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Gold Woman by Amouage

I have been wearing this crossover for more than fifteen years mainly because it is so utterly beautiful and it happens to work particularly well with my skin-type. Such is the power of the sillage that I started getting the occasional odd look. To combat this I have started applying it beneath my underwear so that in a daytime business meeting no-one can be entirely sure where the scent is coming from, that is other than from underneath the boardroom table!
The other day a vendeur in Harrod's mentioned that some of the old empty Amouage bottles are now becoming collectable and that the rarer ones now sell for hundreds of dollars. If this is true then what great news!
01st February, 2017

Pomelo by Jo Loves...

A really good crossover that is probably better worn in slightly a more sophisticated circumstance than say a Hells Angels Convention.
Pomelo is a wonderful ephemeral fragrance, it does not possess great longevity, about two to three hours on the skin and longer on clothing, but in the London shop they told me about four hours often longer.
The Sillage appears to be about thirty minutes depending on how much you put on, but this is not the point. The real reason for wearing Pomelo is what it does to your senses the moment you apply it, it is beautiful beyond belief and almost makes one feel immortal. It certainly turns heads to the extent that women ask what it is and where I got it.
Whilst in the shop I tried others from the range but this for me was the head and shoulders stand-out.
Meanwhile there was an email today announcing the launch of a new Jo Loves fragrance, it is called Mandrine, it sounds rather exciting, hopefully it is a crossover.
04th May, 2016

Ormonde Man by Ormonde Jayne

Was great at first but after an hour it had almost gone.
The women's was the reverse.
Wasn't at all good at first but now, ten hours later, is really not bad at all.
04th January, 2012
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Elixir by Penhaligon's

It seems that Elixir is now on back order. The moment it was introduced it sold out and fresh stock is not expected until end February in the UK. I did manage to get a small sample, it started off great and before I could decide what it was it turned into a rather run of the mill 'nothing special here'. Shame really, you would think that they could do a little better. Having written this I do realise that it will probably sell and sell to the middle market, if only on the packaging.
13th January, 2009

Ivana by Ivana Trump

Annmarie, I cannot find it either, however she sometimes is at lunch, next time will try to remember to ask if this eponymous fragrance is available anywhere.
13th January, 2009

Une Rose by Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle

I think that Une Rose is probably one of greatest fragrance creations of the C21st. It is the current favourite in my collection.
As a guy I have no problem with it but because of its unbelievable strength and long lasting aromatic properties I do tend to put it on my lower torso so that the aroma 'seeps out' in a manageable way, on the face would perhaps be too much.
One does have to be careful though since if it gets directly onto clothing it is quite detectable even after more than eight weeks, this can be a little boring since the only way to get rid of it is by dry cleaning, washing does not quite do it.
Pookerella, a self confessed rose lover, says that it smells like rose and chemicals.
I am pretty certain that the rose used here must come from the Turkish town of Isparta which is located in Anatolia.
Isparta roses do not smell like your average garden rose, they have for centuries been grown for the perfume trade and having an unique fragrance, they are a surprise.
Congratulations then to Edouard Flechier who is an unboubted genius and condolences to Nukapai (above) who gets 'a hint of unwashed underwear'.
12th January, 2009

Gold Man by Amouage

As a guy I really do not have a problem with this one, my only slight criticism is that there is not enough longevity as compared to the Amouage Gold for women. After ten hours of wearing both, what is left of men's certainly has the hint of baby powder as noted above by Scent Surge.
The women's version however has turned into a truly great masculine, sort of pure bred Arab horse wearing a brand new Hermes saddle returns to the Orient. Great stuff!
12th January, 2009

Bandit by Robert Piguet

I have been wearing Bandit EDP since 1962. Over the years it sometimes is available and then withdrawn.
Now it is back again with new packaging.
According to Luca Turin this latest relaunch is pretty close to the original and he is right in this, yet it just is not quite as good as it used to be, there again very little is. Bandit EDP is the best feminine for men that I have so far been able to find and by keeping it in the refrigerator as an experiment I have found that it increases its lasting power.
My huge sadness is that I ran out, so it was this afternoon, March 6, 2014, I discovered that with the latest production they have changed the fragrance yet again.
I asked the assistant about this and he told me that many of his customers had complained to him about this, he then went on to advise that I should email Robert Piguet and ask them why they have made this alteration, this I have now done.
23rd October, 2008 (last edited: 06th March, 2014)

Eau de Réglisse by Caron

When I bought this at Caron in 2006 they warned me that it might be withdrawn within a couple of months so I took three bottles. I am unclear as to whether it is supposed to be a feminine or a masculine but now having worn it consistantly for a couple of years I am convinced that it is a masculine. I have difficulty in finding two of the bottom notes - vanilla and nutmeg - but the patchouli is certainly there. There is good longevity but it can get a little boring come the next day, it is hard to get away from. All in all it is very good indeed, the liquorice has been beautifully handled.
23rd October, 2008

Eaux de Caron Forte by Caron

Something odd has happened to Forte. I bought some in Paris a couple of years ago having first bought it in NY. Forte is now being sold in London again so I bought some a month ago, it just is not the same product. The initial top notes are the same but what is left following the dry down seems to be an altogether different product and it appears to have half the longevity of the original, it is a great shame that this should have been allowed to happen. How I regret not having really stocked up in Paris.
23rd October, 2008