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Polo Blue by Ralph Lauren

For you Creed fans out there, get this: I detect a hint of Tabarome in Polo Blue! Yes, after wearing it for a few days, it finally hit me--there is definite resemblence to Creed Tabarome. Now that I've said that, you'll say, "Ahhh, that's what it reminds me of...Tabarome with a twist of aquatic freshness".
08th September, 2002

X-Centric by Dunhill

I just picked up a spankin' new 100ml bottle today at the local dunhill boutique. The bottle follows in the footsteps of it's awesome older brother, Desire...very cool indeed
All I can say is I LOVE THIS SCENT! Can't put my finger on any particular note at this time...heck, can't really compare it to anything else I've whiffed in the past. I would say that it does fit right into the same family as their last fragrance, Desire, but it's not as spicy; sort of an understated boldness (oxymoron?) about it that I really like. It exudes confidence & maturity. Definitely not something the high school guy's gonna dig (not to dis any high school members here, just referencing the age/taste thing)
I like dunhill Desire a lot--but I really, really like X-Centric. I loved it at first whiff! To be honest, the first time I tried Desire, I didn't really care for it...but that's probably because it, too, is quite different from most fragrances out there--but it's really grown on me--not to mention the frequent compliments that I get from women when I wear it :-). The best part of my story is that MY WIFE LIKES IT. For those of you that know me, that's been the hardest part of my quest for the ultimate fragrance--the WAF (wife acceptability factor).
My personal rating for X-Centric: I give this one a two thumbs-up. Five stars. A+. Da bomb. Yeah, baby!
03rd September, 2001

Yohji Homme by Yohji Yamamoto

I just added Yohji Homme to my collection yesterday. That coffee-rum thing really got me going...not my everday scent, but definitely for those days that I feel that "I'm too sexy for my shirt" feeling coming on
29th December, 2000
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Brut by Fabergé

I'm not scared to say that my father wore this (still does) and I like the way it smells on him. Besides, the spray-on Brut deoderant (applied in the right area) has saved me a few times during that "multiple dates with different women in one day" era that I went through in my 20's....ahhh, those were the days...the tropical breeze, warm exotic nights in Waikiki, woman #3 at my side, and smell of Brut deodarant lingering in the air
21st December, 2000

Signature pour Homme by S.T. Dupont

I just picked up the St. Dupont Signature set from Neiman's the other day, mostly because the bottle is sooo nice, secondly because the salesperson was a total fox. Had to form the "relationship", ya know? Actually, it turns out that she's married to my high school classmate's brother, and it also turns out that I'M married...oh well.
The scent is nice. Great top notes. The dry down leaves something to be desired, as it smells somewhat basic--does that make sense? It doesn't seem to have the complex, intriguing lingering scent that so many great colognes exhibit.
23rd November, 2000

Latitude Longitude by Nautica

I am really, really liking my Nautica Latitude Longitude. The shower gel is awesome, face scrub is killer. Well-designed tubes too--the hole is like a nozzle that is small enough that if you put the bottle on its side while open, it won't leak out the liquid. Smart.
23rd November, 2000 (last edited: 28th November, 2000)

Minotaure by Paloma Picasso

I just tried on that Minotaure that I had lying around. You know what? It's like a nicer version of that new Dunhill also smells somewhat like Xeyrus Rouge. I sort of like it...I'll have to go and seek wife approval!
20th November, 2000

D&G Masculine by Dolce & Gabbana

...Anyway, I am really starting to appreciate this fragrance. The more I use it, the more I like it. It's more complex than the ordinary citrus scents, and it doesn't really smell quite like anything else--I think of it as a citrusey scent backed with a nice smokey, woodsey base. It has a hint of woodsey sweetness without loading up on the vanilla (I'm not a big fan of vanilla), which balances out the fragrance quite nicely.
17th November, 2000

Joop! Homme by Joop!

AGHHH! I can't believe that this stuff is so popular in some regions! Of course, this is my opinion--please don't hate me if you wear it!
07th October, 2000