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Lyric Woman by Amouage

no one is going to break the positive review pattern going on with LYRIC.
gorgeous deep sultry spicy incense rose...i've seen the comps with nahema and sacron...i own both those scents and i can say o don;t see the comparison. i do see it with my holy grail me they both have that sensuous animalic cumin incense rose theme.
03rd June, 2010

Agent Provocateur Strip by Agent Provocateur

i really like this one. this is my fave of the agent perfumes. its starts of with a dark golden honey/amber scent.
geranium, spice (clove?) and vetiver are equally sultry. strip really does live up its name.
this is along the lines of must de cartier or at least those sweet heavenly clove cigarettes you can find at specialty head shops.
03rd December, 2009

Glow after Dark by J.Lo by Jennifer Lopez

cheap trashy 80's drugstore quality perfume.
vulgar in every way, including that tacky chrome bottle.
enough already j lo!
03rd December, 2009
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Miami Glow by J.Lo by Jennifer Lopez

this is horrid vile juice indeed. worse than the original "bugspray" "chinese rain" knock off glow.
this is --to be perfectly honest---orange scented vomit.
03rd December, 2009

Kenzo Peace Vintage Edition by Kenzo

a nice spicy ambery from the house of kenzo, very easily unisex. along the lines of molinard ambre, and bvlgari omnia. the latter are better than the former so don;t go out buying the kenzo if you have the other two. i;m not crazy about the bottle either. this had the potential to be something more interesting but it was played safe. ...but still not a bad frag at all as it does smell warm and ambery and the edt lasts long enough. this would have been a thumbs up if it had more kick.
24th October, 2009

Marc Jacobs Splash Cucumber by Marc Jacobs

Some days all you want to feel is light, free and natural. this scent is perfect for all three of those feelings. the cucumber is fresh, crisp and green.
the lotus balances out the green by adding a little feminine floral. the bottle is so big that you can literally apply this all over and not worry.
perfect for after the shower or working out.
30th September, 2009

Oceanus by Body Shop

let me say this first: i am not an ocean/aquatic/water scent person.
quite the opposite: i adore the musks/oils/oriental/arab/oud scents
i don;t know what it is about oceanus that makes me tolerate it and even like it!
its a happy, foamy, blue scent. clean, scrubbed down with a bar of zest type of scent.
30th September, 2009

Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf

wow!!! i died and went to the big candy store in the sky
sooooo sweet and sugary
the most gourmand vanilla sugar fragrance ever, right next to angel
30th September, 2009

Gingembre by Roger & Gallet

i love this scent. high quality, clean, crisp, ginger citrus with hints of musk at the drydown. truly enjoyable and wearable by all.
i wish this lasted longer, like summer.
30th September, 2009

Heliotrope by Etro

do you have a sweet tooth? here is sugar in a bottle! the sweetest, creamy, vanilla and rice pudding scent with a smidge of orange blossom.
yuuuuuum! the cologne has surprising longevity as well.
26th September, 2009

Émeraude by Coty

AMEN to that vintage red! couldn't have said it better myself. the original emeraude is exquisite, a nosees dream: musk, incense, civet. this reworked version is pooh.
simple as that.
thumbs down for the current
thumbs up up for the vintage/original
14th September, 2009

Trésor (new) by Lancôme

interesting..offbeat. smokey, sweet apricots.
there's something else that's green/vegetable/overripe too.
not my favorite, but my tastes in perfume are more evolved than lancome.
06th September, 2009

Rare Pearls by Avon

a very strong magnolia/plum/floral perfume. unbelievable sillage and lasting power.
one spray will last at least two hours. i tried this once, twice...and then gave it to my grandmother.
much better suited for an older (60 and older) woman.
05th August, 2009
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Lacoste pour Femme by Lacoste

the jasmine and freesia are predominant in this one. the sandalwood takes over in the dry down. all in all, a very safe, unoffensive, perfume.
the lasting power is almost non existent though.
if you like soft sensuous florals with a sandalwood base, you should try this one.
05th August, 2009

Notorious by Ralph Lauren

a sales lady in a department store walked by and i got of whiff of overly sweet berries and stale cheap chocolate.
"excuse me," i asked the lady with a smile," but what fragrance are you wearing?"
"notorious" she replied "would you like a sample?"
i accepted, thanked her and gave it away to the first taker.
03rd August, 2009

Néonatura - Cocoon by Yves Rocher

this juice packs a hard punch! one spray had me gasping for breath. no one has mentioned this but i really get a strong "kahlua" (mocha liquor note)
a very affordable alternative to angel or another chocolate gourmand perfume.
sillage is intense as is the lasting power.
03rd August, 2009

Blu Notte by Bulgari

so dark and sensual...the vodka, bitter chocolate and iris are so seamlessly blended it will make your head swim.
an absolute dream perfume with decent lasting power.
03rd August, 2009

Hugo Deep Red by Hugo Boss

a big lush of a fragrance. voluptuous, sexy, powdery, and musky. most definitely a night time perfume!! the sillage is amazing too.
i love wearing this one when i want/am looking for attention.
03rd August, 2009

Helmut Lang Eau de Parfum by Helmut Lang

this is such a comfort scent! addictive too. a cotton note comes into this with lavender and creamy--did i say CREAMY? because i mean a creamy vanilla.
i have no problem layering this with a single floral note perfume oil. i can't imagine anyone getting offended with this subtle, sweet and sexy gem.
the only problem i have with this perfume is it being more difficult to find than these five pounds i'm trying to lose.
03rd August, 2009

Sicily by Dolce & Gabbana

lovely floral fragrance. when i was 20, i wore this and lolita exclusively. the orange blossom and sandalwood have a marriage in heaven and the bergamot gives it a fullness.
a chic, sophisticated scent that is becoming harder to find.
03rd August, 2009

Adieu Sagesse (original) by Jean Patou

i love jean patou....leave it to the french to create the sexiest, most sensual scents
i don't now what the notes in this are but i do smell this much:
sweet almond, myrrh, cloves, carnation and glorious, glorious heady musk
this is a warm, sensual, spicy, forbidden love juice
adieu sagesse means goodbye wisdom....aptly named since its hard to think with the right head when you smell this one.
this is sooooo warm, golden and sexy
this gets a thumbs up even though its lasting power is nil
29th July, 2009

Rush 2 by Gucci

the sexed up version of baby doll in my opinion.
tangy, sharp acetone-ish juice (could that be the benzoin i smell?)
anyway, i love this in the summer. i agree with another reviewer, i don't find this watery at all

29th July, 2009

Kenzo Amour by Kenzo

mmmmmm, the sexiest, bad girl rendition
don't read into that too much. if you remember the scent of play-doh, this is a grown up, tres-sexy version of our gooey little friend
20th June, 2009

SummerbyKenzo by Kenzo

Nice. A pretty, fuzzy and YOUNG scent. This might very well be from the "love's" scent line. Just a soft, uncomplicated mimosa scent.
20th June, 2009

Tocade by Rochas

A bury-you-face-in whoever is wearing this frag.....mmm!!! voluptuous oriental vanilla that dries down to a sexy sugar powder. i had smelled this years ago and admit put off by it. there is a uniqueness to this juice. i hate the taste but LOVE the smell of jordan almonds and tocade reminds me of this only amplified. I agreed with the comparison to budoir but to me this is much more hanae mori without the strawberry. BTW the price of this can't be beat, I find a 3.4 oz bottle for about 25$ at discount retail chains. longevity and sillage are both a 5/5.
16th May, 2009

Covet Sarah Jessica Parker by Sarah Jessica Parker

nicely done sjp!
a fantastic irresistable non offensive concoction for the summer.
a light lemony, lavender, chocolately juice that really works well with my skin. reminds me a lot of eclat d'arpege and muglers cologne.
the price on this cant be beat either--3.4 perfume for 20$ at ebay!!
02nd May, 2009

Agent Provocateur Eau Emotionnelle by Agent Provocateur

is this pretty? yes
is this light? YES
is this too light? YES!!!!
smells like violet pastelles....also has the longevity of one.
more like a body splash than an edt
02nd May, 2009

Magical Moon by Hanae Mori

oh yes indeed this is magical!!! this is incense, sugar and creamy milkiness and some juicy red fruit--guava???
along the lines of lolita, kenzoflower and addict in terms of sweet delicious creamy, incense type of juice.
the bottle is exquisite--a thick slab of cobalt blue.
i did buy the toilette on this one, but it is rich, thick and lasting. i think the parfum would be the sweetest thing of them all.
02nd May, 2009

Eau des 4 Reines by L'Occitane

lovely! a very pretty feminine true rose scent without any other flowers. sillage is minimal as is the lasting power. a bit pricey for the quality but it is pretty.
02nd May, 2009

Le Jasmin by Annick Goutal

i smell nail polish remover with this one. want a nice jasmin? try bvlgari jasmin, it smells like jasmin!
02nd May, 2009