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Bellodgia by Caron

The first time I wore it my spouse commented immediately on the "florist shop" aspect of this fragrance. And it does go on quite fresh and floral. I was slightly disappointed as I'd wanted heady and powerful with carnation dominating. I used to love Roger & Gallet's carnation soaps! I love carnations in the raw. I wanted more...

Day 2: Enchanting. I can't stop sniffing my wrist. A Pied Piper of a fragrance. Sweet. Almost gourmand in sweetness but NOT gourmand. Vanilla fudge? No, too obvious, too crude. I would never have thought this was a fragrance with such a long pedigree. Someone has said it has a timeless quality and I think that's true. My Shalimar is of its time. My L'Heure Bleue also. I love them but they are "dated" (not in a bad way..) Bellodgia has made me curious about Caron. Next stop for me may be Yatagan.
23rd October, 2008

Muscs Koublaï Khän by Serge Lutens

2.5 ml arrived yesterday.
I'm already addicted and am suffering the characteristic headache that afflicts me when I get hold of a must-have fragrance. Patchouli tends to induce headache in me so I assume that's what is responsible in this scent. May have to buy the bell-jar. Certainly intrigues me and I shall experiment with more Lutens.

Soft and powdery and sweet. Doesn't undergo huge changes on my skin but it lasts and lasts. To me it's a very feminine (though not in a light way) rose with a hint of muskiness/ mustiness. Dry certainly and powerful. Heady.

So I'm firmly in the bewildered camp! What's with the skank, the dirt, the filth? I simply can't imagine a man wearing this. Yet they clearly do. I am enjoying it without detecting many of the characteristics other users report. In a way I am disappointed since this was to be a departure for me from Orientals/ florals but it speaks of roses. However it is a lovely thing in itself and I am pleased to have discovered it.
18th October, 2008