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Feuille d'Herbe - Fraîche & Herbacée by L'Occitane

Smelled Great for about 20 minutes. Then, nothing. Not even a hint.
21st August, 2012

Éclat d'Arpège by Lanvin

I agree with chezlulu. The scent dissipates on my skin. Nice for an hour and it's gone, especially when it's hot and humid.
18th August, 2012

Narciso Rodriguez for Her by Narciso Rodriguez

This is a dark, warm,and sexy fragrance. Not much floral in it at all on me. Sadly, it doesn't last as long as I wish it would. But I love it while it's there.
20th October, 2011
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Gianfranco Ferré 20 by Gianfranco Ferré

This is one of the "dark" scents I prefer to wear. Not heavy or opressive at all. An all time favorite.
17th October, 2011

Arpège by Lanvin

One of my all time favorites. Elegant, mature, romantic and sexy. What more could I ask for?!
17th October, 2011

Ming Shu Fleur Rare by Yves Rocher

I didnt notice any peach at the begining, just chemicals. Then the waterlilies and powder scent. Nothing thrilling on me. I like the bottle though!
15th October, 2011

Safran Troublant by L'Artisan Parfumeur

I agree with the flavors on the previous posts. Not a sexy scent to me, like Opium, but a comforting scent.
12th October, 2011

Ormonde Woman by Ormonde Jayne

I love how this one smells like faint crushed pine needles ay first then settles into a soft sweetish amber. I sprayed it in my shirt first then 2 hours later on the outside of my shirt, waited a few moment then smelled inside my shirt. The notes blending were incredibleI could bathe in this.
21st November, 2008

Opium by Yves Saint Laurent

One of my long time favorites. Smells so warm and spicey. A comfort "food".
19th November, 2008

Poison by Christian Dior

Makes me smell like grape juice. Hate it.
19th November, 2008

Casmir by Chopard

I smell mango in the bottle but not on myself. I smell no florals in it whatsoever. I do smell the amber musk, vanilla, sandalwood and patchouli though, and that is just fine by me. A very nice warm, winter scent. I will always have this in my wardrobe.
17th November, 2008

Desir De Nature by Yves Rocher

This really just isn't for me. It's very floral. It reminds me of a frag my grandmother would like to wear. After an hour of wearing it, I can still "taste" it. It has toned down some on my wrists, but my cleavage still smells very strong and flowery.
04th November, 2008

Prada (new) by Prada

Smells pleasant enough, but the scent completely disappears on me in about 45 minutes. Very disappointing.
31st October, 2008
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