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    L'Aimant by Coty

    My Aunt has worn this scent for years, so I thought iId try it on my skin.
    I bought the pink, cream version, which you apply with a little applicator.
    What I mostly get is powdery florals (rose and jasmine0 ans a nice woody
    drydown. Inexpensive and perfect for special nights out.

    05th August, 2008


    Purple Water by Asprey

    This is a wonderful, summer scent with all the attributes of a perfect
    eau de cologne. The top notes are zesty and clean, Jacaranda being one of them.
    I haven't smelled a Jacaranda bush, but hope to soon to see how the scent compares
    with it. These notes and are soon joined by the basil, white ginger and orange blossom -
    a combination I really love. Good lasting quality right down to the musky, peppery base.
    The bottle is very classy and refined in an understated way. The cap can be adapted to either a spray or a splash -
    a very clever inovation I haven't seen before.
    Not sure how pricey this is - I won mine in a Basenotes competition! I would guess that it's quite high end.

    23rd July, 2008


    Aromatics Elixir by Clinique

    I have tried to love this one, but I just don't "get" it!
    It makes me feel ill when I apply it (headache and sneezing)
    and I find it deeply oppressive and unattractive.
    It can smell great on other people, alas not on me.
    It smells far more herbal than the notes would suggest, maybe
    that's the patchouli dominating. Whatever it is I can't bring myself
    to love it.

    24th June, 2008


    LouLou by Cacharel

    I hadn't thought to try this scent until yesterday, writing it off as a cheap fragrance in a tacky-looking bottle.
    How wrong I was! I caught a whiff of it as I greeted a friend and she told me, almost apologetically, what she was
    wearing. It smelled AMAZING on her, so of course I had to go and sniff some out!!
    It is really gorgeous, long-lasting and totally addictive. When I looked up the notes I realised why I was so drawn to it:
    iris, mimosa, vanilla, incense, orange -all the things I love to smell in a perfume. It is POWDERY, so if powder isn't your thing you may not get the appeal of it. It is also womanly, expansive, flirtatious and downright sexy, maybe in a burlesque kind of way.
    Give Loulou a whirl before you write it off, you may just love it.

    18th June, 2008


    Aqua Allegoria Mandarine Basilic by Guerlain

    This is a welcome addition to my summer wardrobe. The juicy topnotes (orange blossom, ivy, white peony,
    roman camomile and green tea) combine to smell very much like grapefruit to my nose.That is not to say that MB is similar to Pamplelune, it is less harsh and more cheerful. Orange blossom and mandarin are very "happy" notes.

    After about five minutes, if I inhale deeply enough, the basil appears and seems to wrap itself around the lush mandarin and just stopping it from being overly sweet. I love the green/orange interplay at this stage!

    Lasting power is quite good for an AA - after three hours I get a warm, woody drydown that lingers
    softly. Definitely a staple for the warmer months.

    29th May, 2008


    Ivoire (original) by Pierre Balmain

    Ivoire is refined, creamy elegance with an edge.
    It's almost impossible to describe the notes - they are so many and varied - but the sum of the parts is extremely well-crafted and a joy to wear.
    This scent smells wonderful on fur, by the way, (fake of course!) and seems to demand to be worn with pearls and a beautifully tailored suit, yet with sexy, silk underwear and stockings underneath! I love it's green, haughty,
    naughty air.

    18th January, 2008


    Pi by Givenchy

    Love, love, love this on my husband.
    It's the first thing I smell as he goes off to work and the last thing I smell at night.It lasts all day on him!
    It's cosy, sexy, reassuring and very addictive.

    23rd November, 2007


    Cinéma by Yves Saint Laurent

    I love the warm simplicity of Cinema. On my skin the almond blossom is the soloist, whilst the other flowers provide the orchestral back-up.
    The dry down is a rather generic musky/vanilla,not unlike many others on the market today. This is my inoffensive, people-pleaser perfume.
    If you like almonds, give it a try!

    29th October, 2007


    Encens et Lavande by Serge Lutens Les Salons du Palais Royal Shiseido

    This is pure comfort in a bottle - absolution and tranquillity rolled into one delightful package. The colour purple sings out like an angelic treble chorister in a huge gothic cathedral.The hypnotic lavender blends so softly with the slightly smoky incense and leaves me reeling like a bee satiated with pollen.
    Wear this to bed and you will sleep like a baby!

    12th October, 2007


    Melograno by Santa Maria Novella

    This packs a powerful punch to begin with. I do like the slightly tart smell of the grenadine/pomegranate and the powdery/incense is very unusual.
    Maybe I wouldn't wear thie every day but it would be great for a formal occasion or a winter party. Santa Maria Novella is a perfume house of quality.

    12th October, 2007


    Ellen Tracy (new) by Ellen Tracy

    This a a review of the Linda Allard limited edition of Ellen Tracy.
    The secret of this perfume is in the drydown. The opening is rather harsh and aldehydic, but it soon melds to my skin in the way a cat finds a lap it likes and refuses to budge.
    Excellent longevity and a warm, enticing oriental feel to it.

    18th July, 2007


    Mediterranean by Elizabeth Arden

    This is another of the seemingly ubiquitous "fruity-florals" that are flooding the market this year.
    It is perfectly wearable and refreshing, in a light, watery kind of way, but I like my scents to have a bit more personality and lasting power!

    06th July, 2007


    Le Mâle by Jean Paul Gaultier

    As a woman I can assure that this is a very sensual scent on a man. It is just so inviting I can't tell you!! This is the only scent that makes me want to keep nuzzling the wearer - could encourage stalkers.

    06th July, 2007


    Lullaby Super-fume by Perfume of Life

    Lullaby is a new perfume created by Jeffrey Dame for Long Lost Perfumes.
    It is a soft, billowy cloud of blue; a lost soul crying out for love; a powdery pillow of mimosa, heliotrope, violet and vanilla - a comforting,evocative scent.
    The top notes were very fleeting on my skin and soon gave way to the middle which was, to my nose, predominately heliotrope and mimosa.
    It stays close to the skin and lasts quite well.
    Lullaby is slightly reminiscent of L'Heure Bleu.

    01st May, 2007


    Comme une Evidence by Yves Rocher

    May I recommend you all try the lighter edt. version of this called Un Jour se Leve. It is absolutely gorgeous in an airy,nonchalant,flirty way. Rhubarb lends it an appealing, zesty top note and the middle notes are warm and to die for. Lasts quite well for an edt. at least four hours on me.The YR blurb compares this scent to the first rays of sunlight piercing the sky - how can anyone resist that?<br>Apparently this is the second-best selling scent in France (after Chanel no. 5 and before Angel)and they know a thing or two.... What's more it's very inexpensive. What more could you ask for?

    01st May, 2007 (Last Edited: 08th April, 2008)


    Fleur d'Oranger by Fragonard

    I love this zesty, flirty summer fragrance. It is very similar to SL Fleur d'Oranger and nothing like as expensive. Highly recommended and difficult to dislike.

    10th April, 2007


    Diorella by Christian Dior

    Words cannot inadequately describe how I feel about this scent! Just perfect.
    So complex and utterly captivating from top to bottom. A pity it costs so much!

    10th April, 2007


    Santa Maria Novella by Santa Maria Novella

    This is an uplifting, radiant veil
    of bergamot on my skin. I wear it first thing in the morning to wake myself up!

    Doesn't last that long, but topping it up is fun!

    I find it a mixture of bracing and calming, if that makes sense.

    22nd January, 2007


    Sienne L'Hiver by Eau d'Italie

    This new fragrance from Eau d'Italie is an olfactory representation of the Italian city of Sienna in winter.
    Unusual notes of coal-roasted chestnuts, truffles,autumn leaves and olives mingle with Fench straw(!!) iris root and white musk.
    This is actually nicer than you might expect, given the strange ingredients - cool,smooth and contemplative. I can imagine studying in a high-ceilinged library wearing this scent.
    Suitable for a man or a woman.

    Update: I now appreciate this more and more for the ground-breaking scent it is.
    Not many perfumes conjure up scenes quite like this one! I wouldn't wear it out probably, but love to smell it when I am in an introspective mood.

    13th January, 2007 (Last Edited: 25th March, 2010)


    Eau d'Italie by Eau d'Italie

    Brainchild of the Sersale family( who own a famous hotel in Positano,Italy)this pefume house revels in the scents of the region. Eau d'Italie, also the name of the perfume house, is a refreshing, very lovely summery fragrance with good lasting power. The top notes are citrussy (bergamot I would guess)with fruity/floral notes of magnolia and blackcurrant playing gently with whisps of honey, cedar, musk and incense. There is a distinctive balsam/clay note that lifts this fragrance out of the ordinary for me.

    10th January, 2007


    Aqua Allegoria Flora Nerolia by Guerlain

    Can't understand why this is discontinued. It is a gorgeous,spirit-lifting fragrance! Long after it has been applied I keep catching a wonderful drift of neroli and orange blossom (beautifully blended with a touch of jasmine)It's as if I am in the midst of the orange orchard on a bright, sunny afternoon. Bees, wasps etc. love it!!

    04th January, 2007


    Farnesiana by Caron

    Given that I LOVE almond, blackcurrant, lilac, lily, mimosa and vanilla amongst all notes I expected to love this scent. when, at last, I got a chance to test it, needless to say I was
    smitten. It doesn't have great sillage on my dry skin, but the opening is very special and the drydown is soft and caressing, if very much a skin scent.

    02nd January, 2007


    Anné Pliska by Anné Pliska

    This is one gorgeous perfume!!Deep, velvety, bitter-orange overture with bergamot and mandarin ( an orange lover's dream!) then voluptuous vanilla,passionate patchouli,amazing amber and a suggestion of musk.
    Very sophisticated and ,yes, powdery in a peachy, downy sort of way "kissable cheek" way.

    29th December, 2006


    Nirmala by Molinard

    When I was trying out the Molinard perfumes in their Nice boutique this was the on that spoke to me the most. It seemed to suit the atmosphere of the riviera - citrus, floral and sparkling like the light down there. I felt fresh and uplifted as soon as i spritzed it on. This is a "people-pleaser" kind of scent and Habanita's goody two-shoes" little sister.

    20th December, 2006


    Habanita by Molinard

    This is the scent of Bizet's Carmen - warm, sultry and sexy, -so much more than the opening would lead you to expect. After a somewhat masculine start the subsequent melange of some of my favourite notes (orris, lilac, sweet tobacco, vanilla and heliotrope) is truly beguiling.I have only tried the EDT, but am in awe of this stage of the pyramid. The drydown includes my beloved cedarwood and tonka bean and stays close to the skin for hours.
    This is a perfume to wear in the colder months and in the evenings. I am lucky in that it suits my chemistry.

    20th December, 2006


    Le Parfum de Thérèse by Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle

    Definitely one of the most unusual perfumes I have ever had the pleasure to inhale. I find it very "yellow" (although I can't really explain what I mean by this!!) It is really mellow and sunny and succulent - just lovely.I would wear this to happy occasions such as weddings or summer balls.To me it smells very similar to mimosa at the start. It is the epitome of French chic and a true masterpiece by one of the greatest perfumers pf all time - Roudnitska.

    16th December, 2006 (Last Edited: 31st December, 2011)


    Special Edition Sequin Sparkle by Body Shop

    This is a great little number for the party season. It has top notes of pink peony, violet and pomegranate, middle notes of white rose and jasmine and a woodsy drydown with vetiver.
    It is very pretty in a pink, fluffy kind of way - think angora knits and black velvet dresses with sparkly heels and jewellery. Not an awesome scent, but quite wearable and
    affordable. I like to layer it with YSL's Paris to bring out the rose a little more.

    09th November, 2006


    Blonde by Versace

    On those days when you feel like a big, bold, feminine scent then Blonde is probably one to try. It is voluptuous and blousy, hard to ignore and very sexy. If you like tuberose then you will be in your element; there is also quite a strong orange note shining through. I am on the fence with this scent - sometimes it seems perfect, other times not at all suuitable. Think warm,dramatic,
    effusive NOT shy, retiring or elegant.

    07th November, 2006


    Le Baiser du Dragon by Cartier

    This is an amazing,captivating scent! I long for it when I have run out of it, but find the Hair and Body spray fixes my cravings when I don't want to splash out on a full bottle of the EDP.
    I can't think of words to do justice to this unique,soulful,nostalgic blend of fabulous ingredients. Iris always inspires awe in me and the opening amaretto note is just blows me away. My husband also loves this on me so I guess you could say I've found a perfume for life.

    25th October, 2006


    Armani Code for Women by Giorgio Armani

    I really love this! When I tested it this morning it was -"Wow!where have you been hiding?" I nearly sniffed my arm off on the drive home! The drydown is not quite so fantastic as the beginning, but warm and snuggly nonetheless. The combination of a few, well -chosen ingredients blend beautifully together. I would wear this in the evening.

    09th October, 2006

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