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Unbound for Men by Halston

Unbound is a good fragrance for its price. Even if they price it at the same level as Bvlgari I would still feel the same. The opening reminds me of AdG in an instant, but as it progresses, 360 Red comes to mind. There is a spicy accord in Unbound and 360 Red, but none in AdG, making Unbound a little bit more mature. To compare these 3 scents, Unbound is in the middle between the other two and have a good balance of being a fresh and spicy fragrance.

360 Red is sweet, while AdG is all the way fresh and watery.

For longevity, I find Unbound okay. It's a skin scent for me, and I get a whiff of it whenever I move.
06th April, 2011

Jaïpur Homme Fraîcheur by Boucheron

I'm not sure if it's the same juice as the one that came out under the name "Jaipur Fraicheur Limited Edition" in 2009-2010. The bottle is white. The juice is divine like the original Jaipur but so transparent that I dare wearing it in the sauna! It's not that light. It's long lasting with above average sillage. For a weather here, I'll go with the Fraicheur version.
10th March, 2010

Nautica Blue by Nautica

To my surprise, this one lasts a long time and is one of the best modern aquatic scents out there. The opening is fresh, sharp and you're transferred into the midst of the ocean, finding yourself drinking iced pineapple juice mixed with berry. The top note lasts longer than usual, and the middle smells great. It's cool, crisp, and very modern. The drydown is a bit sweet and musky, although not spectacular yet the top and the middle stages make this scent a good choice for summer wear.
11th April, 2009
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1776 Russian Leather by Elsha

Since I've yet to try the Knize Ten and Creed's Royal English Leather, I'd at the moment rate this one 5 stars. The opening is balsamic, smoky yet fresh. I can feel the citrus hidden amongst the smoky cloud, enlivening this fine leather scent to a high degree. The mysterious feel shows up during its middle stage, gathered by the spicy notes and leather, which appear warm, smoky and reminds me of anything high-end. The scent lingers for hours, its base is musky and leathery, and a bit dirty IMO. Wear it if you want to feel luxury surrounding you.
07th February, 2009

Lagerfeld Man by Lagerfeld

Nice scent which reminds me of Armani Mania. Their middle and base notes are similar. And they are also similar in terms of longevity and sillage, which are just a bit below average. I like cedar a lot so here a thumb up.
16th November, 2008

Chanel Pour Monsieur by Chanel

Although a bit let down by the longevity department, Chanel pour Monsieur is a true cologne for a gentleman. It reminds me of London in 1950s, with white men wearing suits and ties and a pair of sparkling brown leather shoes. The weather is warm, sunny, but the atmosphere is slightly dim. The photos on the wall are of black and white, and tobacco smoke overcrowding the coffee cafe. This is what Chanel pour Monsieur gives to my vision.
16th August, 2008

L'Air du Desert Marocain by Tauer

This is a dusty, dry scent, just like the name implies. I get raw cedar, which makes this scent really dry and woody. What comes up in my mind as eyes closed is the desert, some camels, merchants selling herbs and spices, strong sunlight, and dust. It's really that good!
15th July, 2008

Mogul by Parfums Raffy

The first blast to me was synthetic, and I caught the unpleasant smell of alcohol, which disappeared a few minutes later. During its middle life on my skin, I thought I was wearing a lighter version of B*Men, or, Mat; Very Male--the second closest scent to it. On its drydown was an even lighter version of B*Men, which I like as it suits the weather here. I also got a rubbery smell during its middle and base notes. I don't know what category this scent is in, but it's sweet, dark, and romantic, and somewhat clean. In my opinion, Mogul isn't a complex scent, nevertheless, it could be a bit hard for a newbie to wear due to its nature that doesn't capture the taste of mass market.

Do i like it? Yes, I do. Would I buy a bottle? Maybe I would, and I would have said "yes" if it last longer than 4 hours.
03rd July, 2008

Dragon by Parfums Raffy

The opening was too soft, and almost undetectable. As far as I remember, it was fresh and pleasant enough to start with in the dim morning. Not long at all, it accelerated into a more mature scent, and bore a resemblance to that of Mogul, yet far less thick in the sense of sweetness. I caught a hint of leather and light smoke clouding my presence within 30 minutes of wearing it. However, the disappointment is that it is too subtle, too short-lived. After 2.5 hours I could hardly detect it, even when I moved a lot and was about to sweat I still couldn't catch it rising from my skin. Dragon needs to be intensified and doing so would guarantee me buy a bottle.
03rd July, 2008

Fougère Marines by Montale

God I swear I get a strong hint of Tommy Boy and Dunhill D in it. But Fougères Marines is superior in terms of quality and longevity.
30th June, 2008

Liquid Crystal Ultraviolet Man by Paco Rabanne

This can't be a light version. It's so heady and strong that it lasts longer than 12 hours with just 3 sprays. I like the original juice, and still not sure about this one whether should I sell it or not. It also smells feminine on the drydown. Maybe will have to say goodbye soon.
18th June, 2008

Fever pour Homme by Céline

Wow, this is one of the best blind buys. It reminds me of Dunhill Edition, which is ranked in my top 5. Very incense-like, soft, full-bodied and modern. Will buy again for sure!
27th May, 2008

Aqua Quorum by Antonio Puig

This is one of my exciting blind buys but it turned out a bit disappointing since it bears a strong resemblance to that of Wings by Giorgio Beverly Hills. Anyway, it's a good cologne, fresh and invigorating, but of course, has been done before. No originality so here I give it a neutral rating.
22nd May, 2008
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Bogart pour Homme by Jacques Bogart

What a nice scent! I love it from the first sniff, mainly into its middle and base notes, which are so fresh and invigorating, also full of confident, manly and modern. The berries and tobacco notes are more than pleasant, really good for BKK heat. Thumb up for this one.
05th May, 2008

Story by Paul Smith

The opening is like Versace Eau Fraiche. I didn't know what the base notes are like since I wore it before bed. Will give it another try later. But since it's similar to Versace, which I own, I'll give it a thumb up as this is a good fresh scent, very watery.
25th December, 2007

Echo Summer Fizz by Davidoff

Just like Echo, only that the citrus is more pronounced at the top notes, but then it turns to Echo. I wore it about thrice and decided to sell it.
03rd December, 2007

Cool Play by Lacoste

This fragrance lasts so long for a fresh scent. On me, with 3 sprays it lasts more than 8 hours. However, I prefer its older brother Essential for its lemony side.
07th November, 2007

Body Kouros by Yves Saint Laurent

At the first blast it resembles Versace Dreamer but then it settles into a warm, sensual, masculine sweetness that I enjoy getting its whiff so much. 5 stars for this great scent, good for a date, a night out, but could be a bit cloying in a warm climate.
08th August, 2007

Unforgivable by Sean John

Yes, a clone of Creed MI. But its top note has nothing to compare with Creed as it's synthetic and isn't as loud as the niche one. However, I like it enough that I have purchased 2 large bottles for a good price, about US$41 each.
11th July, 2007

Javari by Body Shop

Top note stands out quicker and more obvious than Le Male. And as it's lighter I guess it's easier to wear. It lasts at least 7 hours on my skin and it does project very well. For its price compared to Le Male, get this one.
11th July, 2007

Silver Shadow Altitude by Davidoff

Tried it a few days ago. It's a nice fresh scent, good for summer, but as the previous poster said, not original or unique. However, to me, it kinda sticks to the skin, and lasts for at least 8 hours. It really has nothing to do with the original, which I found a little similar to Givenchy Pi.
26th June, 2007

One O One for Men by Giorgio Valenti

This is a pleasant fruity scent. Although it smells a bit synthetic, it's very nice and modern. You can wear it to work or on a date. Girls will dig it. I have 3 sample vials and looking to buy a 100-ml bottle but it seems so hard to find.
26th June, 2007

Chancellor by Tru Fragrance

Wow, it's so green and fresh and it bears a resemblance to that of Eternity, but somewhat fresher and less sexy than CK's juice. If you love a casual fragrance that can be worn 24 hours and for any occasion, please give it a try. It's also low-priced.
16th June, 2007

Dunhill Edition by Dunhill

My Top 5. It's very classy, sophisticated and sexy at the same time. I had been looking for it for 13 years. Thanks to basenotes for such a good job. Reading its notes helps a lot.
08th June, 2007

Of a Man by Body Shop

It's very clean and fresh and I think it is the clone of AdG. Will sure get it when they offer discount as their products are more expensive here than in the U.S. and in the U.K. It's about US$40/100-ml bottle.
24th February, 2007

Aigner Black for Men by Etienne Aigner

I really like this scent. When I wear it I think of Harley Davidson and a black jacket with black jeans. Extra masculine and long long lasting. The bottle is cool, with elegant cap. Give it a try!
03rd November, 2006

Reaction for Men by Kenneth Cole

The top note is very fresh and excellent, but the base note is what I hate - too fruity and sickly sweet. No more than 2 sprays for me. However, it's tolerable.
03rd November, 2006

Fahrenheit by Christian Dior

It renders me nostalgia. I love this scent but a bit difficult to wear.
03rd November, 2006

212 Men by Carolina Herrera

Thumb up, what a sexy scent? Very sensual and outstanding. Will get another bottle once this one's finished. Love the bottle too, but would be good if there's a see-through part.
12th May, 2006

Transat by Yves Rocher

Bought it along with Hoggar. It is a bit similar to Chrome, especially on the drydown. The top note is not the same at all but it's in the same category to Chrome. An office scent - light and comfortable.
24th April, 2006