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Unforgivable Woman by Sean John

I clearly dont understand the negative reviews on this sweet innocent feminine fragrance. On me it smells delightful and i know other people who also love this scent. It is an inoffence smell i is perfect for work as it is not too over powerful. I can smell the cucumber, apple , jasmine, freesia and the coco de mer which gives it a slightly gourmand smell but not in a sickly way like Angel.
Does need to be applied a couple of times a day though as the silage is not that strong.
I have bought thid twice now and will continue to purchase it in the future
31st January, 2009

Paco Rabanne Pour Elle by Paco Rabanne

Strange bottle and because of the squarness is hard to apply. But the perfume itself is not bad just has no silage and is nothing special.
I wish i could say i smell this and that ingrediant in a scent but i cant i just go by the smell itself and most importantly how long a perfume lasts on the skin.
I don' t think i would buy this perfume again
31st January, 2009

Weekend for Women by Burberry

Wow this is the best offering of all the Burberry scents out there. I have re- purchased this 3 times now and i love its fresh not too sweet smell. Its a great day time perfume it wont get up anybody's noses!!

I so wish i had a clever nose and say i smell this this and this but all i know is when i find a perfume i like i dont care what ingrediants are in it!
But it must be the peach and the Musk that do it for me.
09th December, 2008
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Covet Pure Bloom Sarah Jessica Parker by Sarah Jessica Parker

This scent is ok for me its the best one SJP has produced. I wanted the free umbrella so much i bought this scent would not buy it again though as it is nothing special.
Very pretty bottle though. Smells a tad like Alien or could just be me . I prefer Alien to this though
11th November, 2008

Angel by Thierry Mugler

THE MARMITE OF THE PERFUME WORLD what more can i say except chocolate and more chocolate!
11th November, 2008

Organza by Givenchy

This is my signature scent and why is that ? It is because its the one perfume i wear that i regulary get compliments on. It is a powdery jasmine infusion and it is covertly sexy.
Organza is a warm floral explosion and i love it.
11th November, 2008 (last edited: 26th December, 2008)

Knowing by Estée Lauder

At first this perfume is loud and in your face, but in a good way. Notes of geranium,bergamont,lemon and oranges. When it dries down you get the spicey notes of clove.cinnamon,oakmoss,treemoss and rosewood. Very sexy fragrance for the woman who knows what she wants! Has a slight mascueline hint to it and excellant silage lasts and lasts. The best from Estee lauder. I will wear this forever!!
02nd October, 2008

Secret Obsession by Calvin Klein

A brilliant new scent from CK. Really love it, have applied it at a beauty counter and cant wait to purchase it. A very sexy,warm fragrance. Fab bottle too.
25th September, 2008