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Espionage by Ayala Moriel

Espionage ..after purchasing a box of samples from Ayala...of the various scents that she thought i would be interested in after speaking with her..Espionage is the one without a doubt that i first i thought that it didnt have any longevity "on me" ..but i was does .. how do i know? my husband asked me the day after i wore it "what is that? its smells great!so sometimes your not always the best judge..i read that it is similar to the opening of shalimar ..and you know i couldnt put my finger on it until i read that but it is in a starts out that way but imagine 10 x's richer deeper & fuller bodied an intense vanilla ,leathery ,musky ,tobacco,rose & jasmine .but thats where it parts ways the fragrance is unique and well thought out & put together..everything blends definitly works for me!
30th July, 2006

Bleecker Street by Bond No. 9

I own this scent..i must say i didnt really care for it at it now .is that possible? my husband wears it alone..myself i wear alone and most of the time ..together..with Wall Street..check it out..its insane..they are beautiful together..lasting power could be better(Bleeker) but its better with the WAll Street for lasting power..
29th May, 2006

Little Italy by Bond No. 9

thats a pretty funny & accurate observation by teflon dog...however the orange thing going on SO about the orange ..musk? Jasmine? where? not a bad thing i just cant smell it. at all..i do find is scent to be particulary great& i mean great.. w/China Town ..just like Dr_stevie said.its a great layering scent .it goes with a number of Bond no 9 scents, with or with out citrus already in them..( of course thats just "MY " opinion)i wish i could detect those other notes in Little Italy but i just can least not for now.
29th May, 2006
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Chinatown by Bond No. 9

this is beautiful of course alone..but i stumbled into a great accident yesterday combining with Little Italy..its impressive.
29th May, 2006

New Haarlem by Bond No. 9

New Harlem ..what can i say? Whats not to love?..its edgy.. its different.. there is nothing else like it ..(that in itself is unusual these days)it is intoxicating..& its mine & will always be on my dresser and husbands
29th May, 2006

Chelsea Flowers by Bond No. 9

i want to like it really i do..because i think all fragrances are great in their own way ..but i just cant get past the flowers so many?.. too many? i know this is one of their best sellars..but im into more edgy the beaten path type scents..and i may love this one better in one of their atomizers mixed with something you know what i mean? alone it leaves me with really no opinion good or doesnt move me at all.
29th May, 2006

Chez Bond by Bond No. 9

i have one word for this Elegant...just wish it had more lasting power.its the first one i bought for my husband.
29th May, 2006

Broadway Nite by Bond No. 9

This was my first purchase with Bond no 9 and my absolute favorite when i get dressed up it drives men & women crazy alike (in a great way)and when i layer it with Park Ave..they want me to write it down i mean they have actually handed me a pen when i tell them i dont have one...they were not letting me leave until they knew what it was that i was what does that tell you..
29th May, 2006

Madison Soirée by Bond No. 9

Im not big on powder scents AT ALL i dont get that with this one .thats why i love it & OWN IT ..and it is a classic & very elegant fragrance.. as stated above. i would say this about Madison Soriee it takes all of qualities from the classics mentioned above (caleche,rochas,maggie.climat)and leaves behind the powdery(old fashion) notes that remind you of your grandmother.its a modern interpretation
29th May, 2006

Gramercy Park by Bond No. 9

this is my new favorite summer scent ..i love it im wearing it now ..i live in the HOT TROPICS 95 degress plus here.. and its refreshing .it lasts..and i want more.this is a sleeper..
29th May, 2006