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X for Men by Clive Christian

I find any bottle which advertizes itself as "The Most Expensive Perfume in the World", ON the bottle, to be highly offensive to the art of perfumery.

Insult to injury, the quality of the material can be as interesting as you'd like -- but when there is no knowhow to make things interesting, what's the point?

Clive Christian is only good for the confidence of the wearer, who may need to remind himself of how special he is as a result of purchasing power.

Be it as it may, this has NOTHing to do with perfumery... and neither does Clive Christian.
09th June, 2010

Route du Vétiver by Maître Parfumeur et Gantier

The death of Route du Vetiver literally made me cry. That, and Eau des Iles (although there is a replacement with l'Artisan's eau du navigateur), and Iris Bleu Gris...

RDV is by far the Greatest Vetiver ever created. It is at the apex of the French method's Art of Perfumery.

Literally every negative comment I've read here has been subjective to the utmost. That's not the way you judge a piece of art, created by the hands of the greatest modern Master Perfumer (Jean LaPorte).

The inspiration for this fragrance is the 17th Century. If you can't enlist your mind to be ready for something of a miracle of art, then you should not engage to venture into the atelier of a miracle worker.

Certainly, body chemistry may or may not allow RDV to develop as it wants to, in the best way it wants to -- but to claim that this fragrance is ANYTHING BUT a MASTERPIECE reveals the lacking of the wearer, and not the bottled.

09th June, 2010

Eau des Îles by Maître Parfumeur et Gantier

Next to Route du Vetiver, the most incredible fragrance ever composed is probably Eau des Iles...

Unfortunately, after MPG's dilution of its recipes, it seems the only thing mildly equal to EDI is l'Artisan Parfumeur's "Eau du Navigateur", created by the same man, Jean LaPorte
07th October, 2008 (last edited: 09th June, 2010)