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No. 19 Poudré by Chanel

Poudré, to me, is a paradox. It's at once very like and unlike the original Chanel No. 19. I wanted to despise this trust-fund baby, but I can't. It's beautiful.

Like the original No. 19, the iris is strong but refined. No cloying candy-cookie-fruity-vanilla "please don't give me a speeding ticket, officer" nonsense here. Poudré smells smart.

When I wear Poudré instead of Chanel No 19, I don't get any of the "old lady perfume" complaints from my family. So maybe from a certain point of view, Poudré is Chanel No 19 with the "old lady perfume" factor taken out.
29th October, 2019 (last edited: 09th November, 2019)

Marni by Marni

I've been trying to wash this off for the past hour.

Incense and pepper Koolaid, a hamster cage… Marni is a bit nauseating. I wanted to like this one! Not in the cards for me.
10th April, 2014

Dior Addict to Life by Christian Dior

On me, the EDT of Addict to Life smells nearly identical to Calvin Klein's Eternity.

It's pleasant, a bit fruity, floral, and slightly soapy. I'd call it a daytime fragrance.

I don't have any experience with the original Addict, but I am looking for a sample. Hopefully I will be able to compare them soon.
07th March, 2014
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Bal à Versailles by Jean Desprez

The first time I met Bal a Versailles I was 16. On my way through Nordstroms I saw it sitting on the perfume counter, in the middle of the shiny modern 80's bottles, looking very out of place. I'd never even heard of BaV before but I rather recklessly spritzed it on both wrists (hey, I was young, lol).

The next 20 minutes were miserable. BaV was completely out of left field. I wanted to wash it off! But then something changed and it became quietly perfect. At the end of the day it was so warm and delicious and that I knew I had to try it again.

Every time I wear this fragrance, I am still uneasy for the first 20 minutes. During that time I am 90% certain that I've made a mistake. But after that, it is simply one of the best fragrances that humanity has ever managed to formulate. It is warm and deep and delicious and sensual.

I've read that there are over 300 different ingredients in this masterpiece. I can't smell them all, but I always feel like I'm wearing a work of art when I put it on.

It's not a fragrance for everyone. It's a fragrance that lasts, but it doesn't zing across the room like some perfumes do. It has very rounded, full, soft edges.

This is not a fragrance for a girl. This is a fragrance for a woman.

If you're tired of the soapy, piercing, headache-inducing "clean clean clean" laundry perfumes, if you'd rather smell like a goddess than a lollipop, if you'd like to make people nervous at church, give Bal a Versailles a try. :)
25th February, 2014