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Sweetheart by Bud Parfums

This is a very beautiful feminine scent from Australian perfumer Howard Jarvis of Bud Parfums.

Sweetheart is very powdery, sweet and romantic. If it had better lasting power it would be even better. As is, it is somewhat fleeting.

It smells "old fashioned" in the best possible sense, so is rather evocative and nostalgic. Lovely!
14th January, 2013

Pyxis by Scents of Time

This is a lovely, complex rosy fragrance and I love it but it is very fleeting on my skin. What a shame! If it lasted at least a few hours I would definitely consider it a favorite.
29th November, 2012

Tea Rose by Madini

Tea rose was traditionally used in the Southern (USA) funeral parlours of my mother's childhood in the 1930s. She loathed the scent all her life because to her it meant death, loss, parting, sorrow. But she has now passed on herself, and I feel free to wear Tea Rose because I love its delicacy and I have no negative experiences of it that ruin it for me, nor a mother to freak out with it. That said I would not wear it in public, as it is a very old fashioned scent. The Madini perfume oil is lovely and intense, a private pleasure.
09th March, 2012
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Basil by Madini

I just received my (blind) first order from Madini and am just trying them out for the first time today.

This does not smell like any fresh basil I know from the garden or wafting from the kitchen, nor the bright basil note in Jo Malone's Lime Basil Mandarin, which I like very much.

To me it does not stand alone as a wearable scent so I also dabbed some of the Madini Verbena perfume oil. The result was OK. Maybe I will just keep the bottle for reference, or to layer with scents I like that contain a basil note.

This line has a very good reputation so I am sure it is my own inexperience that has rendered this scent of no real use in my life! So take my opinion for what it's worth!

07th August, 2011

Jaïpur by Boucheron

I have read that the notes are plum, apricot, peach, violet, rose, acacia, heliotrope, peony, iris, musk, amber, sandalwood. This smells very like Tresor, another one of my favorites by Sophia Grojsman. Lovely.

19th June, 2011

Wood Violet by Sonoma Scent Studio

Wood Violet was sent to me in a Violet Sampler. All of the rest were sweet and sweeter, and that lovely sweetness was just what my novice nose desired. So I put this one aside and used all the others.

I have just found and sampled this one again, now that I am very weary of all the sweet and sweeter violets, and find it very beguiling. Dry, woodsy, sophisticated, and yummy. Now weren't they clever to include this in my Violet Sampler? It is just what my jaded nose needed!
04th May, 2011

Dewberry (original) by Body Shop

If you miss the old Dewberry try Molinard's Nirmala, as it has a similar intensity and high notes of sharp berries and fruits that made Dewberry so luscious.

30th April, 2011

Trésor (new) by Lancôme

This is the only Lancome scent I have ever liked but that is because it is by Sophia Grojsman, whose style I love.

I was surprised to read in the Perfume Guide that it is described as a 'rosy vetiver'. What I smell is an elegant, grown-up version of The Body Shop's Fuzzy Peach bath gel.

I never smelled the vintage Tresor so am not disappointed in the current version; I really love it and spray it with abandon when I am home alone (but it is so vibrantly intense that one must practice self-restraint if going into public, of course.) Lovely!
13th April, 2011

Violette by Fresh

Top notes are supposedly cypress, mandarin orange and bergamot;

middle notes are violet, freesia and rose;

and the base notes are sandalwood, amber and patchouli.

I have loved every violet fragrance I have ever tried, so I am not much of a critic!

This is lovely, and I am enjoying my sample: there is a radiant simplicity to it.

16th February, 2011

Eternity by Calvin Klein

I purposely avoided Calvin Klein fragrances for decades due to the suggestive ads, but now I have smelled them as part of my learning more about perfume. So I have come late to them all, and am happy to make their acquaintance.

This fragrance is by Sophia Grojsman, my favorite perfumer, and in Eternity I can smell relatedness to YSL Paris, Vanderbilt, and Sun Moon Stars, each of which I like somewhat better than this one.

LT in The Perfume Guide describes Eternity as 'loud rose' and 'screechy and soapy', but I guess I must enjoy those attributes!
03rd January, 2011

Rahät Loukoum by Serge Lutens

This scent is amazing! It is way strong, way sweet, and can be utterly overwhelming unless you use just the tiniest little bit - and the result will be with you all day in little whiffs of wow.

I use this only to layer - as a sweet accent to a wide variety of fragrances, and it is perfect for that.

I love it, my 1 ml sample lasted me for months but now, finally, I need a bottle - and that will last for the rest of my life! I'd buy a thimble-full if I could, that is all I really need for the next few years, it's that intense!

01st January, 2011

Vanderbilt by Gloria Vanderbilt

Top notes: Aldehyde, bergamot, green notes, lavender, orange blossom, pineapple.
Middle notes: Carnation, Jasmine, orris, rose tuberrose, ylang-ylang
Base notes: Cinnamon, civet, musk, opoponax, sandal, vanilla & vetiver.

I mostly smell the luscious orange blossom, cinnamon and vanilla, and just love this Sophia Grojsman creation. I collect her fragrances and love them all, but this one I think I love most of all, despite it being so cheap. It doesn't smell cheap at all, it is very distinctive and beautiful!

That said, it probably is "old-fashioned", as I love all the big scents from the 1980's. It is worth knowing about, anyway, for reference if nothing else.
19th December, 2010

Quinacridone Violet by Dawn Spencer Hurwitz

Composition as posted on her website:

Top notes: Cherry Blossom, Lime Peel, Plum, Quince

Middle notes: Aglaia Flower, Italian Neroli, Osmanthus, Sweet Pea, Violet, Violet Leaf Absolute

Base notes: Atlas Cedarwood, Cassis Bud, Incense Notes, Musk

The description on the website: Neon. Shocking. Fantastic.

09th December, 2010
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Note Vanille by Martine Micallef

This is very rich, complex and wonderful. It is not a girlish, innocent, cotton candy vanilla, but a deeply sensual, elegant, inviting one.
17th October, 2010

Hindu Grass by Nasomatto

This smells like a Pier One import shop - patchouly, hemp, wall hangings, masks, rattan furniture, indian wood carvings, dust, the hay it was all shipped in, etc. These are not the usual elements I want to smell like - but I love this. It is earthy and exotic; I feel like I have just returned from a wonderful safari and am transported away from the humid Sydney fug.
15th October, 2010

Queen by Queen Latifah

I read somewhere that the notes in this lovely fragrance were:
Top: golden Tequila, bergamot, mandarin
Midnotes: Baie rose, jasmine noir, cognac, coriander
Basenotes: patchouli, sandalwood, vanilla absolute, tonka absolute, incense, and musk.

What I smell is a complex mix of unidentifiable elements that overall come across as luscious, warm, sensual, joyful, confident and extravertish. It can momentarily recall to mind Nirmala, Angel, Badgley MIschka, or Lolita Lempicka - then not be close to any of them in the next breath. I am enjoying this one very much!
14th October, 2010

Bergamotto Mediterraneo by Mazzolari

I got this in a grab bag of samples and had never heard of it before. I like and enjoy bergamot very much and it is intense and sharp in this fragrance. It seems more typically masculine than unisex, but I did enjoy wearing it each time I tried it. Although I have sampled and liked the Le Labo Bergamot and the Different Company takes on bergamot okay I prefer this one due to its tartness and lovely drydown.
10th October, 2010

Pink Happiness by Revlon

I bought this scent just to get the bonus gift of Revlon makeup but like it because it smells like opening a bag of little pink marshmellows, which fills a niche in my scent life I have not previously considered. It is fun, but not a serious contender.
03rd September, 2010

Coco by Chanel

I began my perfumista journey 2 years ago and have spent a lot of money on hundreds of samples, and had a wonderful time exploring and learning and reveling. Imagine my surprise at having Coco end up being my all time favorite? To me it is the most beautiful, gorgeous, wonderful smell in the whole world, ever and always. Amen.
28th July, 2010

Nirmala by Molinard

I got a sample of this in a grab-bag of scents I had not heard of before and had no preconceptions. It struck me at first as cloyingly sweet but I kept going back to it, as there was something wonderfully irresistible about it. Today I received my full bottle, and it smells even better sprayed. I love this take on vanilla, it is very sensuous and comforting. I have not noticed a sweaty cumin note in Nirmala, but am always unhappy when I discover that note after I have bought a fragrance eg Guerlain Pampleune and Gucci EDP 2002. Nirmala is lovely and I am so glad to have discovered it by chance!
27th July, 2010

Douceur de Vanille by Les Néréides

The way I perceive any scent is highly suggestible, depending on what I have read about it. The words shape my expectations and experience. This vanilla is very nice and more complex than many of the other straight vanilla scents I have tried.

The Perfumed Court describes this one as : "An incredibly smooth vanilla fragrance (made with bourbon vanilla) with additional notes of almond, cocoa, white rose, and star anise seed." I don't actually pick up any of those other elements except perhaps for cocoa, but I do know I enjoy wearing this one. It is a comfort scent for me, good for being at home.

There is nothing sophisticated about this vanilla, though - for sophistication I go to Guerlain's Spiritueuse Double Vanille. But if you like vanilla you would probably like Douceur de Vanille.
10th July, 2010

Rosa Flamenca by Les Parfums de Rosine

The first few minutes are Tabasco sauce then it slowly reveals a lovely soft scent like the old Ombre Rose.
01st June, 2010 (last edited: 06th July, 2010)

Paris by Yves Saint Laurent

This is so pretty, and a classic. Sorry others are having a bad time with it, and that truly surprises me. It IS strong, but with the right, light touch it is a lovely, bright rose with violet.
18th May, 2010

Lime, Basil & Mandarin by Jo Malone

This is what I wear when my co-workers are going to be away and I will be alone with the boss. It is fresh and crisp but absolutely uninviting or sexy - it gives just the right message! This is the only Jo Malone I really like or need.
10th May, 2010

Berberiades by Stéphanie de Saint-Aignan

There is a lot going on in Berberiades. The complexity is interesting as a scent experience but not necessarily one I would want to smell on myself all day. It does smell like a place - a middle eastern market place, perhaps - full of too many colourful and intriguing things to take in all at once - spices and citrus fruit stalls, flowers, other women's perfumes as they pass. It is exotic and pleasantly exciting, and would be even more so if it was actually a place I could explore. I may save this sample to wear when I am rereading Sir Richard Burton's accounts of his pilgrimage to Mecca. It is lovely, but does not suit my life.
08th May, 2010

Hermèssence Ambre Narguilé by Hermès

Wearing this lovely scent is like wrapping myself in an olfactory purr. I just love it, it makes me feel pampered, polished, and affirmed on all levels of being. And that is a lot to get from a perfume!
07th May, 2010

Maya by Scents of Time

Maya is a subtle oriental/gourmand which starts out with cocoa. I don't perceive any of the copal resin, being the incense offered to the gods at sacred Mayan sites - and I wish I did. After awhile there are some mildly floral aspects with vanilla evident, joining the cocoa still there. Maya is pleasant, but I doubt that the ancient Mayans ever smelled like this; perhaps I don't quite grasp what Scents of Time is trying to accomplish with their recreations. There is little sillage and modest longevity. I am giving it a thumbs up because I think people who enjoy subtle gourmand scents will like this, and it seems pleasantly unisex to me.
25th April, 2010

Night Star by Scents of Time

The story on the Aqua de Luna website makes me sad - the German perfumer with his bag of beloved life works, perfume creations and oils, going on the Titanic to the USA to try to make a name for himself. He survived the sinking but lost his creations to the bottom of the sea - until they were found recently, long after their makers' death. Night Star is a lovely scent but my sympathy for the creator gives it too much melancholy for me to really enjoy freely. Scents of Time have tried to weave a whole new story around it but that doesn't work for me; the real story is Adolphe's.
24th April, 2010

Mariah Carey Forever by Mariah Carey

I got this as a sample. I guess it is the first celebrity scent that I have tried. It is pleasant enough. I can smell the tuberose and gardenia, not the other things; glad I can't smell the apple. Over-all it is light and rather pretty but I will not wear it again.
30th March, 2010 (last edited: 17th November, 2010)

Bois d'Argent by Christian Dior

I got this in a sampler of 'almond scents' and it was not marked in any way as intended for men, nor did the Perfume Guide mention that it was for men, so I wore it. It is very light, very quiet and sedate which I like very much some days, subtle and lovely woods and honey; I don't smell any almond. But surely it is unisex, unless I am anosmic to some manly aspect of it? I will use the sample then forget this one, though it was a mildly pleasant encounter.

29th March, 2010 (last edited: 17th November, 2010)