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Royal English Leather by Creed

This is pure fragrance heaven!

It's classy, comforting, warm without being overwhelming, sweet without being cloying, special without being freaky and it has a gentle 'dirty' note lurking underneath all of this.

18th January, 2007

Rose d'Homme by Les Parfums de Rosine

As I was searching for a rose-based fragrace for men, I had to try this one because of the raving comments. It's not bad but I simply cannot see why everyone is so enthousiastic about this -dare I say it- mediocre scent.
To me, it smells like a cheap rose-scented woman's soap. My advice would be to save your money (it's expensive!) and go for Voleur de Roses, Opôné or even Ungaro III.
14th October, 2005

Diesel Green Masculine by Diesel

Cool bottle (I think it won an award for best design), funky fragrance, friendly price!
It smells unlike any other EDT I own and in these times of great abundance, this is really a good aspect. I have no problems with the longevity as it lasts almost a whole day on my skin.
12th October, 2005
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Visit by Azzaro

Great scent with great longevity! For me, this scent has the potential of becoming a classic that we'll still meet in 10 or 15 years. A perfect fragrance for fall and winter and maybe even a cool spring-day.
I like to compare fragrances and Visit reminds me of Timbuktu by l'Artisan Parfumeur with just a little more oriental spices.
A big thumbs-up for this outstanding fragrance, certainly when compared to the other mediocre releases from other houses the last 2 years.
12th October, 2005

Pi Fraiche by Givenchy

I used to like this one a lot and it still has a special place in my cabinet but the love has tempered a bit. The smell is good and a lot fresher and less cloying then the regular Pi, but after wearing it occasionally for about 2 years, it strikes me as being just a little too synthetic.
12th October, 2005

Opium pour Homme Eau de Parfum by Yves Saint Laurent

I never smelled the EDT-version of Opium and I'm not going to because for me, this is how a winter-fragrance should smell. It's warm (hót), sensual, long-lasting and very comforting! And although it's a real powerhouse, it's never agressive or in your face.
12th October, 2005

Heaven by Chopard

A rather dull fragrance with limited longevity. I can't think of any similar fragrances but it just strikes me as really mainstream.
12th October, 2005

Diesel Plus Plus by Diesel

A bit less original then the other Diesel fragrances but nice enough considering the price. It's very similar to Nikos' Sculpture and Alfred Dunhill's Desire for a Man but this one lasts just a little bit longer to my nose.
12th October, 2005

Café-Café Puro for Men by Cofinluxe

I've had this one for about a year now and it's time to decide whether or not I'll buy a new bottle. When I first started using this fragrance, I thought it smelled a bit like Tommy but after a while I found this one to by much more lively, where Tommy seems a bit too synthetic. It's not thát special but just a warm, clean and fruity summer-smell. In this price class (around 25€ for 100ml), it's definately a keeper!
11th August, 2005

Versus Uomo by Versace

This was one of my first 'real' fragrances and it's still one of my alltime favourites. Being a real fanatic, I've had +30 different perfumes but almost nothing comes close to this baby. For me it oozes mystery and seduction and the fact that not that many people know/like it, makes it even more special. A true shame though that it's discontinued because I'm saving the last few squirts for some very special occasion and after that, I'm never going to smell this one again ... :-(
25th July, 2005