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A Scent by Issey Miyake

Nice, though the beginning is by far the best part - a nice back-and-forth dance between sharp (but not too sharp) green and sweet (but not too sweet) floral, each benefiting from the contrast, like (go ahead, mock me) salt on candied yams. Then, not too much later, the sharp green is gone and it's just a perfectly nice somewhat green floral - nice, not cloying, not annoying, but if it weren't for the enjoyment of those first few minutes I wouldn't be spending my money. It's not challenging, but I like it very much all the same, and it's only a matter of time before it joins my full bottles.
13th September, 2009

Amandes Orientales by Montale

When I first apply, I also get, um, urine. After a good long time, that vanishes and I get a perfectly nice, pleasant almond, one that I would normally be pleased to have, since some other almond fragrances have smelled to me like stale nuts and this is nice and fresh. But it's not delightful enough to get me past the beginning.

05th November, 2008