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Virgin Island Water by Creed

This is the BEST smell in the world. 100% perfect. Sadly it doesn't last long. I literally spray myself 20 times or more and within 2 hours it's gone.

I have been told my a beautiful woman when wearing "I want to eat you." 4oz bottle for $100 from fragrance shop is the only way I'd buy. 4.0 lasts only one month.
19th December, 2013

Jack Black Signature Blue Mark by Jack Black

This is my daily signature scent. The first time I smelled it, it did SOMETHING to me. I just kept smelling my wrist over and over and over for hours. This is my favorite cologne in the world. It remind me of sipping gin and tonic on a yacht. It get a lot of compliments from women, as well.
19th December, 2013

Silver Mountain Water by Creed

This smells really good, for a woman. I do not see this being a male scent at ALL. Smells like melon from bath and body works and dries down to a 100% woman's perfume smell. After one spray I will be returning.
19th December, 2013
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