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This is Him! by Zadig & Voltaire

I had received a sample of this along with a vintage perfume that I ordered from Spain and although it smells 'tolerable', and by that I mean on another individual other then myself preferably from far away, This Is Him is incredibly cheap and synthetic to the core. I would hate to have to work beside someone who wears this on the regular because this stuff is unnecessarily strong with some monster projection. Outside of the fact that this odor naeuseates me, the aroma chemicals implemented into this composition are of the lowest grade imaginable. Seriously, there was next to no effort or money put into this. The whole ordeal is sloppy and it smells outright bad.

This Is Him is basically an Iso E Super nuke laid over synthesized vanilla and a really cheap 'cedary' accord. This is not a sandalwood aroma chemical in the least as even fake sandalwood doesn't smell like pencil shavings, more along the lines of creamy coconuts. Synthesized cedarwood smells like pencil shavings and I'm detecting a lot of that here. I get zero incense in this even if it is an aroma chemical, no incense, none, zip. No 'churchy', no bokhoor, no smoke, none of that and I'm well aware of what different forms of incense smell like including frankincense, copal, myrrh and resins of that nature, none of that here, zero. Just a bucket full of Iso E Super and fake vanilla over fake woods with maybe some ambroxan as a fixative, in that exact order. Personally, I'm highly sensitive to Iso E Super and can pick it out of any perfume from a mile away and sensed it in this as soon as I had sprayed it on, and also any form of aroma chemical as they project like crazy for endless hours right up my nose that feels like 40 grit sandpaper so naturally I hate this composition with a passion. In so many words, this is a chemical soup. It's too simple, the balance is off and I don't like it anyways because it's a handful of aroma chemicals blended poorly, 'and' I'm also a hater of vanilla so this is double no. Moderately feminine smelling which belongs on a woman. If I smelled this trailing from a dude, I'd think to myself that he's wearing a vanilla perfume for women because that's what this smells like, cheap vanilla.

My conclusion is that this is a 100% fake vanilla perfume with nothing in the way of incense. There are far better scents out there in this price range if vanilla is your bag. I think This Is Him is total garbage, great for beginners though who are entirely new to the world of perfume and haven't really sniffed much but, for a seasoned nose, this stuff is atrocious. The only thing natural about this is that glass flacon. People should go and smell some other stuff, particularly some natural compounds and then come back to this and you'll agree, this is terrible, and it hurts your mucus membranes too. On the upside though, forever sillage, lasts for eternity on the skin in the usual synthesized perfume fashion, even after numerous vigorous scrubbings. I allowed this to sit on my skin for a few hours to dissect it until I just couldn't hack it anymore and had to scrub. Believe it or not but I could still detect a soft sillage from this well over 24 hours later after a shower as well and those vigorous scrubbings which made me hate it that much more so kudos to those fixatives, my goodness. Goooo aroma chemicals!
28th November, 2017

Oleg Cassini for Men by Oleg Cassini

This is actually a ridiculously awesome scent and composition, dated as all hell yes but very well constructed and still wearable, in small amounts though because this is a pretty powerful scent. I really still cannot find the words to properly explain Oleg Cassini but what I can tell you is that I personally do not find anything about this that I dislike. This scent stumps me as it's complex and just hard to explain. You have to love patchouli though to get on with this as this is a patchouli dominant creation.

It's the patchouli/hay/musk combination in this that makes it very unique to the nose. The hay makes the patchouli musty and stale like but in the best way imaginable. This is a musky scent. There's a soapiness from the jasmine flower that runs throughout and it's also a very resinuous scent as well thanks to a healthy slug of labdanum and amber. It's cold and smells like the colors of dark green and grey. There's this wetness to this as well and also a subtle sweetness from the vanilla in the drydown which counteracts all of that bitterness as well as a mild incense effect. There's also a woodiness from the vetiver and the honey note in this comes and goes that smells really awesome. It's very noticeable upon the initial application when atomized. Once again, I'm having a difficult time explaining the way that this smells but it's a super awesome odor, really. Very dated, very 70's and 'out there' but really pleasurable, especially if you love patchouli, in fact you gotta love patchouli or else you're going to hate this. Also, this is a 'real' perfume in the sense that there's absolutely nothing transparent here. This is a full bodied composition, one of those creations that completely fills up your nose. It's heavy and bold, thick and robust but never over the top. Oleg Cassini definitely lives up the 80's powerhouse genre without that obnoxious attitude that usually proceeds.

The ingredient quality in this mix is great, you can smell it and feel it when you're wearing it. I had written to Jōvan and inquired about what the concentration of oils were in this scent and never received a response, figures. I'm aware that Jōvan has changed hands numerous times since the production of Oleg Cassini so that's probably why but still, they could've at least had some couth and messaged me back. I'm guessing that this has got to be somewhere around 75% or maybe even higher or so as this is really strong and long lasting and also because after you spray it on, even from far away, this stuff is very oily and leaves you skin shiny for a long time. It is also 'sticky' where you apply it and you really cannot wash this off. I have several flacons of this, both splash and atomized, and all of them are the same, a very dense and oily composition. I easily get 12+ hours out of this with moderate sillage. I've detected this as a skin scent at 18 hours before.

My conclusion, I approve, highly. This is a killer scent that's been assembled with skill and time, you can just feel it. I think the 'only' downfall, albeit minor, is that this smell is a wee bit out of place although this is still very wearable as compared to other scents from this decade where I feel on edge wearing due to them showing their true age. The whole crutch is going to be if you like the way that this smells. I can tell you that if you love patchouli, more then likely you're really going to like this.

These Oleg Cassini's for Men usually get pretty pricey on eBay and in my honest opinion, they're worth it, especially if you love patchouli, vintage perfumes as well with quality ingredients and a dynamic scent pyramid, you really cannot lose with this one. This is a quality scent with excellent note separation. The scent pyramid is balanced, everything smells natural and the ingredients used are fantastic. There's also a nice leathery castoreum accord in this which it's very real 'and' slightly animalic. I love the flacon, the packaging, the soaps, the shaving cream and deodorant. I really wish that I was around back then when this was around so I could bathe in it. Awesome scent, especially if you love patchouli and vintages for men.

As a side note: Only vintage, pre-barcode flacons from the late 70's-80's will have frosted glass, for the men's and women's both. It seems that the ones that date to the 90's as I'm unaware when Oleg Cassini was discontinued have clear glass for the flacons, even for the women's. I'm not sure if there was a reformulation to this in the clear glass ones or not, but just something to take note of. The ones that I've seen with clear glass usually have a barcode on the bottom of the box and if you look closely on the back of the box near the bottom, the '1978' insignia next to the Jōvan logo is missing.
28th November, 2017

Jovan Sport Scent for Men by Jovan

This is a 'like', not a love. I don't dislike it but I'm just not crazy about it. There's some caveats to Jōvan's Sport Scent. It smells 'alright', especially the opening but, this is almost a translucent scent that does some weird stuff. It's quite strong and long lasting but thin feeling and in no way complex. Very 'green' and grass like that smells exactly like the color of lime green but simple and that's the downfall as there's only a small handful of notes playing off of each other here.

The green notes and lavender are the most prominent where the green notes smell like bergamot. There's a slight soapiness to this overall. The caveats are that the cardamom becomes foodie like in the heart notes that's slightly off putting and feels out of place. This also gets a wee bit sour in the drydown which is where I don't like this too much. Almost smells like body odor in a way, as if the wearer hasn't bathed in a while where their pits have 'gone off' but still has a good hygiene regimen and that's where the cardamom fails. I own 3 different flacons of this, 2 splash and 1 atomized. They all smell exactly the same and they all do the same things. The sour olfactory illusion in the far drydown also resembles cheap musk in a way which I believe there's a tiny amount of in this as a fixative and it's not really too pleasant smelling in the end. The oakmoss is kind of dirty but light. No tobacco or sage to my nose with just a teeny tiny bit of patchouli in the drydown but quite removed, you really gotta search for it to find it. So basically you have a strong green note (bergamot) laid over lavender and oakmoss with a pinch of patch.

My conclusion is that Sport Scent opens pretty nicely and stays that way for a while. It's strong with a considerable sillage that lasts for an easy 12 hours but it falls apart in the drydown and we all know that the drydown is where it's supposed to be. I like the smell for the first few hours but don't love it. It's hard to explain but this kind of smells like what a 'green' body wash or deodorant would smell like. Not heavy or thick though, light in feel. The name Sport is appropriate. I dunno, this odor is difficult to explain. I don't think this is worth those obscene asking prices though. My flacons I had found on the cheap so there's no remorse there but for what is delivered in the end, I'm not moved and find myself rarely wearing this if at all and there's nothing really that exciting in this composition anyways to keep me coming back. This scent pyramid seems incomplete. It's missing a lot, some heft. I'll keep it around due to it's rarity but overall it's more of a novelty item because those flacons are super cool and strange. You can take them apart. All of the plastic pieces separate and the atomizer gushes out a ridiculous amount.
28th November, 2017
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Lapidus pour Homme by Ted Lapidus

I love this and cannot wait for the cold weather to wear it, that's the downfall to Lapidus, it's very limited in what kind of climate you can wear it in. This really truly requires bitter cold air to enjoy it's sillage, that and if you apply more then 2 sprays, it's overwhelming, for endless hours. Anything over 60 degrees and it's a nauseating powder bomb but in cold weather, it's this awesome patchouli and oakmoss combo that's creamy in feel.

I had a love affair with this stuff all last winter and wore it quite a bit so I know this scent like the back of my hand. I have a first edition flacon with the blue printed batch code on the bottom and it's the best formula. Lots of note separation with a fat and sweet amber note bathed in incense. I don't really get too much in the way of pineapple or honey in this. The best part for me is the soapy red rose in the heart notes which unfortunately only lasts for about an hour. The drydown is good but not really my favorite. This stuff dries down to a boat load of oakmoss and patchouli and if you accidentally over apply which is very easy to do, the sillage is choking and super powdery that never lets up. 2 sprays from really far away is all that this stuff needs, the walk through approach. It's kind of an intimidating scent to wear as the sillage is over the top ridiculous, absurd actually and kind of unnecessary. I mean, who really needs perfume that's this strong? Was this Ted Lapidus' intentions or was that just the outcome? If you over apply it's a horrid experience where the really long lasting grand finale is patchouli and oakmoss for days that continually projects, it never really let's up where the impression becomes musty like but when applied very lightly, Lapidus produces a fabulous smell. I firmly believe that if this mix was an 80° concentration and not 85° it wouldn't project as aggressively. I know that sounds like it doesn't make sense but the oils in perfume will volatilize faster when the alcohol concentration is higher, and at a slower rate when there's more oil which amounts to less 'sillage'. The one thing I learned from wearing Lapidus Pour Homme is how to properly apply a nuclear strong perfume that took a lot of trial and error.

I gave a 30ml vintage flacon to my boss once upon a time because he loved it on me. I made it a point to stress how strong this is and to apply it with caution. He said he would spray some into his hand after a shower and rub it all over his neck, chest and shoulders really quickly like. The sillage that wafted from him was nice and smelled nothing like it does when you sniff Lapidus up close, at least to me. Believe it or not but I always perceived the overall smell as a fuzzy kind of patchouli scented fabric softener, soapy like that was the olfactory color of dark teal and dark green, more dark teal though. Weird I know but it was pleasant, maybe this is because he applied very little over a spread out area. As an FYI for any guy who's interested in trying this out, the reformulation is not even close and is a sad sad shell of what Lapidus is supposed to be. You need to grab a flacon with the '85% VOL' logo that's embossed onto the front right hand bottom corner. Please don't waste your time with the reformulation. That was the first formula that I had ever tried of Lapidus until I got my hands on a vintage flacon and was blown away. I will say that the reformulation of this is atrocious.
18th October, 2017

MCM Success by MCM

This is a really incredible smell, fell in love with it from the very first whiff, totally unique with loads of character that completely fills your entire nose up, never smelled anything even remotely close to compare it to. Excellent note separation with 3 distinct stages, a difficult feat that not too many perfumers can pull off successfully, no pun of course. MCM Success is basically a boozy, alcoholic, honeyed musk with tobacco, patchouli and rose as supporting roles that lies on a bed of dirty oakmoss and amber, a very thick, robust, penetrating, rich and heavy perfume. There's an olfactory illusion of brown liquor in this that's been achieved perfectly, if this is what the perfumer(s) were going for then they've succeeded successfully. The overall impression is that of extravagance that's pushing the envelope directly into the gawdy realm that never really gets there which is perfect. It's that right on the cusp thing of almost being too much where the liquid is at the brim, 'almost' ready to spill over, almost too much of a good thing, almost. Success is complex and overtly flamboyant but totally wearable. It's kind of dark in feel and unnecessarily strong but keep in mind that you really gotta love musk as the drydown on this is musk for days, a strong, heavy musk that survives showers and reappears again underneath of your next perfume that you're wearing but don't worry, this musk is fantastic smelling, it's not that really bad 1980's musk, it's creamy and thick, very heavy that trails forever.

I really cannot find the words to describe this smell but it's highly pleasurable and cozy. A little bit powdery, just a bit, slightly floral, woody, warm, aromatic, kind of animalic, a little sweet, super duper musky, full bodied and wears like a pure parfum, seriously this stuff is that rich! This is definitely a man's smell and if you love 80's powerhouses and musk, you'll probably like this a lot, I know I do. The name and color of the perfume are 100% appropriate, couldn't have been any better.

As a side note... this perfume requires very little as in 2 sprays maximum which I feel is still too much due to the relentless projection and sillage. This stuff is a beastoid and lasts forever, days, literally. Lovers of Kouros (like myself) will more then likely fall hard for this that's virtually the same concept with this one which, believe it or not, is just a hairs width more baroque and tacky in feel. Honestly, MCM's Success is definitely a 'success' and by far one of the most intriguing scents I've worn to date. There's this satisfaction aspect that's accomplished here in spades, exactly like what Kouros delivers for endless hours, same thing here. I would've never thought in a million years that I'd come across another perfume that's as absurdly over the top like Kouros, wow, I really love this perfume...
18th October, 2017

One Man Show by Jacques Bogart

I grabbed a vintage flacon of this and was prepared for something vile and guess what, not even close! This is actually a very pleasurable scent and quite wearable mind you that turned out to be far better then what I was even expecting but, there's a few minor let downs to One Man Show for me personally although they're not the big deal at all, really.

The formula that I'm referring to is a first formula with the '85°' on the front of the flacon, not '85 % VOL' which is a second edition formula and 'certainly' not that reformulation with the '87% VOL', don't even waste my time with those as those are all mere shadows and shouldn't even be considered for anything of comparison purposes, ever. These are my observations, pay close attention because my observations are accurate.

This is not a strong scent to begin with, pretty mild actually and I'm an individual who's very sensitive to how strong my sillage and projection is, I feel very uncomfortable wearing things that are 'beastly'. One Man Show opens with a waxy candle like texture and smell that really cannot be picked apart but it smells good, there's no other way I could possibly explain this. The overall olfactory color of this through out is pale green and gray which matches the color of the flacon and box perfectly. The blending is a tad too much for my own personal preferences as there's not really any particular note that sticks out per se until the far drydown. The heart notes have a mild and tolerable slightly bathroomy carnation accord followed by a soapy and subdued rose with some incense where everything feels like a tamed down Van Cleef & Arpels Tsar at this point. Once the drydown hits I kid you not, One Man Show turns directly into a Rochas Macassar 'light', and when I say light I mean very light, about 75% there. Where Macassar is truly a heavy duty perfume for endless hours, One Man Show is completely wearable at any stage and frankly, very light with okay lasting power as a skin scent at the 12 hour point with arms length sillage for the first few.

The far drydown of One Man Show is a suede like leather followed by jasmine, patchouli, amber and castoreum, very awesome smelling but like I've stressed prior, light, not heavy or beastly at all, honest. This is not a pine scentric perfume at all, it's a leather, jasmine and patchouli perfume with castoreum and amber as supporting roles that smells 'exactly' like a neutered version of Rochas' Macassar but toned way down, not that this is a bad thing at all. It is for me because I already own lots of Macassar and wear it on the regular so I'm more then familiar with that stuff which I love to death. Also, both of these perfumes just happened to have debuted in 1980 so I get that One Man Show is a much less expensive and blatant copy of Macassar, the similarities at least on my skin or so uncanny and ridiculously obvious at the drydown point that after I wore this a few times I laughed when the association clicked and it was as clear as day. Jacques Bogart is not a high end perfume house to begin with although his perfumes are all great but One Man Show is a total spin off of Macassar that's been done with respect and panache so kudos to this perfume house for accomplishing this giant feat very well.

There's also a tiny bit of Furyo lurking around in this, I can smell it, but where Furyo is a civet, cinnamon and overtly flowery dandy bomb, One Man Show is quite classy and completely 100% wearable at any point in it's development. Seriously, nobody, and I mean no one should at any time feel intimidated to adorn this, extremely pleasurable scent that completely took me by surprise. If you like this, go and try some Macassar that'll really blow that head clean off, now that stuff is truly a beast of a perfume that lives up to the 'powerhouse' genre.
17th October, 2017

Horizon by Guy Laroche

This will be the very first time that I'm going to use capital letters in a review to explain how I feel about a perfume. Horizon is, in so many words... HORRENDOUS!!!

Oh my good God this is so bad that I'm literally in shock right now. First off, how in the world this shit even made it past a test panel or quality control for that matter is way beyond my comprehension and second, outside of the fact that this stuff is really, absurdly nauseatingly potent to the point of being impervious to soap and water more then once, this is the 'epitome' of a horrible perfume for a young lady and even worse, this doesn't even smell like something that belongs on your skin. This is something that you spray to cover up bad bathroom odors, I'm not exaggerating one tiny bit here.

Horizon smells 'exactly' like those really cheap body sprays for younger girls, particularly from Bath and Body Works mixed with equal parts of a super duper strong Glade® spray air freshener of the flowery variety that comes in a spray can with the pink cap, no joke. Forget that entire scent pyramid up there because this nuclear bomb is a sweet chemical blob of sticky juicy flowers on top of flowers and some more flowers. This whole entire thing smells bright pink and bright green in color. This is so freakin' bad that I'm really at a loss for words.

I'm happy that I only paid $10 for a 50ml splash flacon although I'm very annoyed that I have wasted a perfectly good 30ml atomizer on this nasty ass perfume. I couldn't even make it past 30 minutes to get to the drydown because even with 1 spray on my wrist, the projection and overwhelming sillage was making me feel sick with all of those chemical flowers. Now I truly understand why this was discontinued with the quickness and why there's hundreds of gallons of this stuff available on eBay for pennies. What in the hell was Guy Laroche thinking when he made this mess and how in the world could something that smells so bad come from the same person who created a masterpiece like Drakkar Noir?! I completely and thoroughly loathe this with all of my heart and soul and will say with 100% confidents that Horizon is by far the worst perfume for men that I've ever, and probably will ever encounter in my life. I hate this!
17th October, 2017

Andron for Men by Jovan

I've had Andron on my perfume radar for a ridiculously long time now and decided to break my long standing rule of 'no blind buying'. I always know exactly where it's going to end up if I blind buy and yep, once again, the good ol' gut is 100% correct. I just knew deep down that once I pissed my money away on this that Andron was going to be a total stinker.

Outside of that awesome looking flacon, I for the life of me cannot figure out what in the hell is the hype behind this extremely hard to get scent from Jovan! Nostalgia more then likely, I think I do though, for the most part. I 'will' tell you that the asking prices for this lazy perfume are absolutely absurd because what is delivered in correlation to the asking price is a joke.

To start, this really isn't a very pleasing smell overall to begin with, it's definitely overtly musky with tons of white musk which is the main note followed by a soft sandalwood accord and a tiny bit of patchouli. There's nearly nothing in the way of animalics like castoreum, or civet, or even lovely salty ambergris and if there are, they're being used in such tiny quantities as to only provide a very mild supporting base because I sure can't smell them. To my seasoned nose this composition consists of a drug store grade white musk, a low grade sandalwood and a teeny tiny bit of headshop patch which I'm using loosely and that's it, zero animalics, just a wall of cheap musk. Taking strongly into consideration this perfume's original asking price, I'm more then confident that there's next to no castoreum, civet 'or' ambergris in this as those essential oils are very expensive. I'm more then familiar with those notes in their natural isolated states so I know what I'm talking about here.

The overall 'odor' created is cheap, soapy and nothing that's even appealing to me in the least, I'm not even exaggerating one bit. This 'is' a drug store scent to begin with and not even a good one. Andron dries down to that 80's 'forever musk' that's harsh on the nose which trails forever even after numerous, vigorous scrubbings and that's about it. Powdery musk, a tad soapy and abrasive, mildly woody with a hint of aromatics. This is an incredibly boring and simplistic scent with virtually nil development that starts out as super strong laundry soapy white musk that dries down to a somewhat soft, non-descript 'woodiness' musky kind of blob, thing. Very difficult to describe due to it's strangeness and frankly, not that good smelling in the least. I've smelled a boat load of perfumes in my time and can't find anything even relatively close to compare this to so kudos for that fact alone. Man, I just can't even begin to describe this smell, it's just... odd, in a bad and off putting way. I want you to understand that I love musk, not this one though. For some reason I picture this scent on a sweaty fat dude that has greasy hair, stained up clothing and bad hygiene. I had this vivid and perfect picture formed in my head when I was smelling this.

My take is that this stuff is so hard to get and so way over the top hyped now due to it's rarity that it's just one of those perfumes that hardcore perfume heads have to have in their life. The pheremone marketing I think is where guys are after this stuff hardcore in the sense that it's going to help them with the grabbin' of the women, well, sorry to say but there's no scent in this world that's going to do that for you. You either got it or you don't. Funny thing, this stuff flies the coop as soon as it hits the auction block on eBay. In my personal observations of Andron, the one and only thing that this concoction has going for it is some nuclear strength and days long longevity.

The box that my 30ml splash flacon came in has a price tag sticker of $8.00 on it and that's right about the price point that Andron smells like, that's approximately the equivalent of a $30-40 scent nowadays and we all know what a $40 perfume smells like. This is officially my most disappointing blind buy ever that I'm extremely annoyed about. My final opinion? Andron is garbage. I cannot believe that I spent money on this crap that I find zero anything appealing about. The silver lining to this whole review though is that I put that mess right back on eBay and guess what, it sold in 1 day, not even kidding...
12th October, 2017 (last edited: 11th November, 2017)

Japon Noir by Tom Ford

I had a 4ml mini of this for the longest time as in years and couldn't place why this scent was so familiar to me when doing some dab samplings until I finally broke down and wore it to work a few days ago for kicks to break up my usual rotation. That was my first proper wearing of this scent. When I had gotten to work, my co-worker asked me if I was wearing Calvin Klein's Obsession for Men, no kidding. After he had asked and commented, I scrubbed immediately which I could still smell this mess afterwards. That sample went directly into the trash as soon as I had gotten home. Enough said...
12th October, 2017 (last edited: 24th October, 2017)

Zino Davidoff by Davidoff

I've tested the vintage version a few times with some proper wearings and this is what I think of Zino...

Nuclear strong with some monster sillage that lasts forever. Far more feminine then everyone portrays thanks to that huge floral heart that dominates and the moderately overpowering vanilla which takes the cake in the drydown which is why you see women reviewing this scent, because they're wearing it as well. An amazingly dirty patchouli that's being smothered to death in well, flowers and vanilla. Vanilla should be followed by patch because there's a ton of it in here. I can't stand vanilla so it sticks out in this composition like a giant sore thumb. Me personally, I find this scent nauseating, it's just strange smelling and really not anything that's 'that' masculine. I think everyone reads far too much into the reviews, I did until I started wearing this thing and was bombarded with vanilla and patch on top of vanilla, kinda grodyville.

Edit: I've 'finally' nailed the 'weirdness' factor about this perfume! It smells strange like musty rot, stale air and maybe even an olfactory illusion of a rotting corpse drenched in flowers and vanilla, yumm, just like a mausoleum. This odor that Zino emits is disturbing and turns my stomach. I can't believe that guys actually put this on their skin and think it smells great. My final conclusion, smells like dead people and is nauseatingly strong, I hate this... how appealing.

Here's the definition per Wiki: A mausoleuma is an external free-standing building constructed as a monument enclosing the interment space or burial chamber of a deceased person or people. A monument without the interment is a cenotaph. A mausoleum may be considered a type of tomb, or the tomb may be considered to be within the mausoleum.
12th October, 2017

Oudh Qadim by Junaid Jamshed

There's a brick and mortar Junaid Jamshed that's located in Chicago that you can do a quick Google search on and find their phone number in about 5 seconds. Call them and spend the $25 if you want to smell like a cheap synthesized oud perfume because that's exactly what this is. I tested this whole perfume line and gagged on every one due to the overabundance of bad synthetics used in every perfume which all of them hurt my mucous membranes due to a healthy dose of Iso E Super in every single one which makes it feel like your rubbing some 40 grit sandpaper right up there.

The price points are way too low to be of anything that's considered as 'real'. There's a pin drop of real, low quality oud in this and that it, on top of that is a huge wall of aroma chemicals. This is a $25 perfume and it sure smells like it.

I sold this mess off immediately on eBay for what I had paid for it, $25, and it sold in 2 days, couldn't believe it. Don't buy this, ever. Junaid Jamshed is a cheap clothing company and their perfumes are right on par with the clothing, cheap. Buy something from Al Haramain or Rasasi if you're that hard up about smelling like oud but you're on a budget. These hideous perfumes are awful!

Heed my review and take my advice if you have any sort of common sense and do not buy this, ever.
12th October, 2017

Cigar by Rémy Latour

There's an eau de parfum version of this, rare and very hard to come by that goes by the name of 'King Cigar'. The outside metal tin looks the same but the flacon itself is sightly oval shaped and somewhat flat although it's a wee bit cheap in how the glass is made, I have it, it's awesome as compared to the eau de toilette. It's a darker version, significantly different in the sense that it's softer but far more rich and dense, not nearly as screechy but performs strongly with very nice sillage. It seems to focus on the same notes with a deeper tobacco and plum with far more patchouli. Very little aroma chemicals are noticeable. I'm a complete perfume snob and happily wear this, it's a fantastic perfume and a total hidden gem. If you like this version, hunt down the eau de parfum but I'm cautioning you that's its incredibly hard to get. I waited almost 6 months for one to come up on eBay. Do a Google search for photos for Remy Latour King Cigar so you know what it looks like.
12th October, 2017

MCM 24 Evening by MCM

Normally I leave long and drawn out but thorough reviews regardless if I like the scent or not but this stuff, ick! I'll try to keep it short for the sake of you.

I was drawn to Twenty Four Evening for the 'so called' civet note which is virtually non-existent here and is only noticeable well after the far drydown as in 12 hours after application as a mere miniscule skin scent. Outside of this I'll keep it short and sweet, no pun to the prelude.

This is disgustingly sweet, nauseatingly so. Reminds me of a cheap perfume for a younger woman. Cloying as all hell with zero note separation, it's just a huge mish mash of all of those beautiful notes up there that you're supposed to perceive, but what you do get in real life is a big blob of synthetic notes that's smothered to friggin' death by a sickly sweet amber note that dominates everything from beginning to end which isn't even a good rendition of a synthesized amber. I have a pretty darn good nose but I cannot pick anything out of this, nothing! This perfume has been macerated to the bitter end, no other way to put it.

Funny thing, I had recently tested Dolce and Gabbana's By Man which about knocked me out with the overt sweetness and nastiness and I'll be damned if this horrible concoction is strikingly similar in smell, power and over the top sweetness. I hate this perfume with a passion. Nothing for the night time as it comes across as quite bright in feel, almost like a very light pink and orange in olfactory color with huge sillage and projection. This is one of the very few perfumes that I threw right into the bin and I love perfume with all of my heart, just grodyville!
12th October, 2017
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Bleu de Chanel Eau de Parfum by Chanel

I smelled this trailing off of a younger guy in the establishment that I work in and it smelled really super nice! I'm a perfume snob to the bone and hadn't the slightest clue that this perfume he was wearing was going to be Chanel's Bleu of all the scents in the world, to be totally honest, I could've sworn to a T that he was wearing Al Haramain's Midnight Musk from their Exclusive Collection, it smelled almost exactly like it which is an awesome perfume in itself.

I'd like to comment on the sillage of this scent as the voting scale shows that Bleu is kinda weak, I beg to differ. The building that I work in is a large restaurant and all of the a/c intake areas are located in the back, so whenever someone is sitting near the entrance to the back of the house, the HVAC units will pull a nice trail of anyone's scent that's seated near the entrances. Well, I could smell this trailing from way far away in the dish pit which is a ways off although when I was near his table, his scent was not bathed in per se so, it was mild and pleasurable, not 'projecting' if that makes sense, Chanel's Bleu eau de parfum has an incredible sillage. It's very incensy with lots of amber, I loved it to pieces so much that I bought a sample for myself to try out.

My opinion from an outside nose is that this is actually a strong scent which I believe is one of those perfumes that you can never smell on yourself while wearing, fabulous perfume, thoroughly impressed me!

Edit: Funny story and this is the truth... I had ordered a vintage 80's scent from a seller in Italy of all places and when I had received the package, there was a sample of Bleu eau de parfum in it! I couldn't believe it and had to laugh as I'm kinda floored with this perfume. I have officially given Bleu a few proper wearings and although this scent is completely out of my genre that I usually like to wear, I truly enjoy this scent through and through. It's super smoky, sour and sweet but, these 3 different sensations do not clash, they work together in perfect harmony. Even though this scent 'does' smell blue, I seriously like this a lot.

As another word of caution, Blue eau de parfum is very strong and long lasting so totally disregard that sillage scale up top there as this scent has some serious throw that projects continually. I believe it is due to a mild use of Iso E Super that is designed to push out head and heart notes which I'm sensitive to but here it is used in moderation and it's just enough that I can handle it. Seriously, this is a killer scent but super powerful so apply lightly with maybe 1 spray or else it's instant olfactory fatigue. I feel strongly that over appliers of this kinda perfume will recreate a ghastly sillage, I'm talking to you 3+ sprays kinda guys. I literally wore 1 spray on my chest and it was an experience, I felt like I was almost choking myself for hours, this would probably be way better dabbed then atomized because as mentioned before, Bleu eau de parfum is super potent!
12th October, 2017

Quorum by Antonio Puig

I have a flacon of this awesome stuff that's a pre-barcode and the batch code dates it to 1986. Quorum is phenomenal and nuclear strong, especially the lasting power of an achievable 24+ hours where by then it's a silky smooth oakmoss moderate skin scent. Smells better when dabbed then atomized although I do like to atomize it from time to time, it comes out deeper when dabbed and insane sillage when atomized. I always thought that I hated oakmoss until I smelled a proper vintage.

What I get from this is pine, patchouli, jasmine, tobacco and oakmoss and it smells superb from beginning to end. There is a funk aspect for about two hours in the heart notes that I can never quite place but it's definitely animalic, sightly poopy but not nearly anything that's off putting, hard to explain but it's there although I personally enjoy it. Quorum is a fantastic scent, excellent ingredients with very good note separation.

I can't speak for any reformulations because I don't waste my time with those IFRA abominations, in anything for that matter. Only vintage, always. Reformulations make me feel incredibly depressed, even viewing the packaging is saddening.
12th October, 2017

Ted Lapidus pour Homme by Ted Lapidus

I purchased a flacon of this a few years ago due to that gawdy packaging and box which I'm strangely drawn to and for the fact that this perfume is focused strongly around frankincense, but I've never had the courage to wear this outside of my own four walls as Ted Lapidus is the epitome of smelling dated and I can wear some pretty challenging 70's and 80's creations, in fact so much so that this perfume was probably considered as dated even when it was released or probably shortly thereafter. I seriously enjoy this smell and secretly wear this around the house occasionally although there's a ginormous caveat to Ted Lapidus Pour Homme which just breaks my heart in the end...

This composition has been executed incredibly well with high quality oils, you can just feel it, the overall impression is 100% unique to boot, never smelled anything even remotely close to this before. On the one hand, this is a frankincense and leather bomb with excellent note separation that has this stunningly beautiful and soapy jasmine flower which cuts through all of that smoke effect but, on the other hand, the smell you get as a 'whole' from the smoke effect is an overpowering olfactory illusion of stale cigarette smoke and aqua net hairspray as this composition is also chocked to the hilt with some insanely strong aldehydes that almost completely take over the first 2 hours of this perfume's life span and frankly for me, makes this entire thing feel like a smoky perfume for women. The aldehyde and jasmine combo are so potent that you can actually feel a 'soapy sparkle' if that makes sense while the projection and sillage on this stuff is huge, the room filling variety in fact. This composition has a denatured alcohol content of 90% but man is this stuff powerful and lasts forever on the skin which goes to show the quality of the oils. Me being an ex-smoker, I still kinda like that filthy dirty, cigarette stank, tar odor so naturally I like this perfume but my goodness, If Ted Lapidus Pour Homme doesn't capture this illusion here to T then I just don't know what. This leads me to believe that the man himself was either a mad smoker that blew through 2 packs a day or thoroughly enjoyed the odor overall because here it's being presented to you perfectly in a perfume, and quite well in an insanely awesome scent pyramid.

Once the drydown begins to take place after a few hours a handsome and bone dry vetiver takes over with a soft patchouli underneath and a suede like feel from the leather, there's also a wee hint of musk, real oakmoss, labdanum and fir that are presented as a whole but the final wake which dominates everything for the remaining endless hours are still that overtly strong impression of stale cigarette smoke and 'back in the day' hairspray. I honestly do not get much in the way of castoreum in this mix as to my seasoned nose this perfume is focused strongly around frankincense, leather, aldehydes and jasmine, nothing animalic or 'animal-leathery' for that matter. Don't go blind buying thinking you'll get some castoreum because you will be disappointed.

My final impression and opinion is that I'm really torn on this scent, one of the only perfumes where I feel entirely black and white on. It smells so ridiculously awesome and unique in character that goes through some drastic changes and lasts forever but, there's that strong impression of old stale cigarettes still smoldering away in a giant bake-lite salmon colored ashtray that someone occasionally 'spritzes' a few sprays of maximum hold aqua net hairspray onto in the teal colored can with the fishnet background. If you're familiar with these 2 smells and visuals here in life then you'll know exactly what I'm talking about and where I'm attempting to go with that. Ted Lapidus Pour Homme is truly awesome beyond words but for this day in age is so outdated and out of fashion or, out of place I should say that's it's sadly and completely, unwearable. On the upside though due to the overpowering aldehyes and jasmine being used here, a lady could pull this off nowadays with ease, especially if she's a heavy smoker with a bee hive hairdo. Heavy smokers who love frankincense and leather would relish in this.
12th October, 2017

Safari Blend by Abdul Samad Al Qurashi

I had purchased an original formula flacon of this blind about 3 years ago prior to all of ASQ's perfumes being reformulated into oblivion for the worst due to ASQ 'venturing' off into the Western hemisphere (thank you IFRA). I had purchased this from Mark over at that was the real deal for Abdul Samad al Qurashi perfumes at the time and was disappointed to the max when I had received it. I spent a fat ass chunk of coin on this, it was like 4 bills or something due to this particular flacon being the last original formula one in existence for sale in the world, I'm not even making that up. Mark had included a sample of the reformulation for comparison purposes which was much brighter and even more floral and was macerated for the worst.

This cpo is a ylang-ylang and vanilla bomb with a teeny tiny hint of almost indistinguishable Oud and that was it. It was overtly strong to boot. I wore it once which consisted of a miniscule drop and the outcome was so overpowering which just wouldn't let up that I was being chocked to death for hours and had to scrub after about 4 when at that point, the sillage was still overwhelming. On top of that, the sweetness level from the vanilla was making me feel ill, not even exaggerating. From that point on I now highly dislike vanilla due to that experience, not that I really liked it before but now I hate it. This cpo is for women and that's it. Smells like a super strong women's floral on steroids.

I couldn't find the appeal in this at all. The presentation sold me but in the end I was disappointed and sold it off but glad it's gone because to my nose, the overall effect of this perfume on me is that of sickly, nasty sweet, yellow floral that's entirely way too powerful, verged past the point of being wearable.

From my experience, all of these cpo's are too much... too dense, too much nuclear sillage and are the perfect candidates for olfactory fatigue from hell that are way too easy to over apply to begin with. All that I had ever received was negative feedback when wearing this stuff that my scent was always to strong and I would only wear teeny tiny bits, less then half a drop or less spread out. I sold all of this and don't miss any of it one bit.

It's entertaining to read reviews on these kinds of perfumes where people complain that they're weak, makes me laugh.
12th October, 2017

Drakkar by Guy Laroche

This is a 'nice' scent with atrociously bad longevity and sillage, I was shocked as I knew it was too good to be true with that wacky opening that grabbed me, after that it rapidly deflated, fast. Nice is the key word here. Nice, OK, middle of the road, nothing special but nothing that's bad, right down the middle but who wants that?

Drakkar smells exactly like some kind of a strange lemon cake from the atomizer, it has this creamy/waxy texture. The first opening 5 minutes resemble fresh dank marijuana buds I kid you not which quickly segues into a feminine vibe from tolu balsam, not really that masculine to be totally honest. It smells yellow like the color of the liquid, a wee bit old lady as well, just a tiny bit though but it is noticeable. The overall feel is that of a very soft lemon essence with a backdrop of mild oakmoss and musk, definitely a strange scent. Unique and moderately dated with very little complexity or development. It smells good, not great or wow though, very simple, very soft and gone with the wind before you know it.

I bought a flacon of this blind from Europe and literally had to bathe in this stuff to get any sort of sillage or longevity, I couldn't believe it. When I say bathe, I mean like 10-12 full on sprays that I would never in a billion years ever think about doing and leaving my domicile, I'm a 2-3 sprays kinda guy. Lasted about 6 hours as a skin scent on my skin that holds everything forever, completely disappointed. At the price points for these vintage and very hard to get flacons it's not even worth the hunt one bit because you really do have to apply a ridiculous amount of this stuff which by that point you're going to stink like old lady cologne guy while simultaneously pissing away all of that expensive liquid that performs terribly. Heed my advice on this and go with a flacon of vintage Drakkar Noir, that perfume is awesomeness beyond words, this one's a total let down. What a waste.
12th October, 2017

Azzaro pour Homme by Azzaro

Picked up a vintage flacon of this that's a pre-barcode atomized version with the rounded cap and to be completely honest... meh.

I live for 80's creations as I'm a child of the beginning of the 1980's and Azzaro doesn't move me one bit, in fact kinda turns my stomach, just a hair. Keep in mind for this review that what I'm smelling here is basically an original formula. It's 'tolerable' if I were to experience this on another individual but, I will never wear this, ever. To my nose there's not one iota of anything that I would consider as exciting in this mix. It smells like a slightly musty shaving creme of some sort that radiates strongly with a mild olfactory illusion of old lady lurking around in the background for the entire duration, that's the stomach churning part for me. The overall effect is that of a musty, non-descript soapiness, not really too appealing to my seasoned nose and nothing that I would ever have the desire to smell of. There's hardly any note separation whatsoever, it's just this blended up blob or better yet, the blending in this is to the max which results to being nauseatingly linear in nature. Azzaro creates a smell and that's it, very boring in my opinion. Also, the soapiness in this is strange that pretty much dominates everything from beginning to end. Excellent longevity and decent sillage though.

I really wouldn't use the term 'dated' per se because I've smelled some perfumes for men that take the cake in that department but I will say benign for sure. Sad really, that flacon is awesome but the liquid inside is something that I'll never ever wear, and why would I want to when there are a plethora of mind boggling 80's perfumes for men at my fingertips that make me giddy with joy for hours on end every single time I spray them on... like Kouros. I'll think I'll go bathe and then bask in the awesomeness of Kouros, or maybe even Macassar, that one really blows my mind. That's what I require and desire, complexity and the ultimate nirvana of olfactory pleasure, not sleepy boring soapy shaving creme time like Azzaro Pour Homme, what a lazy lame scent this is.

So sorry Azzaro but you my old friend are average at best, if that. I don't even want to think about how bad that reformulation is, God those reformulations scare me. I had high hopes for this one but in the end, it is what it is.
12th October, 2017

Lanvin for Men by Lanvin

I love civet to pieces and decided to buy a mini flacon of this blind. I did a few dab samplings at home and liked it quite a bit as there was a very deep woodiness to the scent overall, smelled fantastic. I was completely oblivious to the nuclear strong roses in this when I was dabbing it. I decided to pour it into an atomizer, gave Lanvin for Men a proper wearing and was horrified!

This is an extremely powerful rose perfume that overwhelms everything for the entire time, even worse is that the rose implemented into this mix is a big huge jammy, fruity and juicy red rose with a moderately strong indolic jasmine accord behind it, so the overall feel is absurdly floral in nature, especially for a man to wear. After a few hours the florals tame a 'bit' to reveal a lovely civet note that's fuzzy and warm which is laid onto a base of smoky vetiver and resiny labdanum, but keep in mind that this is a 100% rose perfume, possibly even a soliflore.

I love roses, just not on me. To be totally honest and as awesome as this smells, I felt like I was wearing a women's perfume the whole entire time, it's that overtly floral. My final verdict is that Lanvin for Men uses high quality ingredients, you can feel them when wearing it but, this is a super strong rose perfume with oodles of sillage and projection for hours and hours that lasts forever. I did a heavy application one night at home to feel the far drydown in the morning after sleeping and was literally choking myself out from the overwhelming amount of bright red rose in this. This stuff outlasted 2 whole showers that I could still catch traces of underneath of my other scent that I was wearing the following day, it's that strong, I would say easily 24+ hours on the skin. I will confidently say that Lanvin for Men is a bonafide 'fill the room' with sillage kinda perfume.

Very rare and very difficult to get. You seriously gotta love roses to get down with this, if you do and love civet then you're really going to like this one.

There's a concentrated perfume oil named Jakarta from the United Kingdom perfume house of Abdul Karim al Faransi that's eerily similar in smell and overall feel to Lanvin for Men, albeit a wee bit cleaner. Both of these perfumes could be kissing cousins. If you like this, try that, same monster performance as well.
12th October, 2017

Marbert Gentleman by Marbert

Marbert Gentleman is absolutely stellar, 'if' you love a head shop patchouli and an animalic civet that's bathed in deep resiny labdanum. If you're fond of these notes then you'll probably enjoy this thoroughly. I love all of these notes so naturally this perfume satisfies me.

I remember that my very first initial whiff of this conjured up memories of Christmas time, it's extremely difficult to explain what I'm talking about here but as soon as you smell this and are familiar with those Christmas smells, you'll get it, highly pleasurable. The scent profile feels like a pine tree, in a sense. This composition is complex and is true to the scent pyramid.

This smell is hard to describe. It's a moderately heavy and spicy perfume in feel and comes across as something that you'd adorn to play dress up as the impression received is dark. It has a classy personality to it. The ingredients used are top notch that you can clearly feel while wearing this. It is strictly a cold weather scent. The final drydown is an awesome and animalic, warm fuzzy civet accord that smells, brown, green and orange as the patch and labdanum dominate outside of the civet from beginning to end with a distant smoky vetiver, a creamy suede note, a soft musk and an incensy frankincense, everything is balanced to a t. It's an excellent and clever combination that works together perfectly. As mentioned prior, it's a heavy and dressy scent but never overpowering. The sillage is adequate and the longevity on this stuff is high. I've had this last on me for 18+ hours and that's when I had to bathe so I'm assuming that it would've lasted even longer as at that point it was still a strong skin scent.

Overall, I really like this perfume a lot. The 'gentleman' name is appropriate as I picture this on a guy that has class, money, manners, dresses nicely and is very well groomed. The only downfall I see is that the way that this smells wouldn't warrant that many opportunities to wear Marbert Gentleman as there's nothing casual about this.

As a side note, this perfume is ridiculously hard to find in a full size vintage eau de toilette outside of the 5ml minis that are somewhat still available. There are far more 5ml aftershaves around then the eau de toilette concentrations. I lucked out and found a 100ml atomized vintage flacon directly from Germany but, I had to keep a watch out for months upon months on end so keep that in mind if you happen to fall for this. The square flacons are reformulations, avoid those. You want the one with the round sloping shoulders. Seriously, this is an excellent scent that's very well put together, now I want to try other vintage stuff from this perfume house because I am beyond impressed with this awesome 80's creation.
12th October, 2017

Macassar by Rochas

The scent pyramid listed here is incorrect, the correct pyramid is this which applies to the first edition flacons that come in the grey box:

Head: absinthe, bay, ginger, green notes, artemesia, bergamot

Heart: pine tree needless, lignum vitae (palo santo), carnation, cedarwood, geranium, jasmine, patchouli, vetiver

Base: macassarwood, guaiacwood, sandalwood, tobacco blossom, musk, ambergris, oakmoss, leather, castoreum

The scent pyramid that's listed here is for the second edition flacons that came in a black box, that formula smells different then the first editons and is much lighter in color, the first edition juice is dark golden brown unlike the second edition which is dark yellow. The first editons are the only way to go although there was a slight reformulation to 'brighten' the composition which took place around 1986, that color of juice is a tad lighter with less leather, far more patchouli and musk but still just as highly pleasurable to adorn but has the advantage of far better note separation.

This scent doesn't belong from 1980 at all, Macassar doesn't smell like an 80's creation, this perfume is way ahead of it's time and is über elegant with pure class. Extremely unusual smelling, intoxicating and one of a kind that kinda resembles Chanel's Coco Noir to a degree with some added tobacco but a guy's version of course, never came across anything like this before, very dark and honestly makes you feel like a million bucks. This is a top notch perfume, you can just feel it when you're wearing it from beginning to end. There's nothing off putting about Macassar, it gets better and better. The opening hour is a tad weird and 'fuzzy' but after that when the patch and jasmine kick in, wowzers, can't explain it one bit. This is the best perfume from the 80's that I've experienced, ever, madly in love with this stuff but then again, I'm a patchouli whore. I could seriously write a book about this, Macassar blows my mind and I've smelled so much in my life.

This is a patchouli and leather perfume that has been executed perfectly, masterpiece material. The combination of jasmine and patchouli run throughout which are the main players underneath of oakmoss, musk, leather, amber, sandalwood and macassarwood, it's extremely difficult to describe. There's this to die for soapiness from the jasmine that's amazing beyond words which cuts through everything and balances this perfume. There is a phenomenal amber accord from the heart notes until the long, long drydown that recreates this sightly sweet olfactory illusion but the beauty of this scent is the jasmine/patch combo, beautiful beyond words. There's this very deep something in the base that hits the nose in just the right spot that's almost animalic in feel. Dries down to a soft white musk, suede, macassar wood, jasmine and patchouli on the most beautiful base of real oakmoss and castoreum that's as smooth as velvet, it's indescribable, really. I wish that I had the know how to describe this scent properly but I do not, the complexity of Macassar stumps me.

I've read all of the reviews everywhere on this masterful blend and am quite confused. Macassar is not a beast, yes it has amazing sillage and qualifies as strong if you bathe in it but this is elegance at its best, very well mannered and projects nicely and this is coming from an individual who is very weary about their perfume being too strong. There's nothing macho hairy chested about this, nothing, it's as smooth as butter with panache and quality that's to die for. Macassar is completely wearable and silky smooth. There's no gorilla in a suit here, none, sorry. Another amazing thing is that if you can get an atomized flacon, the atomizer itself is very well controlled so you can adjust your application accordingly from a tiny spritz to a full on wide spray. Two sprays for me and it's perfect for an easy 12 hours. Another thing is that you can always feel this scent, you don't become anosmic to it due to this composition being incredibly complex so it's always changing.

Superb lasting power that survives showers, honest. I've had this concoction come back to life again under Kouros of all perfumes which smelled like Kouros with suede underneath, in fact the wood in this perfume is so creamy in the far drydown that it comes across as oud once it's hit the far drydown. I could've sworn that there was some oud in this mix secretly, the wood is too creamy in the drydown with a wee bit of funk as well and if you've experienced the far drydown of some real agarwood then you'll know exactly what I'm talking about here. You really gotta be down with patchouli and leather to like this scent or you're going to hate it. I for one understand the hype and get the astronomical asking prices which are worth every penny in my opinion. The flacons themselves, atomized or splash are unique, handsome and a pleasure to look at.

I fell so hard for this masterpiece that I've sourced every vintage flacon that I could get my hands on which cost me a small fortune in the end and I have no regrets whatsoever, except for the money I've spent.
05th October, 2017

Realm by Germaine Monteil

For a scent from the heart of 1975 that's geared for the Man who never found a fragrance the he liked, this is pretty good considering, unfortunately, this is a victim of its own time and smells unabashedly from the 1970's.

The head and base notes are easily distinguishable with excellent note separation, while the heart is presented as a whole. This dries down to a really good smoky vetiver and frankincense with a moderately strong animalic musk, oakmoss and chamomile as supporting roles while there's this really awesome resiny amber presented throughout. Overall pretty dang decent but, as mentioned before, this kinda smell is horribly dated and really is unwearable as compared to today's perfume standards which kinda gives off that old lady perfume vibe due to the musk and oakmoss accords, it's wearable though, just a tad challenging.

I have given this perfume a few proper wearings and felt like a musk bomb while wearing it and was really on edge, I felt as if I was wearing a 3 piece Angel's Flight suit with my polyester big lapelled shirt including the huge bell bottoms and 3" platforms. It's difficult to describe the '70's odor' in a perfume but it's here in spades. It almost feels as if there is a healthy dose of aldehydes in this mix from beginning to end because I can smell and sense them or, maybe due to age the composition has degraded a wee bit, probably both. I don't own a time machine to go back and make comparisons so I'm sticking with that.

Projects strongly for a cologne concentration and lasts for a solid 12 hours with a few small spritzes decanted into an atomizer. Unfortunately Realm has had it's day. If I was around when this had debuted, I'd be all over it like hot cakes on sausage and probably would wear it daily as the ingredient quality is high and smells entirely natural, especially taking into consideration that the vetiver and frankincense combo in this is top notch, in fact one of the best I've smelled to date which is being smothered to death in heavy musk and oakmoss. Reminds me strongly of Ted Lapidus Pour Homme minus the leather, jasmine flower and stale cigarette smoke/Aquanet hairspray olfactory illusion which is where I firmly believe that Ted himself had received the inspiration for that perfume, the similarities are uncanny and the correlation had instantly popped into my head immediately into the first solid wearing but, Realm is 'far' more wearable and way more of an acceptable smell overall. Realm isn't a dead ringer for Ted Lapidus Pour Homme, it's only close in comparison. A very interesting smell otherwise, I'd safely say 'unique' in a positive way. I snatched up some huge blocks of Realm soaps from eBay and thoroughly enjoy using them in the shower as when you're done, the result is a Realm 'light', slightly musky and soapy of course.

Overall, kudos to Realm, it's a solid man's perfume that delivers strongly with superb ingredients, kinda fun to wear. Had it's day though and is considered a relic to wear this day in age, at least for me, but, I 'do' truly enjoy wearing this occasionally around the house as the vetiver and resins in this are really super, it's just kinda dated in feel overall which is where the downfall lies but can easily be overlooked, very nice scent though, I like it. There's this coziness about Realm that's comforting and strangely addicting in a weird way...
03rd October, 2017

Kouros by Yves Saint Laurent

It's kinda funny and strange at the same time where you find yourself ending up on your perfume journey which took me years to get to but I'm glad that I'm here because frankly, I'm exhausted. I used to own hundreds of flacons of various perfumes which was completely unnecessary, mostly oud perfumes from the middle east which I've deemed personally as unwearable and happily moved along, also a few vintages.

Over a period of about a year, I sold off everything that I own to rest on Kouros and Fraicheur, this is all that I wear now and never ever do I tire of these other worldly smells. As far as Kouros goes and I only wear the grand daddy formulas, old man maybe, poopy if you don't know how to wear a damn scent properly but, addicting? Oh God, you don't even know! I crave this smell, that sweet civet and ambergris with a smoky vetiver underneath sure gets my dopamine flowing.

The trick to this perfume is all in the application as over applying Kouros will make you smell like a turd, not pee, that's Versace L'Homme if you want to smell like a bag of hot piss. Considering that the atomizers on these flacons squirt out little tiny bits in a rather concentrated spray pattern, and also that there's always a little bit that seems to be wasted by collecting on the atomizer hole itself which I found to be very annoying in that all this does is waste precious civet juice, you need to decant the perfume into a new atomizer that recreates a fine and full on mist.

The key in the application is 2 sprays as in a 'walk through' effect and that's it, this kinda perfume is very powerful and is supposed to recreate a second skin on you which I've noticed that if you apply it properly, you can never really smell it on you after an hour anyways. 1 spray as far above you while holding the atomizer as far away as humanly possible, and the other in the same fashion while lying down on the floor facing the atomizer as to spray towards your chest and arm areas so the fine mist covers you all over. This is not the kind of scent that you apply close up so that you see a sheen of oils on your skin, this is when you're going to smell like a fresh piece of poop for a long time. As far as the dab method goes, I have found it as virtually useless as this needs to be atomized.

You want as many of those little teeny tiny mist droplets spread out all over you in a small amount, on your head, neck, chest, arms and back but, a very fine mist to create a mild skin scent, that's all you need! Although it's incredibly frustrating and you'll think that Kouros has all but disappeared, it hasn't. I receive compliments all the time with this application about my 'incense' perfume, that's correct, incense. There's a lot of incense in this that smells like nag champa, or maybe this is what Kouros smells like as a whole to outside noses when worn how it's supposed to and not bathed in. You can thank all of the guys who over apply for the bad reputation that Kouros has unfortunately earned.

This is what people always tell me and they seem to like it and this has happened on more then one occasion. Over applying this stuff recreates a nightmare as civet is very strong and smells faecal in concentrated amounts but, if you take your time with 2 spritzes you will be rewarded with one of the best perfumes for men, and compliments!

Charles of the Ritz smooth bottom with no lettering: civet bomb
Charles of the Ritz with lettering on the bottom: civet and honey bomb
Parfums Corp: Musk bomb
Sanofi: Ambergris bomb
PPR Gucci: Synthesized civet bomb
L'Oreal: Aroma chemical bomb, or blob, doesn't really matter at this point.
02nd September, 2016 (last edited: 12th October, 2017)

Dehn el Ood Fakham by Swiss Arabian Perfumery

I'm not really of fan of Swiss Arabian's perfumes, or at least the ones that I've tried outside of Mukhalat Malaki, but this stuff right here is really something else...

'Fakham, which means ‘luxurious’ in Arabic, is a fine and skillful blend of the best qualities of Indian and Cambodian Dehn El Ood that transcends all boundaries. Dehn El Ood Fakham is a traditional, sweet, addictive, woody scent which will softly remind you of its presence all day long. The fragrance comes in an easy to use spray form in a gold & silver metallic body and an attractive outer packaging. Yang-ling flower , jasmine , Bulgarian flowers and cedar wood patchouli . Base: Indonesian Agarwood, Sandal, Amber, Musk'

I cannot really agree with the scent pyramid in that description from another website, but that doesn't really matter anyways because this perfume is all about a huge juice Oud note that's very dark and heavy, pristine woody in feel with just a tad of funk that's backed by a giant Black Currant accord that doesn't really die down until the far drydown where it's simply a yummy and creamy Vanilla that's floating on a balmy bed of what's an even better smelling Oud. Now, the denatured alcohol content is 75%, so technically this is an Extrait, and it sure behaves that way, especially after you spray it there's an oily spot for quite some time. The sillage is extremely potent and the longevity is easily 24+ hours, albeit a skin scent at that point. After about the 1 hour mark, Fakham begins producing those awesome smelling sillage trails that are leathery and complex in feel which 'finally' after about 4 hours begins to die down to a more comfortable level. Very Manly, perfect for layering, amazing pricepoint, a compliment generator (applied discreetly of course) and a very wearable and socially acceptable Oud that's fruity, sweet, very dark and as woody as real woody can get. Fakham was also one of the few blind buys that I've been thoroughly satisfied with and will be repurchasing again, I just highly dislike having to wait almost 2 weeks when ordering from the Middle East, but it's definitely worth the wait.
16th December, 2015

Brown Incense by Abdul Samad Al Qurashi

The perfumers at ASQ are Artists, true Artists. Furusiyya Brown Incense is exactly that, Brown with a tad of Orange and light Purple sprinkled on top. The opening is breathtaking and almost indescribable. This perfume is all about a strong Oud and Iris Flower, at least the drydown is, but that opening is royal to the max and very luxurious with an amazingly balmy and beautiful Amber accord with a juicy and very life like Orange Flower, but it's basically every note that's listed all at the same time which recreates the olfactory illusion of smelling like a super clean and expensive bar of soap... it's quite lovely and entirely unique. I did not find a terrible amount of development over this perfume's lifespan, just a really strong opening that settles down to a nice sillage in your personal space with excellent longevity in the 8+ hour range, but credit is due where credit is deserved because a perfume that's focused around a powdery Iris Flower and a strong Oud accord is definitely one of a kind which I'll happily wear this perfume simply for that reason alone, also, I find that Brown Incense is the less aggressive Brother of the 2 in this Series for Men and find it way more appropriate for daytime wear, but nonetheless, Furusiyya Brown and Black Incense are works of Art with some serious potency in the sillage and longevity department. These 2 perfumes are absolutely stunning!
03rd December, 2015

Hayati by Al Haramain

First and foremost, this perfume is hardly anything Feminine because this beast dries down to an incredibly deep and Masculine Oud that blows your socks off which smells of the Cambodian variety which dominates the entire drydown and creates this 'bubble' of sweet, juicy Oud all around the wearer and is in fact one of the best Ouds I've ever experienced. The top note of Amber is exquisitely composed to the point where it is present from opening to close making a fan finale appearance one last time near the far drydown, while the Rose and Sugar make an appearance every now and again only adding a very mild soapiness that's slightly sweet, but you seriously need to be searching for this to pick it out. The woody base notes smell of Cedarwood and Agarwood which intermittently play off of each other and blend beautifully together simultaneously, while the Musk in this perfume is simply to die for, and did I mention that this perfume is BEAST mode from opening to close?... the sillage trails are incredible as is the top notch lasting power of an easily achievable 24+ hours. The perfume is super complex in feel and is the furthest thing from being linear. All of the listed notes are noticeable as individuals and as a whole. 2 or 3 drops spread thinly onto the pulsepoints of this otherworldly liquid and you're set for the rest of the evening... trust me, this is all you need. As a side note, this perfume is very dark and heavy in feel which is strange because the oil is as clear as filtered H²0, so daytime wear is not recommended. The overall feel of this perfume is that of elegance, darkness and feels strongly to be worn in formal situations or when dressing up nicely, it's über classy and exudes a truck load of sophistication that begins on a Feminine accord but only to drydown to a highly pleasurable and Manly smelling Oud. You noticed that I said drydowns to, not ends on. Hayati is honestly one of the best perfumes that I've experienced from Al Haramain, outside of a select few others which are not listed here on Basenotes. Expect compliments from this perfume.
20th November, 2015 (last edited: 16th December, 2015)

Joop! Homme by Joop!

This is an insanely sensual and sexy scent... when applied correctly. You really have to get the vintage formula to truly enjoy what this beauty is supposed to smell like, unlike the current formula which is a hot synthetic mess. The sticker on the bottom of the flacon should read 'Lancaster Group USA' and have the cornflower emblem embossed above HOMME. Also, this perfume needs to be dabbed onto your pulsepoints, not sprayed, in very minute amounts, like literally a drop to be enjoyed correctly. Even better, and please investigate to the max and go forward with this, there is a concentrated perfume oil, or CPO from Al Haramain named 'Tajibni' that's marketed as for Women but smells unabashedly Masculine and is a Heliotrope, Suede and Leather bomb, in fact the best Leather and Heliotrope scent that I've ever experienced in my life and has a ridiculously amazing Amber accord in its base notes that smells like purple suede and is unnecessarily strong to boot, well, this perfume shares Heliotrope, Vanilla, Patchouli and Cardamom with Joop! Homme and is strikingly similar with it's scent pyramid to Joop's, so guess what? The layering of these 2 is an olfactory masterpiece! Check it out. One of the best perfume combos, ever!
19th November, 2015

Jazaab by Ajmal

This juice is the most medicinal, band-aidy, sterilized bandage smelling Oud oil that I've ever experienced! If über medicinal and incredibly smoky Ouds are your forté, then you're sure to be in olfactory heaven once you smell Dahnal Oudh Jazaab. The development of this juice is amazing, only becoming increasingly more medicinal in feel as the hours wear on, until well past the 12+ hour mark, the Oud turns into that balmy, highly pleasurable odor that is virtually impossible to put into words. The sillage is massive from 1 tiny drop, and the longevity is super persistent, so that 1/4 tola should last you for a ridiculously long time. The only issue that I have with an oil like this is that it can pretty much only be enjoyed at home, because the intensity of how strongly this oil resembles exactly what a hospital smells like is uncanny. Personally, I find this smell intoxicating. Also, the color of the oil is completely awesome... it's like a firery reddish-orange and fits the smell of this Oud appropriately.
05th March, 2015

Ostoorah by Ajmal

Incredibly soapy with an incredibly floral opening that's dominated by huge red Roses with a slight Jasmine and Tuberose nuance in the background, with an even further off Agarwood and Sandalwood. The Oud in this mix is by no means skanky or medicinal, just woody in nature and ever so smoky which the warm and gauzy Amber trail helps push it along, until around the 8 hour mark when the Roses `subside` a tad to allow the funky side of the Oud and Musk to poke through. Overall, I thoroughly like this juice, it's very natural and very potent, almost nauseatingly so, which you've really gotta like some big fat Roses to pull this juice, because the center stage, almost from beginning to end is giant, juicy, red Damascus Roses, and then some, which is leaning far more towards the Ladies side of the comfort spectrum, and they're so unbelievably potent, that they almost begin to come across as synthesized (which at this pricepoint, I'm sure that there's a healthy amount of synthetics involved, but I could be incorrect) due to the über concentration. If you layer a good Oud under Ostoorah, it somewhat tames those thick and sticky florals. I think it's the sillage that's throwing me off here, because although this composition is overtly floral, almost Glade® Plug-In floral, the sillage on this juice is huge! I barely touched the applicator stick to one side of my neck, and the projection was never ending. It smelled fantastic, but I was almost uncomfortable, you try it and be the judge.
31st January, 2015