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Eternity by Calvin Klein

I loved this while in college. Unfor, this was the fragrance I was wearing when the love of my life dumped me. He later regretted it - after I was gone but I cannot stand it now. Brings back that heartache that will never be completely gone. I thought it was nice before although looking back, certainly not a sophisticated scent or one that I truly would have kept wearing anyhow.
13th December, 2008

Samsara by Guerlain

oh Samsara...I was at an outdoor cafe in Bordeaux, France when a woman walked by leaving a trail of the most beautiful smell. I was in heaven. A few weeks later I visited a Parfumerie when une vendeuse let me try on the newest guerlain. I recognized it instantly from the cafe. I was but a poor college student but I had to have it. It was 250 francs. (about 50 dollars) That was nearly 20 years ago. I did not have money for food except bread for about 3-4 days and had to cut back with other things. But I was in love and it was so worth it. What a memory. Unfor. as I got older and had my children, my chemistry changed. It stinks on me now. I love it on others. I hope one day to be able to wear this "first love" again.
I still have never had a fragrance "coup de foudre" like that and probably never will again. Just like first love.
06th December, 2008 (last edited: 22nd March, 2013)

Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf

I fell in love with this when it came out. I only where it during warm weather. My dr. who has never commented on anything "personal" asked what smelled so good when he came into the examining room. Now I have gone there for 15 years on a regular basis. I find it to be sexy and I feel confident when I am wearing it.
06th December, 2008 (last edited: 06th November, 2011)
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Fuel For Life pour Femme by Diesel

This one smells so warm and sensual. At least it does for me. I was not expecting much but I find it comforting. i love to spray it on right before bed. I have not received any compliments on it though so maybe it does not smell as good as I think. I do think it is powdery and reminds me of a subdued Organza indecence.
06th December, 2008

Nu Eau de Parfum by Yves Saint Laurent

I find this to be one of my favorites. I know it is turning cold outside when I start reaching for this one. I think it is tres sexy and unique. Might be a bit too spicy for some people.
06th December, 2008

Miracle by Lancôme

This is a fine fragrance to wear to work. Won't offend anyone and is not overpowering. I won't be repurchasing it though. Too ho-hum. I like the pepper accord in Notorious better and I prefer a sexier fragrance for most of the time.
06th December, 2008

Beautiful by Estée Lauder

I used to adore this when it came out. I was 19 and knew nothing about fragrance. My mother had never worn any. I happened upon it at the mall and could not resist. I thought it smelled wonderful on me. Fast forward - 15 or so years later. I bought it again. Too bad ...smells nothing like I remembered. Did I change that much?
06th December, 2008

Cinnabar by Estée Lauder

My close friend in h.s. used to wear this when we would go out to parties. It was her mother's. I am thinking of buying it for her just because. It smelled so sophisticated on her.
06th December, 2008

Truth Calvin Klein by Calvin Klein

I prefer the sensual version. Very unique. def. not for everyone. One of the best of Calvin Klein and probably his most underated. It is exquisite and makes me feel sexy.
06th December, 2008