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Colony (original) by Jean Patou

Stunningly beautiful Fruity Chyper-esque Feminine Jubilation 25 took this frame, turned up the volume and sharpened some of the corners.
Side by side they feel the same and throw off an accord, sublime. Another Vintage charmer free from Contemporary deafening naff.
26th May, 2018

Eau de Patou (original) by Jean Patou

Beautiful scent, particularly for Summer. Feminine? Maybe. Closer to genderless to my tastes.
Bright Citrus top. Finessed use of the Honeysuckle with the Orange Blossom and bit of Peppery Nasturtium to counter the sweetness. Musky, Oakmoss Canvas turns to a perfect Ambered Savon. Civet? Perhaps for a little angling to scent human.
This competes well with Vintage Pour Monsieur, Eau Sauvage, Dior Eau Fraiche for the sexy, classy Citrus supported by real Oakmoss depth.
26th May, 2018

Woody Perfecto / 107 by Parle Moi de Parfum

First sniff had me going " That's the Accord of Guerlain's Les Déserts d'Orient - Songe d'un Bois d'Été.
This stays clean and no Cuminned Honeyed filthiness appears. The top edge of Oudy Comet-ness takes over and the scent remains linear and polite to the end.
22nd May, 2018
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Lust by Gorilla Perfume

This is the Jasmine Indole that is laid down behind the Jasmine Absolute.
I have the solid perfume. It provides a beautiful albeit saccharin laden base below my Vintage Eau Fraiche and has it's (Eau Fraiche) rot lasting more than half an hour. Those with fear of the Fecal and Petroleum best stay away!
21st May, 2018 (last edited: 22nd May, 2018)

Armani Privé Iris Céladon by Giorgio Armani

Very nice, elegant look at Iris. It is tucked neatly in the heart. Working with the Ambrette it seems an accord of doughiness peeks through. The Mate identified as a scrubbed up Patchouli. A good pick if I didn't have the beautiful Au Dela Narcisse pardon me Feu Secret and elegant Luciano Pavarotti side by side.
20th May, 2018

Tempo by Diptyque

I say another winner from Diptyque. Once the assault of AC Bergamot settles.
At first it seems just another de-clawed Patchouli. As I dig deeper I realize that the angle of lighting is Con-tempo-rary. Violet Leaf and Baie Rose dance above creating an accord quite elegant. Clary Sage is a nice surprise and draws at my Masculine senses. The Mate adds the Hay to the mix. Even whispers of the Camphour are light and airy, offering a pretty picture. Oh! They don't forget the touch of dry soil to complete the scene.
I have a feeling I'll be spritzing this often and like the Oud Palao,recognizing I need another bottle.
Totally wearable.
18th May, 2018

Pois De Senteur by Guerlain

Easy to dismiss, in these days of harsh, bitter Electro Citrus, Bright Walls of Vibrating White Musk, Tickling Ambered Sawdust and dripping gobs of Maltol.
This is a stunningly beautiful, classically assembled, White Floral. The Bouquet is supported by a Vanilla-ed Sandal, Soft and Gentle. LOV, which can easily dominate
a scent, is placed carefully alongside Hyacinth, as to offer a slight Greeness.
Sweetness and mild spice scents by the Rose Sandal envelope which then marries to the dreamy watercolour sugars of Cyclamen.
The accord created is Sweet Pea? Perhaps.
It whispers to me, "Feminine", Girl,
Progesterone budding.
Love Ellie.
14th May, 2018

Aoud Café by Mancera

Another Mancera scent developed by "Let's play with a bunch of Aromachemicals and see what happens" "Oh Hey, there's some kind of Coffee accord and Wow! that smells like Celery. Here let's wrap it up with Amber and sweeten with Maltol.
Actually quite fun to wear and in small doses stays this side of cloyingly sticky.
14th May, 2018

Iranzol by Bruno Acampora

This broadly comes at me like a Feminine,Citric, Dry, Mossy Chypre. It has whispers of Fazzolari's Seyrig in the canvas.
I recognized the aromatic start of "Wild Mushrooms" Sauteed in Butter which acts much like (for me) Oakmoss in finish. The pulsating puffs of Hay and Spice are so very interesting and has me viewing this as more of a Masculine. Acampora offers strange and exciting lighting, to a Classic Chypre.
An easier wear than the Seyrig as it lacks the vague waxiness of Fazzolari's stirring creation.
14th May, 2018

Roses Greedy by Mancera

Packed full of a throat scratching synthetic, however it leaves a Jasmine, Rosey, Soapy drydown I find enchanting.
Scents pleasant on my girl and a light brush on myself leaves me feeling freshly.
Light spray though unless you want to present a blinding, White Musk.
12th May, 2018

Vaninger by Oliver & Co.

Can't help it I find this scents, for me, so similar to the Bubblegum from Baseball Card packages.
Not that it is bad. I suppose it is the accord created by the Ginger, Vanilla, Heliotrope, Benzoin and possibly throat tickling Timbersilk. It creates the flavour of Pepsin (Wintergreen) and almost of Root Beer or Cola.
brightens this up even more and accentuates the peppery flavour of, my experience, Candied Ginger. A Feminine Dior Eau Sauvage Parfum I would say.
06th May, 2018 (last edited: 25th May, 2018)

Ambergreen by Oliver & Co.

King of England's notes are fabulous and provide a wonderfully articulated review of this scent. Ultimately I find a grating Synth harsh soapy aftertaste that obscures a wonderful bouquet of grasses and green Tangerine? Well OK.
Scrubber for me, however very well may suit Contemporary tastes to a tea.
06th May, 2018

Vetiverus by Oliver & Co.

I am quite charmed by this. The opening bouquets of Spiced Squash, that then transitions to a grassy canvas, almost hay-like. Whispers of Peppery Carnations provides an interest blending with the Osmanthus and touch of Labdanum suggesting a vague Leathery texture.
Beautiful, fresh,balanced Apricot drydown.
06th May, 2018
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Russian Musk by Areej le Doré

My comparison to this stuff, I choose PG L'Ombre Fauve.

This gorgeous stuff dries down to a Mammalian Animalic

Where the PG suggests, this stuff shouts out loud.

Where the PG turns to the cleanliness, this stuff heads down the path of the soiled.

They both purr.

The PG like a coiff-ed domestic.

This stuff is like a shaggy Siberian (Amur).

This, is....the Stuff.
04th May, 2018

Jontue by Revlon

Here it is! The scent that started my disgust of Tuberose. Actually I think that it is Tuberose paired with the Orange Blossom, (Yes there is Blossom tucked in there) that turns my stomach and has my lungs seize up. There's no saving grace in this. The Oxygen of Jasmine and gentleness of Gardenia have no space to expand.
I suppose that a large part of my abhorrence to this was shaped by the great gobs, that teenage girls
painted on their selves. In High School.
I was always interested in the Girls that had better taste, with their dabs of Charlie and Tabu.
Thumbs up only because of the Nose Style Ja.
01st May, 2018

Chant D'Arômes by Guerlain

The opening, with the Adelhydic citrus is just Peachy.
Very quickly that burns off to a Waxy Lactonic Soap.
Hey! Isn't that a Soap from childhood.
Nice,nostalgic White Floral of.........P&G "Pure" Ivory Soap.
Rather boring really, as it was the Standard Bar Soap at home.
It was always a treat to go one Granny's place for the Cashmere and the other with Pear's Castile.

Or "Cor!" Major score was Grandad's secret stash of Cusson's Imperial.
30th April, 2018

Lolita Lempicka The Midnight Fragrance / L'Eau de Minuit by Lolita Lempicka

Here you go! The original Lolita is more than a bit cloying throughout it's life on my skin.
This is the same team of notes, with a reorganised lighting and a shifting of some key, new players.
The Sillage changes to a rather Masculine, Cherry sweetened Pipe Tobacco, that would be quite alluring on a woman's skin.
Not quite for my girl and certainly far away from what I would apply happily on my skin.
For me, a good lesson, revolving around Architecture and Lighting.
30th April, 2018

Silences by Jacomo

Interesting scent. It's charm comes from the rather gender blurring allure.
Lily of the Valley, has, for many Men, a Progesterone-ic strength, that makes it a difficult wear regardless of sexual preference.
Galbanum with a connote masculine (Bandit, Jules, No. 19, Cabochard)tends to an easy wear ,for many Men.

Silences, balances these two powerful notes and provides a rather moist, grey-green canvas, to have a late winter, about to Spring Burst, aura. Perfect for the Pacific Northwest at present.

For Moss and Musk Mallow lovers, this finishes with Butter and Shimmering Steel.
30th April, 2018

Lolita Lempicka by Lolita Lempicka

This opens like a modern day cloying mess generic with a saving grace of Anise-ian twist. After the clamour it settles down to an interesting base of Almond Extract, Maraschino Cherry, draped over Vetiver that I scent on young women, presently. Eventually, the back of my throat scratches,I cough and my stomach turns.
I suppose the accord produces tingles in the pleasure centres Feminine, much the same as Stinky Oud Oils and scents to the Masculine.
Luckily my girl stays away from these scents.
Thumbs up because HoP has provided a thoughtful study of a number of Feminine scents. To contrast,compare, structure and lyric poetry.
29th April, 2018

Pompeïa by Piver

Turn the Volume up on this one and you have the makings of the monster,Bogart Furyo. The Champa Incense in this is very similar. I recognize the touch of Synth Civet or perhaps Hyraceum, Jasmine Indol, which produces an accord that follows the leading edge of Fecal. A little Cumin would turn this gem to a Salome-ic bomb. A halo of Rose surrounds it all.
Interesting start that had a Lipsticky Iris, Bergamot and Geranium (and perhaps Lavender) accord reminiscent of a Knize Leather twist. That falls to the background though, to reveal a sneeky, sensuous, old time Floral with a touch of lightly soiled panties, to have us boys hearing "He Bos"
29th April, 2018

J'ai Osé by J'ai Osé

Classic Feminine Woody Chypre. Smokier, drier, dustier than some of those before and many afterwards. In this way I would say that it appeals to the Masculine part of my sensibilities as it moves to an incensey, blond tobacco, Patchouli accord. The Florals are certainly there, however are dried and tea-like.
I would need a touch of Labdanum to have it feel Leathery.
In my Wardrobe, I have thoughts about Aliage, Aromatics Elixir, Vintage Genny and the big Honeyed Paloma Picasso, as a family of Sisters varying and vibrant.
J'ai Ose would be the Matriarch in the room, quietly watching with both amusement and wisdom.
29th April, 2018

Kashka by Swiss Arabian Perfumery

First whiff and I recognized the bump of Standard Faux Oud cloaked in Medicinal Saffron and Rose. Thought it was going to be rather pedestrian, until the Oud Saffron Iodinic toned down to a buttery Sandal Amber Musk, spiced with Cinnamon, Cardamom. The Cedar draws a drying breeze through moistness of the Apple Citrus. Nicely balanced.
Soft, Fragrant, Rosey. Probably made for the girls, however I find it quite comfortable to wear a soft Pink Rose against the Vetiver and Wood.
29th April, 2018

Bill Blass by Bill Blass

Way up my Valley. Big, Floral, Fruity,Feminine Chypre. Wack me in the face Oakmoss, supporting a healthy dose of Indolic Jasmine, Waxy vegetal of Iris, Pinch of Spicy Carnation, just enough Tuberose to provide some, come hither. Sugar is balanced with a Citric Pineapple.
The Trail off, is, well, an accord, that is a bouquet of Feminine delicious-ness.

Vintage Sample from the most gracious and hilarious,
HouseOfPhlegethon Girl.
28th April, 2018

Anucci Femme by Anucci

What a joy to sniff this! Definitely reminds me of a lady friend, in my life just prior to meeting my wife. She wore this exclusively, during the time we were together.
From afar it scents very Feminine. Up close it has Ambered powder-iness that has vague Cinnamon and Vanille Sweetness and is carefully balanced against a Citrus.
This friend was a fellow Chef.
With the Anucci, the aromas of food, the warmth of her musk,had me ravenous.
28th April, 2018

Atlantic Ambergris by Areej le Doré

My first tasting of this had me cough a little from a scratch to the back of the throat and set my mind off track.
A second dosing has fascinated with it's structure and colour.
There is a triumvirate of Cypriol, Sweet Myrrh and swoosh of Ambergris that captivate with an accord that colours of Slate Gray and Steely Blue. The swish of Marine Salty spray, has me standing on a coastal Gray Rock, observing a Dark Blue Sea.
26th April, 2018

Indolis by Areej le Doré

Very nicely assembled Green and White Floral. Blue Character? Well I don't know. First blast of Jasmine carries a little Indol, however this scent remains pretty and naturally green, throughout it's life, on my skin. Galbanum takes a bite at my nostrils and then settles back to the canvas. Tonka and Benzoin lends it's sweet warm blanket. The fruit is beautifully placed as to only hint of the Exotic, Tropical. Lavender sweeps in at moments, haylike and dry. The real joy of this, is the absence of chemical enhancement, which offers a pleasing dreaminess. Has me happy, not blue. But then, Jasmine Indol always has me smile.
26th April, 2018

Russian Oud by Areej le Doré

Unisex!? Maybe. I would say this is pretty, certainly, however, in a way that matches to the Masculine skin. It starts with a rude barnyard and transitions like an Oud Oil to the body of the story. I hoover and identify a great wack of Labdanum, wrapped in a Honeyed Dark Chocolate Smoke-iness that is, well, Leather. The Myrrh adds it's sharp vaguely bitter angle and then is softened by the.... Oh ya, give me that Castoreum. Musk certainly, however the Star is the Chocolate and Leather.
Full bottle, for me.
My wife is likely to shake her head, unless she catches the whiff of the Chocolate.
I don't really identify the Sandal, however the Cedar offers it's sharp edged stroke.
It's all vaguely, gourmand, caramel, edible, similar to PG Aomassai, however, this, is Truffled and buttered, by the Animalics.

Later, as my wife lays her head on my chest in a cuddle.

She says "You smell like an Ottoman Sultan"

I ask "Is it the Myrrh"

She says, in a purr "Yes, it's the Myrrh"

In any case this stuff dries down similar to Fumerie Turque, but better.
24th April, 2018

Flux de Fleur by Areej le Doré

Top note Grapefruit. This is the first time I've really noticed Grapefruit. It suggests a Citrus that cuts through the "Wet Socks" accord that can be produced from pairing the Sambac,Tuberose with Orange Blossom, Neroli.
Plumeria highlights and brightens the mix. Light wafts of Coconut and a mild fruitiness of Thai Ouds I have tasted.
Only whispers of Smokey Cambodian. This manages to stay out of the deep woods.
Tolu has a unique identifiable woodiness that bases this together with a light Amber Benzoin folded in.
The Animalics are lightly touched to offer the finesse of cupping the scent a la European.
I am quite charmed by this scent, in much the same way I have by La Douceur de Siam.
Kissed by the Frangipane and free of angry Synthetic/Invert Sugar.
This is for the Girls,certainly.
And for us boys, who wish to be scent both Beautiful and Handsome.
16th April, 2018 (last edited: 17th April, 2018)

Inverno Russo by Areej le Doré

This is right out of some of the Malay-Indonesian Oil Perfumes I've nosed.
The lead is with cloves, set upon Exotic Florals, mostly Champaca and Musk, which can be heady by itself.
The Civet adds a slight naptha and high notepoints of Fecal to the mix.
As Starblind says, the delicate Florals are rather overpowered by the Musky, Tonka, Benzoin packet.
A slight bit more Citrus would bring out these delicates.
However this is, a Winter Fragrance and to further make that point the Nose has based this already heavy scent, with a Deep in Jungle darkness of rather Aristocratic Oud and a lick of smokey Cedar. The Betal Leaf acts like putting Cayenne warmth and fire in your boots.
Altogether, probably best suited to the Masculine brood.
And in Winter.
16th April, 2018

Oud Picante by Areej le Doré

The opening is a draw for me as it replicates the fragrance and flavour of Preserved Middle Eastern Olive
Tapenade, all Salty, slightly Bitter, Alkalyn-ian, Nasturtium-like sans Fish. This assault remains in the background, throughout. Marries with Labdanum to have a Fantastic Leathery feel.
The Spices are so very blended as to have only the Nutmeg peek above, spreading its arms all round to create a Masala, Middle Eastern, Perfumed.
My mind is then drawn to the softly Ambered Leathery base. It is infused with wooded oiliness, creating an effect of sitting in a market sipping Luwak.
The Areej Oil stamp is upon this. Beautiful Masculine wearable.
16th April, 2018