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Reviews by egrorian

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Rapport by Eden Classics

A hugely under rated fragrance and a class above all other "supermarket" frags. I used to wear it a lot almost 20 years ago and, even though I've discovered scores of new scents since, this remains amonst my favourites.

Granted, it's not an all time classic like Antaeus but if you get past the lack of "cool factor" you might well agree with my opinion that Rapport is better than a great many many designer frags.
03rd September, 2009

Iquitos by Alain Delon

At first I thought this might be too feminine but after a few moments I realised that Iquitos is truly gorgeous! Straight into my top five, I quickly bought another two miniatures in case I wasn't able to track down a full size bottle (although I have managed to get a 100ml very recently).
15th December, 2008

Obsession for Men by Calvin Klein

Obsession for Men has been my favourite for going on 20 years and is still my top choice today. I tend not to wear it too often though in order to keep it 'special'. I'm no connossieur like many others here granted but I've never discovered anything to beat this.
12th October, 2008
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