refreshing with an uninhibited, feral-but sophisticated and comforting-undercurrent.
23rd September, 2008

Jolie Madame by Pierre Balmain

To be fair, I despise violet perfumes. I mean really detest them. However, Jolie Madame is considered a classic and I thought perhaps the leather would keep it in check. I wanted to try again, I wanted another chance with violet. And upon first spray it seemed possible. No. Soon my skin and my home and the entire heavens reeked of the incorrigible fragrance of those dainty purple flowers. So much for shrinking; their scent expands, expands, expands until I can barely breathe. No wonder Napoleon, a reported lover of violet perfume, tried to conquer the world. The scent must have driven him insane! So, a no go. I tried.
23rd September, 2008