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Grey Flannel by Geoffrey Beene

Released in 1975, I assumed Grey Flannel would be similar to Azzaro PH or the like (which I enjoy but don’t want a similar scent to) but Grey Flannel is truly unique. It surprised me. I have seen this fragrance sitting on the shelf at local discounters for years. “How good could it be?” I thought. Finally, I tried it and I am quite impressed. The violet and citrus opening can be overwhelming to me if I slam my nose to skin but the sillage from the opening is amazing. The middle notes are warm and the floral-sage mix quite inviting. In addition to the base notes listed, I get an almond like note, very enjoyable. This fragrance doesn’t scream anything it just sits there patiently. To my surprise, my girlfriend, who is 25, really enjoyed this. Many classic scents remind her of her grandfather and that isn’t a good thing in some regards. However, she said Grey Flannel was comforting to her. It reminded her of walking through a nice clean alleyway on a rainy day while the smell fresh laundry floats all around.
01st May, 2014