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Organza Indécence by Givenchy

I too am sad that Oi has been reformulated! I don't know why they even bother!! Yes the vanilla is missing, which is what I liked the most. It had a warm soothing scent, that lingered on me all day. A spicy, exotic vanilla, and now its gone and replaced by citrus notes, like really did they think we would be ok with this??? And all these ppl searching for a replacement, me including... have realized that nothing comes close to the original.. except in a ironic way, unfortunately the new version. Plain, uninspired bottle too!! Its really sad and pathetic that soo many ppl enjoyed that fragrance and Givenchy yanked it away. By the way, if you live in Canada, go visit your Bowring store. They have a potpouri called Iced Patchouli, that totally smells like OI, I did a double take!!! And of course bought it, maybe its the patchouli I'm attracted to? If you love that perfume then try this potpouri!!! Comes in diffuser too thats what i bought. If anyone has any suggestions with a good replacement of OI let me know.
29th November, 2013