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Black Pearl by Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

This is a great blend that is mostly all about coconut. Some other notes are hazelnut and iris. Sounds strange but it's quite a nice scent that stays close to the skin. This is one of the better Bpal coconut blends I have tried. It's a cold coconut scent that is lush and refreshing. Not a whole lot of complexity but more complex than other coconut scentric oil blends like say Auric Blend's Black Coconut. This is less cloying and more subtle.
30th June, 2011

Angéliques Sous La Pluie by Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle

Jean-Claude Ellena, How can you make a composition so beautiful that only lasts on your skin for an hour at best? This is the cruelest sample I have ever tried. It starts off peppery and vibrant. I smell cedar woods in the background with a dewy garden in the foreground. I have never smelled angelica but the hint of a floral aspect makes this softer than other Hermes compositions I have smelled of Ellena's.
This is really not all that different from the sur le nil in the feeling but I prefer this. Less fruit and less of a tangy transparent musk. BUT, this has half the staying power of sur le nil. Sadly, this is too intangible. Though, If this were double the strength I would buy a bottle and live in it.
03rd March, 2011

FlowerbyKenzo by Kenzo

I found this composition to be very off balance. The basenotes are musky and sweet, woodsy even but sort of impersonally generic due to their overly synthetic nature. It's not bad it's just awkward. Actually the dry down is probably my favorite part of this fragrance because the cold violet and rose mushiness is not taking over. Overall, this made me feel frigid.
19th January, 2011
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Vanille Absolument / Havana Vanille by L'Artisan Parfumeur

I blindly bought this on a mad and all encompassing vanilla note obsession.

I have to say that it is not what I thought that it would be due to the notes but I am so pleasantly surprised. At first it is a creamy vanilla with a hint of fruit. This is my least favorite part of the progression, the immediate phase. I keep thinking that I smell banana. It reminds me of egg nog slightly or a spiced creme brulee, maybe because of the toasty vanilla, rum, the clove, and other spices. I find it not overly sweet, not an alchoholic water vanilla extract vanilla but a round warm powderpuff vanilla. I generally loathe fragrances that dry down to have a powdery quality but this is so well rounded that I absolutely adore the powdery aspect in this fragrance. I'm thinking the spice and slight smokey tones keep this blend grounded.

It does have more longevity than most L'artisans I have tried. Lasting a good 5-6 hours a medium sillage. I do smell it ever so faintly on my skin at the 10hr mark. Overall, I think this is a fabulous and versatile vanilla. This is perfect for winter and I'm curious to see how it will behave in the warmer months.
09th January, 2011

Lust by Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

This starts off reminding me of their signature Snake Oil but with heavier patchouli. This is a more floral patchouli blend in which the patch dominates, making the dry down a little dirty and one noted.
18th August, 2010

Lurid by Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

smells like pastelles soaked in white musk. A lotta ozone. It's a fresh cool lavender with a serious powdered bleach edge. I want to like this but something about it gives me a headache.
18th August, 2010

Complex by Boadicea the Victorious

Smells like something you would pour into your car to make it explode. Not something I would want on my body ever again.
25th May, 2010

Majestic by Boadicea the Victorious

green, pungent, shrill were my notes. I really disliked this.
25th May, 2010

Zarita, The Doll Girl by Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

plastic orange creamsicle with a base of clean musk. I like it at the immediate moment it hits my skin but it takes on a steep decline into artificialness after that. I've noticed BPALs vanilla and cream notes go completely plastic on me.
04th May, 2010

Volo AZ 686 by Profumum

It's true. This smells like the high pitch screech of an industrial cleaner used to clean the bathrooms of a high school gym locker. Pee-U. Someone else likened it to a urinal cake. mmm unsettling, linear and then powdery urinal cake. I waited around for this initial unpleasantness to fade, but it didn't. So instead of what some magical unicorn and tropics kind experience - coconut, vanilla, and gardenia - I get pee pee cake.
02nd May, 2010

Chinatown by Bond No. 9

I hated this. It made me nauseous. It smelled of marzipan and cherry blossoms covered in synthetic plastic or cleaning solvent. This could be a method dish soap. gag.
24th April, 2010

Embalming Fluid by Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

Very clean and suprisingly long lasting for a bpal blend. Green tea, clean musks, lemon, aloe ? from what I remember... I smell a drop of clean green granny smith apple in here too. It's a perfect summer cocktail for freshness. I really love the way that this smells and can't wait to wear it this summer.
16th March, 2010

Cuba by Czech & Speake

This is a remarkable scent in that it immediately brought me an image of a sweaty, dirty old man. He'd be smoking cigars and reading newspapers with the radio on full blast. He'd be that kind of eccentric old man. This even smells like old mans breathe. It captures that metallic dried blood and tobacco smoke scent that ripens on old gums. This is my least favorite smell of all time but I am truly in awe and amazed that it could be replicated. It's revolting yet humorous. How did they get eau de old guy in a bottle? You gotta wonder.

I've got to say. Why buy this? Just get sweaty, light up a phatty and don't brush your teeth for a couple days... and you'll smell like Cuba in no time.
02nd January, 2010
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CH for Woman by Carolina Herrera

Sweet & a tiny bit spicy! I thought I smelled pineapple in the opening with all those fruits coming together. It's tooth-ache sweet and a tiny bit tart. The fruits last 20-30min and then it goes a little incense and dirt. Straight up dirt from the backyard which kind of nice and unexpected but also a little wtf.?

This reminds me a lot of Guess Gold but it's more complex and feels higher quality. I will enjoy my sample but I'm doubting CH will grab ahold of my wallet or my heart.
05th December, 2009

Rush by Gucci

I heard some good things about this scent here and there and forgot what it was all about so I ordered a sample and whew. . . now I remember.

This smells like the restroom of a gay bar in the late 90s - Maybe that's what everyone was wearing and that's why I have such a vivid flashback when I smell this. It's like an over-ripe cologney flower ooze with a spritz of hairspray on top. It's a powerhouse of queeziness this one.
05th December, 2009

Black Rose by Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

On my skin at first application I smell a true medium bodied red rose. I realise now that I'm smelling a lotta rose geranium coming out of this blend. Maybe even geranium bourbon...

It's so wierd. At first I thought the rose geranium was lemongrass because it's a little sharp, citrusy and tangy. It seems to take over the blend and kind of turn it sour. At the end it turns soapy and slightly incensey.
19th September, 2009 (last edited: 12th February, 2012)

Frumious Bandersnatch by Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

Bandersnatch musk, redolent of spicy carnations, wild plums and chrysanthemum.

I don't really get the fruitiness on my skin from this blend. I get a musky spicy christmas candle or cinnamon potpourri as some have said. I can't get past that scent association. Too bad.
19th September, 2009

Burberry the Beat for Men by Burberry

There's a lotta pepper in here. I think it's a bold scent that could become easily overwhelming. It's very attractive but I wish it was toned down just a notch. The pepper note is especially distracting and makes me sneeze.
17th July, 2009

Kelly Calèche Eau de Toilette by Hermès

This is everything I thought it would be. It's a little bit spicey green like arugula and the flowers smell more pollen-y than syrupy. Leather is sort of in the background to me. This one is a morpher and smells more vegetal and spicey the closer I am to my skin. From farther away it smells sweeter. What a trip. I like this one.
17th July, 2009

Manoumalia by LesNez

I enjoy this. It is a comforting, lush -almost buttery scent and I am always noticing a different side of it on my skin. White flowers sometimes reminding me of clean bathrooms and old ladies. Always on the fence between funk and beauty. This blend is more beauty than funk .
24th April, 2009

L by Lolita Lempicka

A little spicey sugary and sweet and fruity. Suprising. I thought this would be some sort of Pink-Sugar-Like candy fest but this reminds me so much more of Nag Champa incense. If you burned Nag Champa incense inside of Victorias Secret it would smell exactly like this. I like it. Time will tell if it will eat away at my wallet but I'm kinda doubting it. hmmmm...
18th April, 2009

Brooklyn by Bond No. 9

I got a sample for myself and found it to be too masculine for me. The citrus-y geranium freshness calmed down to a masculine woody base that was a little too much for me. This feels like a great summer scent as it's not too intense and the base really sticks around a while. I'm gonna try to get my male friends to wear this. I think this is a great scent for a guy who wants something a little different.
16th April, 2009

Habanita by Molinard

I like vanilla. I like vetiver. I don't like them together, I guess. This just smells very old.
16th April, 2009

Fleur d'Oranger by L'Artisan Parfumeur

i got some bergamot and neroli oil from a guy who makes his own oil blends and they smell just like this. So my mind was not blown but I do love this scent. This is what real stuff smells like. Precious and temporary. It doesn't really stick around long enough to be a fragrance unfortunately, more of a 300$ aromatherapy pick me up. ouch. Get a sample for rainy days.
14th April, 2009

Ocean Lounge by Escada

More like crazy berry lounge. This is so fruity from beginning to end. It's a little too sweet and linear for my taste but nice every great once in a while.
12th April, 2009

Magnifique by Lancôme

the first seconds remind me a litle of le feu d'issey... a tiny bit of spice and then i smelled lychee and it lingered nicely for a while and then it all fell apart into something unpleasant. it is almost nice but the dry down isn't pleasant to me
10th April, 2009

Chocolate Greedy by Montale

this is amazing. Smells to me exactly like an ice cream sandwich with chocolate on top and bottom, vanilla in the middle. After a while it began to smell like a burnt chocolate cookie and then turned back into a tame dark chocolate bourbon vanilla concoction with a hint of booziness.
14th January, 2009 (last edited: 12th February, 2012)

Flower Princess by Vera

This fragrance is light, but has staying power. It reminds me of a flower water combination. The musk is not detectable. It's a nice daytime fragrance as it's light and does feel very young. I could see very young girls loving this because it is uncomplicated and pleasant and the bottle is adorable. To me it is not interesting enough.
09th January, 2009 (last edited: 09th January, 2011)

Eternity Moment by Calvin Klein

I tried this and was reminded of so many other fruity florals that I couldn't pick just one. It's not at all bad maybe just a little boring to me. I loved the dry down though when the fruit kick subsided it was very nice.
09th January, 2009

Love and Luck for Women by Ed Hardy [Christian Audigier]

smells very sharp. Fruity and dry, arid. I don't know what in this fragrance me to the point of headache like I'd been breathing in very strong cleaning products but it took an almost immediate effect and I was in full blown headache in less than 5 minutes. Looking at the top and middle notes, this sounds like an awesome cocktail but a bad fragrance idea or result... enough to give me a hangover.
03rd January, 2009