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Ghost Man by Ghost

I absolutely love this. Yes, it's a little feminine and pretty sweet. Some of my male friends won't go near it, but women seem to love it. Very hard to find around here. I have hundreds of bottles of cologne, and this is definitely in my top ten.
10th January, 2009

Unscripted by Patrick Dempsey

For the price i paid for this, I love it. Of course, I'm a sucker for pepper and spices, so my opinion is totally biased. Still, considering it's Avon, not too bad. I liked it well enough to buy a second bottle to use as a spritz before sleep. It seems to have a relaxing effect on me. (So does Allure.) What can I say? I'm weird. Your results may vary.
05th January, 2009

Black Suede Touch by Avon

A steal for the price it can be had for. My favorite Avon if you discount U by Ungaro and Noir by Christian Lacroix. Much better than expected.
04th December, 2008
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