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Il Bacio by Borghese

Compote! This is a great fragrance for someone who's nostalgic for good, sweet, old-fashioned fruit compote- just add cream and cinnamon! The white flowers are a pleasant backdrop to all those ripe fruits- a whiff and you're back at gramma's table= dessert, anyone? A fun scent.
01st September, 2009

Bal à Versailles by Jean Desprez

Bal A Versailles is one of my top favorite scents, despite a discordant note when initially sprayed. Like someone else said, and I'm surprised it's not just me, there's a really sharp, jarring component, (like a person singing horribly off key in a choir), which almost manages to ruin the beginning. I think it's the neroli. Fortunately, this jolt dissipates in a short time, and Bal gets steadily prettier, with the orange blossom, the rose, the lilac, the patchouli taking over. The dance is finally getting the beat of the music. You begin to think, hey, this is pretty nice, and comes, the most SPECTACULAR drydown known to man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One that rivals Shalimar's. The mix of amber, balsams, civet, and vanilla all make for a cozy, snuggly, incredibly warm experience, not unlike cuddling in front of a fire on a bitterly cold winter's day.. I love spicy orientals, and I've rarely come across a finale like this one. OMG it's heaven- what I would guess an invitation to dance at the palace of Versailles would be like. I love the bottle as well- so deliciously romantic. Dance on!
15th October, 2008