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    Datura Noir by Serge Lutens Les Salons du Palais Royal Shiseido

    Datura Noir~the princess of the tropical gourmand. She starts w/ a lot of white flower authority and then she becomes quite undisciplined in her actions.

    When you meet her you are dazzled by the osmanthus and tuberuese that come out to greet you. Stunning, heady, intoxicating. After getting to know each other a bit you start to notice she has a touch of vanille running down her chin. And then....wait a that almond on her lip? Indeed it is. She also has a thimble full of myrrhe in her hair. Everytime she moves something unexpected releases into the air!

    No she's not the queen~she doesn't have the tenacity. After you've discovered all of her secrets she gets a little tired and takes off for a nap.

    What you're left with is the combination of gourmand myrrhe w/a hint of white flowers in the background. Exotic white flowers teasing as they peak out from the veil of vanille amande.

    Datura Noir is an intimate knock out and one that I always set aside for summer. She needs to eminate off of bare skin rather than a thick sweater. She's much too sexy to be kept under wraps.

    07th July, 2011


    Sloane Rose by Atelier Flou

    This is delightful! So very well made. Juicy vibrant just crushed rose petals blend w/a well behaved yet undeniable jasmine. I get an exquiste violet note in the mix as well. It's got just a suggestion of green that offsets this joyous, ripe, full of life rose floral to a T. This is incredibly uplifting and so .......true. It's as if the composition is utterly alive and these flowers are in different parts of your house wafting from their respective vases to create this euphoric scent. Thank goodness I got the big bottle!

    07th July, 2011


    Hermessence Iris Ukiyoé by Hermès

    This is a fragile, ethereal, watercolor of a scent. I can smell the orange flower very much at first spray, then a bit of rose. Before long I am wearing a very romantic artists rendering of the iris flower~not the roots. It's as if a large cluster of iris petals have caught the wind and are swirling about me. Very feminine to my nose as well. This is quickly becoming a summer favorite. Sillage is modest ~about a 5/10~but the longevity is surprising~about 8 hours. I am more convinced I will need another bottle each time I wear it. Lovely.

    06th July, 2011 (Last Edited: 28th July, 2011)


    Cara by Farmacia SS. Annunziata

    I have to admit~I have an almond fetish. W/out a doubt it's one of my favorite notes. Cara is on my short list in this catagory.

    It's literally taken me years to realize her unique quirky beauty. First off~a sample doesn't do her justice and that's what I've been dabbling w/for all of those referred to years. A dab here, a dab there, I liked it but I also liked many others and she just didn't stand out. Enter the decant. Turns out she needs to be sprayed~who knew? You'll definately want to be careful w/how much you do spray however.

    She starts out w/an almost painful almond bite. She smells a bit like it feels when you have an itch and scratch it to the point of bleeding. It feels so good and yet it still hurts a little bit. That's how the initial burst of Cara feels to my nose. Part of the reason for this is the interplay between the almond and the amber. They come out in tandem like a jagged point.

    It doesn't take long for Cara to soften out all of her soft sugary edges though and become a beautiful cloud of almond meringue. She feels very light and full of fluffy sweetened air. Irresistably delicious and she crosses from season to season like a champ. She's the perfect frothy treat for a summer night or the promise of a cuddle by the campfire.

    15th June, 2011


    Ael-Mat by Lostmarc'h

    I come from a wild wind swept sea and this has that feeling to me. Brisk and biting. You can smell the brush and the sea air and then the jasmine starts to work it's way in. The jasmine is done brilliantly. It keeps it from being entirely stark and yet doesn't make it feel like a floral composition in the least. I find it very moody and at the same time extremely easy to wear. I think that this is at it's most special when layered w/ it's sister perfume~Lostmarc'h Aod. It warms it up considerably and gives it that suntanny feeling w/out entering into something too cliche. I'm utterly smitten and this pair will be my go to combo w/out a doubt this summer season. Honestly~I'm not sure I've ever had a go to fragrance before! ~Yikes!!

    04th June, 2011


    Ambra by Etro

    I love Amber in all sorts of interpretations but this is my favorite by far. I love it's simplicity. I love that it's soft and still androgynous.It layers beautifully and I am one of THOSE people~always layering. I can wear it alone and not feel as if I'm missing something as well. It's light w/out being powdery~which is a nice trick. I have found that to be the exception and not the rule. Did I mention that this is my favorite?

    25th March, 2009


    Infusion d'Iris by Prada

    This one had me at hello. The notes have been thoroughly discussed here so I'll take a different track. I love that this is fresh & bright w/out being diminuative or overbearing. On me it creates the perfect cloud that even I get whiffs of during the day. I've found it easy to tweek and enhance as well. I Hate Perfumes Tobacco accord takes it to a completely different place, while still feeling a part of it. DSH Le Fleur Rosette is stunning. It melds beautifully w/ the soft florals and makes it a bit rosier. Orange Blossom.....The nice thing about adding these notes is not only the obvious olfactory experiance~but it creates a "real", more grounded experiance rather than a purely synthetic one. LOVE! Too much fun!

    14th February, 2009

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