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    Midnight Poison by Christian Dior


    I Love this perfume! Sexy is what I adore in fragrances, and here pachouli and rose marriage just makes it perfect. I personally wear it at night only, and it makes me want myself))). Seriously, you will have sweet dreams, but before you go to sleep you will feel luxury and admiration of others. When I am having a night with internet and glass of wine, I put on blue orchid 100% botanical oil from Clarins on my face- and OH, you get perfect combination of Spa experience and luxury of Dior. Bon Voyage!

    15th October, 2013


    Beige by Chanel

    I am disappointed with this perfume mainly because of ZERO linger power. The perfume stays on for a couple hours the most, and it is unusual for my skin. It opens up with gardenia, and stays gardenia plus white flowers. I do not find any frangipani freesia, aldehyde, heliotrope, or amber, may be some honey or vanilla, but more vanilla flower.
    It is soft and polite perfume, and would suit a person who likes perfumes to be quite and delicate.

    20th November, 2011


    Gaultier² by Jean Paul Gaultier

    I just recently discovered this “eroticism in the bottle” and I love it. Tonka bean, vanilla, where sweet vanilla goes away quickly, leaving you with Tonka bean, deep vanilla, some Arabic spices and some undetected sexy molecules (amber, vanilla flower and a little jasmine?), but I do not detect any musk. My husband is from Makhachkala, Dagestan (Caspian Sea) and he tells me that this perfume smells exactly like this city in spring, and this is the best perfume I have discovered... of course,- considering that this perfume was created by Francis Kurkdjian, who is one of the best perfumers. True, this perfume is very erotic, and lasting power is great, but never annoying. Highly recommended for a good romance!

    24th October, 2011


    Broadway Nite by Bond No. 9

    One of my favorite Bonds, Broadway Nite is sexy and powerful. I do not smell much of violets and honeysuckle, but there is indeed lots of rose bloom over the cedar and vanilla. This is a brilliant combination, unique and easy recognizable, and it lingers for a very long time, putting you right into Broadway of your life!

    19th February, 2011


    West Broadway by Bond No. 9

    Absolutely beautiful and sexy perfume. I have tried hard and this perfume is the winner of collecting complements from men (none from ladies). I do not smell any lime, no crisp green notes either. Some Lilies, and a lot of Roses, sweet summer roses from Greece or Italy. Vanilla is added just to make men crazy, it is the vanilla used for Chanel 5. No hesitation there, it is a celebration of love, desire and lust. It stays on for a long time, and musk just gives it a modern twist.

    02nd July, 2010


    Le Jasmin by Chantecaille

    Lots of Jasmine! As the perfume’s description provides it is made with the incredibly rare, night-blooming jasmine of Grasse, France, the most expensive floral perfume that exists as it uses 36,000 flowers per single ounce! But it is not why I like it. I love its rare and sophisticated blend of jasmine and mimosa, magnolia and tuberose, later ylang-ylang kicks in, and oakmoss and amber give you the aura in which you feel contented, sexy and unforgettable (as these are the compliments I get when I ware it.

    12th July, 2009


    Cinéma by Yves Saint Laurent

    This is an attractive scent overall. To me it is too much of Bourbon Vanilla, and the fragrance is very powerful, so I would not recommend it for a business meeting. However, it could be useful for a night out; jasmine, peony, vanilla and musk could be considered sexy and complement a little black dress, helping you to be dressed up while dressed down. Cinema it is!

    07th December, 2008

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