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Sweet Morphine by Ex Nihilo

This is quite beautiful Ė such a delicate, soft, feminine floral. Itís not in the least heavy or cloying Ė itís a lovey, light scent perfect for any weather. Longevity is pretty good Ė I put on a dab this morning from the little sample bottle I received and seven hours on I can still smell it. This has gone straight to the top of my wishlist Ė class in a bottle. Absolutely gorgeous!
08th January, 2018

Bohemia by One Seed

I received my sample pack of One Seed scents yesterday, and even though was already wearing perfume, I couldnít resist trying Bohemia Ė Iím a sucker for chocolate scents. When it first went on, I got an initial blast of orange chocolate, like a freshly opened Terryís Chocolate Orange, with a hint of chocolate cherry liqueur. Then the rose and pink grapefruit popped out. The blood orange note is quite sweet, especially combined with the apricot and rose, so until you know how your skin handles it, Iíd advise applying lightly and seeing how it develops. The chocolate note disappeared on me quite fast, but thatís ok Ė the rose in this is beautiful and makes up for it. Looking forward to trying the rest of the samples, and for $49 (plus postage) for seven generous 2.5ml spray bottles itís great value. Definitely no armpit or pee smell to be found here.
05th January, 2018

Musc Tonkin by Parfum d'Empire

Warm, sweet musk, powder, a smidgeon of orange, a dab of jasmine, a little bit of furry animalic wildness, a touch of sweat Ė this is a beautiful, complex fragrance. I bought a full bottle based on the sample I received, which Iíd loved. And on first spray from the bottle, I was horrified. What the hell have I done, I wondered, feeling quite sick that I had wasted my money. Then I realised that it was probably fighting with the perfume Iíd put on earlier in the morning. The next day, a fresh spray on clean skin Ė what a difference! This beauty does not play second fiddle, but I could see her sharing body space with, say, Salome Ė a spritz of one on one arm, a spritz of the other on the other arm Ė or perhaps a spicy vanilla. She is quite beautiful enough on her own though, thatís for sure. Love.
05th January, 2018
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Ambre Russe by Parfum d'Empire

When I first put this on, I was trying to work out what this particular note was that was teasing my nose. Then I looked at the notes and realized what it was: vodka, with a herby note. I got to sample a beautiful gin on Christmas Eve Ė itís a deep petrol blue in the bottle and in the glass, but when a tiny splash of soda water is added, it turns a gorgeous violet colour. This reminds me of that Ė the alcoholic tang of the gin but with a yummy fresh herbal/floral note. Itís warm and smoky thanks to the amber and incense and leather, but the spices lift it and give it a lovely kick. Sadly, longevity isnít great, on me at least Ė barely two hours. Glad I got to try it though. While it lasts, it's lovely.
03rd January, 2018

Les Nombres d'Or : Vanille by Mona di Orio

This is not your typical sweet vanilla scent, not by a long shot. Itís a boozy, spicy rich vanilla with a good dose of smokiness thrown in Ė itís like a grown-up, over 18 vanilla. A vanilla with its kick-arse boots on Ė leather ones Ė instead of its nice 'lady' shoes. I like it.
02nd January, 2018

Tango by Masque

Glorious. Rich spice, warm wood, boozy amber, with a stunning rose that mingles deliciously with the tonka bean and benzoin. Seven hours in and it settled into a gorgeous, powdery rose with delicate wafts of vanilla. Prompted another unsolicited ďWow, you smell nice!Ē from my husband. Definite, definite love Ė oh how I want this! Full-bottle worthy for sure.
01st January, 2018

Ore by Slumberhouse

When I first put this on, I got such a strong boozy whiff Ė Brandy? Whiskey? Ė that I was surprised to find, when I checked the notes for this, that it was neither, and that in fact there is no booze at all in this. It settled rapidly though, and then I got lovely warm woody spice. There is something that makes me think of hippie shops Ė you know the ones, the shops that sell incense, Ďdecorativeí pipes (bongs), crystals, essential oils etc. And lest you think Iím being mean, Iím not Ė I love hippie shops. I love the smells, the funky jewellery, the clothes, all of it Ė I find them relaxing places to hang out, and thatís how this perfume makes me feel. Relaxed and calm and chilled. I guess it depends on your skin chemistry Ė a lot of the reviews I've read seem to get a lot of chocolate from this. An hour in, I was still getting mostly the wood and balsam, with just the faintest hint of chocolate, with a lick of heat from the pepper and a touch of something herby and fresh and green, which I guess was from the clary sage. I like it though Ė itís a beauty, and the longevity is brilliant Ė 10 hours later I could still smell it.
31st December, 2017

SŚdanne by Slumberhouse

A big glistening pot of fruity, boozy, strawberry jam sitting on an old wooden table, polished to perfection, thatís been set for afternoon tea Ė nice china, those cute little spoons to serve the jam with, and an antique bowl filled with fat, fully blown roses. All of those different smells hovering in the air, which is stirred gently by the overhead fan. I get plum for some reason, even though itís not listed in the notes, and a soft, almost baby powderish note, before the woody note comes through with the teeniest, tiniest smidgen of soap. I rather like it, but donít know if itís one I could wear very often Ė that strawberry note is pretty full on which makes it very jammy and sweet. Not sure how many blokes would wear it though Ė to me, this definitely falls way more on the girlie side of unisex scents. I think Iíll re-visit this little sweetie in the cooler months Ė it does smell lovely, but itís hot and sticky and horribly humid today and it feels a bit much in this sort of weather. Still, I am enjoying this Ė itís a fun, happy, carefree scent.
30th December, 2017

Pacific Rock Moss by Goldfield & Banks

The first sniff of this and I was transported to the seaside; standing on the cliffs, looking out over the ocean, with all its different blues and greens, watching the waves rolling in, with a delicious breeze bringing the scent of the ocean to me. The lemon and sage give this a fresh, bracing feel. This is a perfect scent for a sticky, humid day like today - if I can't be at the beach on my clifftop, then this is the next best thing. Prompted an unsolicited ďoh, you smell nice!Ē from my husband. Lovely.
17th December, 2017

Eva Kant by O'Driý

This smells very medicinal and feels a bit sharp when it first goes on. It settles quickly though, and then I get a lovely, spicy, creamy, woody vanilla. Itís a complex mix, but the notes all work very well together. This is the second OíDriu scent Iíve tried (I have added Pathetique to my stable) and I rather like it. Iím not into assigning a scent to a particular season, but this is another one I could see working better in the cooler months. Itís 30 degrees (Celsius) today and very humid (and therefore very sticky and gross), and although Iím really enjoying the way this has unfolded, it feels a bit heavy for a day like today. Will definitely re-visit this little beauty when summer is over and the cooler weather kicks in. But Iím already thinking full-bottle at some stage.
03rd December, 2017

Dryad by Papillon Artisan Perfumes

Dryad: in Greek mythology, female tree nymphs or tree spirits who watch over forests and groves. They are more often shown as beautiful young maidens, who inhabit and, sometimes, personify features of mother nature herself, such as trees (Dryad), water (Naiad) and mountains (Oread). This makes me think of green and growing things; gracefully twisting vines and soft, velvety, bright green moss surrounding a crystal clear pond in the middle of a deep and ancient forest. The Dryad, clad in her beautiful woodland garments, is perched in one of the trees, keeping watch over her domain. This is what I imagine a Dryad would smell like should you encounter one; she carries with her all of the lovely, fresh scents of nature, with something a little wild thrown into the mix. Itís quite lovely and I think it would work super well on the blokes. This is the second Papillon scent Iíve tried (I now own the absolutely divine Salome). Very happy with this one Ė definitely full-bottle worthy.
27th October, 2017

Chocolat by Il Profumo

I was really excited to try this, but I donít get much chocolate from it at all. I get a soft, lightly spicy fruity vanilla blend, which pretty much disappeared after a couple of hours. However! Iím going to ask my husband to play scent guinea-pig (again Ė heís such a love that way! :))) Ė thereís something about the spiciness in this that I suspect would rock on the blokes. If youíre a fan of Amour de Cacao, Chocolate Greedy, Serendipitous, Mat Chocolat, Al Rehab Choco Musk (all of which I have in my stable, apart from the hopefully-soon-to-be-added Chocolate Greedy) then yes, youíre in for a bit of a disappointment as this is not what I would call a true chocolate scent; the other ones definitely deliver much more bang for the buck that way (the Al Rehab especially so given its lasting power and crazy good price). This one is nice, but if youíre after a good, solid hit of chocolate, definitely try before you buy.
26th October, 2017

Ambre by Rťminiscence

This is my third Reminiscence fragrance and Iíve got to say Iím fast becoming a fan of theirs. It took me a couple of goes before I really got this, because for some reason I was expecting it to be a bit spicier. I was quite startled at how sweet this seemed when it first went on, but it settled quickly. Itís quite lovely; it feels warm and soft and so very comforting. I donít get much of the clove at all in this, but I do get a lot of powder. Longevity is great Ė I get a good seven to eight hours out of this.
22nd October, 2017
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Paris*LA by A Lab on Fire

Looking at the notes for this, I was a tad surprised. Iíve not come across a coca cola note in perfume before, and I was curious to try it. Straight up I get the lime and the ginger, bright and zingy and fresh. After a few minutes, that settles and I get soft wafts of thyme and, yes, the macarons, which is where Iím guessing is where the almondy note is coming from. After an hour or so, I get the cola and musk. This is such an unusual combination, but it really works Ė I like it, a lot. Iíve sampled a few scents from A Lab on Fire, and Iíve got to say, Iím becoming a fan. I could easily go a full bottle of this.
22nd October, 2017

Insulo by Jeroboam

This is lovely. Three simple notes, but balanced and blended so beautifully that no one note shouts over the top of the other. Creamy vanilla, soft jasmine and delicate musk, all playing nicely together. It was quite sweet when it first went on, but that settled after a few minutes, and then I was sitting in a lovely soft cloud of musky, flowery vanilla. Chocolate isnít listed as a note, but I also got wafts of chocolate. Longevity is pretty damn good Ė I got a good eight hours out of it. I think a lot of blokes might find this too sweet, but then again, I guess it would depend on the skin chemistry. Itís a super pretty scent, and I have a full bottle winging it's way to me as I type this. Very definite thumbs up!
17th October, 2017

Everything & Nothing No. 10 by Tokyo Milk

This was a birthday gift for a 'significant' birthday, from a very good friend of mine, and I love it. This is a wonderful, warm citrus scent. As it says on the front of the bottle: sweet orange, pressed petals, desert moss, tea leaves. And thatís what I get Ė a lovely fresh citrus, a delicate flowery note with the tea adding a lovely depth. Itís a definite winner. Sillage is great, longevity is excellent Ė I got a good seven hours out of it. I wore it to work today and a colleague wanted to know what it was, so I gave her a go of it and she was won over pretty much straight away Ė she wanted to know where she could buy it. Iím wondering what I could layer it with Ė any suggestions?
06th October, 2017

Heliotrope by Olivier Durbano

Got this as a sample with purchase, and I like it. Itís warm and, on me, very spicy. I donít get any sweetness from this Ė itís all peppery spicy warmth. I also get a strong hit of incense, which I rather like. This is definitely more for the blokes though. That said, this is something I could easily see myself wearing again. This is gonna sound weird, but if I found myself needing to kick somebodyís arse (and there have been waaaay to many days like that lately :/) this is what Iíd choose to wear when I did it. It just gives off a strong, no-nonsense, quietly powerful vibe. Weird? Undoubtedly. But thatís the vibe I get off this Ė itís a kick-arse scent, and I will probably spring for a full bottle at some stage.
06th October, 2017

Phi - Une Rose de Kandahar by Tauer

I had high hopes for this, and when it first went on, it was stunning Ė beautiful rose, sweet apricot, vanilla, almond and a touch of spice. Alas, it must be my skin chemistry, because after an hour that gorgeous rose morphed into a dusty, musty, mouldy old wood smell. Shame, because the first hour of this was absolutely wonderful, and it smells lovely in the little sample bottle ☹ I donít know if itís that particular combination of notes that doesnít work on me, but I tried another scent a while ago with similar notes and got the same musty, dusty smell. Iím giving it a neutral because I think it would be gorgeous on the person with the right chemistry.
06th October, 2017

fťminin Pluriel by Maison Francis Kurkdjian

I ordered a sample of this based on the notes, because they looked lovely. And it is pretty Ė a very soft, delicate floral. But Iím underwhelmed Ė itís a timid fragrance and nothing in this jumps out. For the price, Iíd want something with a bit more presence. Not a shouty, in-your-face, hey-everybody-Iím-wearing-perfume presence that chokes the room, but something with a little more gumption. I at least want to feel like Iím wearing something, and this doesnít Ė it disappears way too fast. Still, very pretty while it lasts.
06th October, 2017

Black Phantom : Memento Mori by By Kilian

I have a thing for the chocolatey/vanilla/gourmandy scents, but this is nothing like any of the ones Iíve tried or have in my perfume stable. On application itís difficult to pick any one note out, however, after around 20 minutes the individual notes start to peek out, if somewhat timidly Ė almond, coffee, sandalwood. After an hour or so, the chocolate started to appear, but very faintly, and I got a soft, toasty, biscuity type smell, and spice. Thereís also a faint dusty note too, not sure why. A few people have posted here that they smell vetiver in this, and to (or perhaps I should say Ďoní?) me that often smells dusty. This is my first go of a Kilian scent, and I was excited to try it. I like it, a lot. Itís one of those scents that you think has disappeared, but then you get lovely, albeit very faint, wafts of it. It seems to be more of a skin scent though. The staying power is astonishing Ė I got a good 10 hours out of this. Considering the price though (eye-watering) Iíd want a lot more oomph Ė all of those notes should be delicious, but theyíre all so faint that I have to hold my wrist up to my nose to get anything. To be fair, it could just be my skin chemistry. And what there is, is lovely, but for the same money you could easily pick up (as I already had) at least two oriental vanilla/chocolate scents, with similar notes, with way better projection. Unless you have boatloads of cash burning a hole in your pocket, definitely try before you buy.
06th October, 2017

Tihota by Indult

This smells similar to Love, Hope, Denim, and Serendipitous, and also Amour De Cacao. I like it, a lot, but itís quite pricey, and for way less money there are other vanilla scents out there that would probably satisfy even the most ardent vanilla fiend (see above). Reminiscence Vanille also is lovely Ė to me, that is more of a true vanilla scent. That said, Iíve enjoyed my little sample of this very much Ė itís a lovely, creamy vanilla, but then I do like the gourmandy type scents. The longevity is amazing: I could still smell this after ten hours, so I have to give it big props for that. I doubt Iíd spring for a full bottle though Ė there is just not enough about this that is different enough from my other vanilla scents to justify spending that much money. At this stage at least ;) But if you have a spare $200 kicking around and nothing better to spend it on, and you donít have any good vanilla scents hanging out in your perfume wardrobe, I say go for it Ė you wonít be disappointed.
06th October, 2017

Mťlodie de L'Amour by Parfums Dusita

Big, in-your-face sweet white floral bomb, which slowly morphs intoÖpetrol, with an underlying faint plastic note, followed by a very heavy, almost rotting fruit sort of smell (sweet and sour and dank) with a soft hint of the jasmine and a smidge of something metallic. Thereís quite a lot going on with this actually. But the petrol note just seemed to take over on me, and thatís where it stayed, and while I actually donít mind the smell of petrol, I donít want to wear it as a perfume. Longevity, on me at least, is poor Ė this had pretty much vanished after two hours. I would love to see what this is like on someone else though Ė the notes are so lovely, but on me, it just doesnít work. I'm giving it a neutral though, because it has been an interesting ride seeing how it has evolved.
19th August, 2017

Jicky by Guerlain

This makes me think of Heritage, which I absolutely adore, except in this I find the lavender much more pronounced. Itís also quite herby. I totally get the sophisticated, dapper old man vibe Ė complete with natty waistcoat, discreet but interesting bow tie, and immaculately coiffed hair. Thereís something deliciously cool about this Ė I could just imagine spritzing this in the heat of summer, after a refreshing dip in the pool or a nice cool shower. I asked my husband to have a sniff of this, and he said that it makes him think of Morocco, because of the spices. I like this, a lot, but not as much as Shalimar.
19th August, 2017

Tuscany per Donna by Estee Lauder

I got a bottle of this way back in 1994, and loved it. Even when it ran out, I kept the bottle, because there was a teeny tiny bit left in it (which I couldnít get out) because I just loved the smell of it so much. I was most upset when I went to get another bottle and I found out that it wasnít being made any more. Then several years ago, I found out that Estee Lauder were making it, so I went looking on the net and found some. The box and the bottle were identical to my old bottle, and it smelled exactly as I remembered - awesome!! I havenít worn this for a while, so I hauled it out this morning and then wondered why I had neglected it. Itís just lovely. While I get a bit of the fruit at opening, it very quickly becomes a soft cloud of beautiful, warm, spicy vanilla-amber-sandalwood, with a touch of sweetness from the carnation. There is something so deliciously warm about this Ė itís very feminine, without being girly. It makes me think of a sexy little black dress, and champagne glasses, backlit by a toasty warm fireplace, just waiting to be picked up and sipped. Donít ask me why Ė thatís just what springs to mind whenever I smell this. I do understand why some people think of Tresor when they smell it Ė they have a lot of notes in common. This, however, is more spicy. I still love it as much as I ever did.
16th June, 2017

Sauvignonne by Ginestet

A fresh grapefruity zing when it first goes on, with a crisp tang from the grapes and a touch of wood. After a few minutes, it settles into a pleasant, fruity fragrance, and thatís where it stays. This is my second go at a Ginestet fragrance, albeit in tester form Ė I have a nice big bottle of Botrytis, which I love Ė but sadly, this doesnít seem to have the staying power of Botrytis. Two hours in, and all that was left was a soft, pretty fruity scent, very close to the skin. Four hours in and it was gone. Nice, but itís not for me.
13th June, 2017

Tonka by Rťminiscence

This is the second Reminiscence scent I have, the first being Vanille. This is spicy sweet vanilla and almond, drizzled with honey and touched with leather. Itís like the oh-so-cool big sister of Vanille Ė leather jacket wearing, groovy piercings, funky coloured hair (the one who will sneak her underage brother/sister a sneaky alcoholic drink at a party). The one who waits until her parents are have gone out, then races out and zooms off on the back of her (secret) boyfriendís motorcycle. Itís still got that innocent sweetness from the vanilla, but the anise and clove give it a feisty, grown-up edge. Longevity on me is around eight hours, which is pretty good. I think this would work ok on the blokes as well. Itís a love.
11th June, 2017

Audace by Profumum

Now this is good Ė spicy wood, smoky licorice and a hint of vanilla, with the vetiver giving it a lovely fresh feel. Iíve tried a lot of unisex fragrances, and while some of them could definitely be worn by either sex, some have struck me as too feminine or masculine to be truly unisex. This is one that could easily be worn by the blokes or the ladies Ė thereís enough sweetness to stop it from feeling too Ďblokishí and enough spice and wood to stop it from being too Ďgirlyí. Definitely enjoying this one. Longevity is pretty good too - I got around 10 hours.
11th June, 2017

Ambra by Omnia Profumo

Iíve been eyeing this one off for a while, and it was on my wish-list, and then as I was picking through the last lot of samples I got with my last purchase, what did I find? Yep, this little beauty. Iím guessing itís the opoponax, but when it first goes on, I get a faint boozy whiff, accompanied by something that makes me think of a freshly opened box of raisins. That settles and then Iím left with a beautiful warm amber, touched with vanilla. I donít get much of the orange or bergamot (or the other notes for that matter), but thatís ok Ė Iím on a bit of an amber kick at the moment. I like this a lot Ė itís a lovely warm, cosy, comforting scent, and I could easily go for a full bottle.
09th June, 2017

White Soul by Ted Lapidus

This was a blind buy, based on the notes and the reviews and the fact that I was able to pick up a bottle very cheaply. Itís a very pretty fragrance Ė floral and fruity, it is a bit strong on opening, but after a couple of minutes, it settles and I get a very soft, gentle floral. Sadly, it doesnít last on my skin Ė I barely get three hours out of this, and thatís from two sprays. But while it lasts, itís just lovely.
09th June, 2017

Pathetique by O'Driý

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! Warm, woody, smoky, sweet; even though thereís no vanilla or chocolate in this, thatís what I get Ė a rich, creamy, smoky chocolate, with the black pepper giving it a kick of heat. The longevity is quite frankly amazing Ė I put this on at eight in the morning and I could still smell it, clearly, well over twelve hours later, and that was from just one spray. I love how this evolved over the day Ė that spicy, smoky, chocolaty note became more pronounced as the day wore on, not in an in-your-face way, but rather like sitting in front of the fireplace, with a nice big mug of spiced hot chocolate, and inhaling the fragrant steam. I love it, and given the longevity, I would seriously consider a full bottle at some stage. Thanks to purecaramel for the sample!
04th June, 2017