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Silver Black / Onyx by Azzaro

Silver Black Onyx - Azarro
Sharp anisic-lavender packaged in a wool-like softness. Dark bitter tones with a puff of smoke and slightly urinic-animalic undertones. Strong. Green-herbal. Hot-peppery metallic. Coumarine x 10. Fresh-sweat soapyness. Colour: gun-metal. Freshness sharp as glass. Mossy. Terpenic pine needles. Cederwood-musky powdery. Little refinement. Blasting at high volume. Quickly bores. Cheap. Verdict: atomic stinkbomb.
15th July, 2019

Gucci by Gucci Eau de Parfum by Gucci

Gucci - Gucci
A high-pitched and tightly woven, 'frozen' white floral perfume with a harsh feel, in a good way, and a peculair camphor/resin 'metallic' rigourness that gives this perfume a great backbone. The note of honey is dominant, giving it a shiny sweet sparkle and a 'sun and beach'-vibe, making it a bit more laidback. The dryout is a an oriental base with the sticky-sweet of honey, some bitter-animalic notes, (beewax?) and maybe labdanum, musk, vanilla and patchouli, creating a powdery-sweet and waxy-earthy contradiction. It has great force and bite but sits fairly quiet on the skin. Almost thumbs up.
15th July, 2019

Midnight Poison by Christian Dior

Midnight Poison - Dior
A hectic rollercoaster that rides itself off the track in the end. It goes all kind of directions and is all over the place, especially in the beginning. Ginger, jammy sour blackberry, violet leaf, soft fruityness, cool spearmint, spicy bitter-tea and sticky white floral all fighting for position. When the rose comes through flanked by a spicy aniseed it gets a tad more cohesive but still feels chaotic and disorientated; it catches a dark purple sour-bitter and waxy-gummy tonality that you either hate or love. To me it smells like overcooked red gabbage with clove. Pluche vanilla with some added smoke, a gourmand-like patchouli with a chocolate, coffee and cotton-candy identity fill up the base in a cloud of white musk. Weird and overpolished smelling with a musty-bitter tonality that is off-putting. Still I think that there are people out there that actually love this, I wouldnt be suprised. Midnight Poison never really settles in a way to really feel comfortable, and although that might be the set-up with this perfume, it doesnt work for me.
15th July, 2019
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Calvin Klein Man by Calvin Klein

Man - Calvin Klein
A strong, bold and hard-muscled perfume with a spartan and assertive character. Kicks off with a fresh herbal-terpenic blast of rosemary, juniper and lavender that strikes as very natural. This setting continues with a note of slightly camphorous pencil shavings, oily gasoline and a coumarine/fresh hay tone that gets really cranked up in volume. In this, a note of warm nutmeg and a chalky-herbal waxy-cool spearmint join the party, that seem to temper down the loudness of this perfume. The dryout adds a dry and warm incense-cypreswood in the mix with a little smokyness and a dark raspy tone while the sweet- and softness of sandelwood keeps it in balance. Also here, the terpenic-camphorous force keeps up its volume, although not as dominant as in the middle. Man smells as how metal feels- hard and solid and complements men who know exactly what they want in life and how to get it. Very solid stuff.
14th July, 2019

Tokyo by Kenzo

Tokyo - Kenzo
A misty smell of wet concrete, empty (rusty) tincans, warm creamy chai-tea and a granular bitterness with slight rubbery undertones. Gets a darker earthy tone in the dryout with light mossy shimmers and a cedarwood-ambery pluche. Nothing special- feels like a mist oppertunity to catch the scent of Tokyo in one smell.

14th July, 2019

Crave by Calvin Klein

Crave - Calvin Klein
Lightweight and abstract scent, stripped of any kind of attachment or heavy burden, very freefloating and airy. Comes in with a splash of cold watery freshness that morps into a chalky-green tonality and dry-cool herbal waxy notes. Kind of reminds of the smell of cleaning out an aquarium, a transparent green lichen-like scent. Gets a note of soap, fresh sweat and a green pepperminty flavor thats really nice, showing great display of harmonic sour, bitter, and sweet tones. Dryout is a manifesto of clean soapy-musk with a fresh-indolic milky vibe and a green-vetiver one with a slight musty waxy-earthyness covered with a sandal-vanilla sweetness. Very refined and smelling almost just as lightweight and airy as the start, its fluffy and a bit misty. Its has a cool and sexy quality and radiates equal amounts of attraction and rejection. Crave is a little masterpiece, forgotten and overlooked, I think its brilliant.
14th July, 2019

cK In 2U Him by Calvin Klein

A nice and simple, unpretentious scent with an 'electrified' vibe that imparts some clever accords of sizzled iced-gin, cocoa-tea and a green vetiver-cederwood floating on sweetly musk. Impressions of pencil-shavings at the start with maybe some clary sage, dark waxy-inky notes in the middle and a de-terpenized cederwood-like 'gasoline&ashtray' tone. Not much development, quite linear but harmonious enough to stay interresting. Reminded me a some of CdG pour homme 2.
14th July, 2019
13th July, 2019 (last edited: 14th July, 2019)

Guerlain Homme Eau de Parfum by Guerlain

Guerlain Homme - Guerlain
A classy perfume: calm and confident with a dignitive charm. Kicks off with a cool lime-anisic vibe that morphs into a minty-pine tonality and a soapy bitter-herbal lavender with slightly floral facets. Impression of icecold white rum/vodka which later gets a boozy-spicy tone supported by the liquorice and a note of fatty sheep-wool. The dryout is very smooth, refined and multi-faceted as many notes pop up and interact with eachother. Some raspy sweet tobacco, whiffs of gasoline, creamy woods, salty vetiver, earthy patchouli, cool incense, indolic-urinic musks and the tiniest sight of vanilla. It alltogether shows a magnificent display of warm vs cool impressions that creates great harmony. Also, the dryout seems to 'echo back' the fresh 'rum-on-lime' start which integrates a great natural fraicheur into the structure. Somehow I had a lot of flashbacks to Amouage Dia pour homme while sniffing this, and although that one is a lot more incense orientated, they share the same kind of cohesive soft- and richness through and through. Topmarks for this one- its a great storyteller that captivates its audience without a slightest effort and without the slightest need for showing off at the same time.
13th July, 2019

Cerruti pour Homme by Cerruti

Cerruti pour Homme - Cerruti
I imagine this scent is the result of copy- and pasting all the masculine perfumes of the last 35 years together and let a computer calculate the optimal average blend and than crank up its volume a few notches. Of course that doesnt work.
12th July, 2019

Fuel For Life pour Homme by Diesel

Fuel for Life homme - Diesel
A 'refrigerated' newstyle frozen-
green fougere with a dry-herbal, cool minty-anisic attitude and bitter-salty reflections. Gets a sweety creamy-almond tonality after a while that dissolves into a scrubbed clean patchouli with light and transparant wood notes. The dryout smells too nasty chemical to my nose and feels a bit too static and non-moving, maybe because of an iso-e-super overdoze that smothers the 'natural' freshness of the start. All in all smells to me like getting hit in the face by a giant snowball.
12th July, 2019

Armani Code / Black Code by Giorgio Armani

Black Code - Armani
This is a broad-shouldered Italian with a lot of breast-hair, sweaty armpits, drenched in cigarette-smoke wearing just a black speedo, cheap slippers and a golden Rolex asking you for a date with his mouth full of chocolate and succeeds. You have no idea how that worked, but it just did.
11th July, 2019

Encre Noire by Lalique

Encre Noir - Lalique
Beautiful and very competent perfume that paints an 'ultraclean vetiver with ragged edges still-life' with little but efficient brush-strokes. The opening is green and cool with a 'fresh' paint and small inky note that reminds me of a mix of basil and styrax but probably is just due to a high-quality cypress-wood oil. It is a steady factor with waxy-herbal, resionous nuances and whiffs of fresh pine-needles that fits the vetiver perfectly. It creates a tight and steady theme of dark ink that alltogether meets the earthy nuances of the vetiver with a clean, light-smoky and soapy-soft woody-amber base. The dryout is warm and cool at the same time which gives it a nice tension and a sort of 'calm' energetic sparkle. Very nice work.
11th July, 2019
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Kenzoair by Kenzo

Air edp - Kenzo
Light and transparant scent with a dry herbaceous feel being toned down by a cool note of aniseed and spicy nuances of caraway. Reminds me of how the air smells after a rainstorm: slight earthy, cool and damped. Moves on in a rather generic way with the slight raspy green of vetiver against a soft and quiet semi-sweet amber background. Air smells simple, in a good way, with a meditative an easygoing feeling.
Mild thumbs up.
11th July, 2019

Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana

Light Blue - Dolce & Gabanna
Horrendously bad fragrance. Not even worth discussing but I do anyway for the sake of humanity: Light Blue is the Stinker of all Stinkers.
10th July, 2019

The One for Men by Dolce & Gabbana

The One Men - Dolce & Gabanna
Good stuff. Interesting vetiver-soap and chocolate impression with lively herbal and bitter-anisic undertones. Helds up its slight herbal-camphorous tonality towards the dryout but loses some of its rich- and thickness. Dryout is rather cool, in a good way, with a dry woody, sweet tobacco and a salty radiance. Made on a tight buget I pressume, but still manages to stay fascinating till the end. Cohesive, not too strong and keeps up a lively, natural fraicheur. Good work.
10th July, 2019

Very Irrésistible for Men Fresh Attitude by Givenchy

Fresh Attitude - Givenchy
Follows every cliché there is to find on modern masculine scents but cant be called a perfume. Maybe they thought that by blending basil and coffee they somehow could recreate the Angel-effect but it surely doesnt work here. A first class stinker.
10th July, 2019

Escada Moon Sparkle for Men by Escada

Moon Sparkle for men - Escada
First impression: this makes a good scent for a soap. Second impression: this smells like Palmolive soap. Third impression: this is NOT for men.
10th July, 2019

Gucci pour Homme II by Gucci

Pour Homme 2 - Gucci
Quiet and thin aquatic melon-tea scent with some herbs, spices and a amber-woody base. I cant see how its shyness can make a man more man or even gives a sense of masculinity; it maybe works best for gays and transgenders who wanna play the woman.
10th July, 2019

Magnetism for Men by Escada

Magnetism for Men - Escada
Nice impression of cool mint somewhere inside a structure that is filled with hick-ups and dissonants. It smells like 'sweat smelled backwards' but im not exactly sure what I mean by that, just like this scent is full of confusion.
10th July, 2019

Amor pour Homme by Cacharel

Amor pour Homme - Cacharel
Some Drakkar Noir, some Caractère but brings nothing by itself. An aquatic spiced-woody scent thats just an insult to perfumery.
10th July, 2019

Essential by Lacoste

Essential - Lacoste
Not essential in any kind of way.
10th July, 2019

Boss Selection by Hugo Boss

Boss Selection - Hugo Boss
This could have been so much more if they had increased the budget for creating it. Its not bad at all but cheap materials results in a perfume for cheap men who want to impress at a job-interview with skills they dont possess.
09th July, 2019

Polo Black by Ralph Lauren

Black Polo - Ralph Lauren
Peppery-lavender with the inky and smoky-wood tone of oregano. Nice first impression but gets a too squeeky high-pitched chemical-spicy unbearable drained character that sucks the little life it had straight out of it. Smells like a mixture of old urine, dirty green waste bin and leeking ballpoint at some point. Nasty stuff.
09th July, 2019

Prada Amber pour Homme by Prada

Amber pour Homme - Prada
A old-skool vibed perfume with a classy cologne opening and a soapy and powdery feel. Reminds of Aqua di Parma cologne. Totally loses its focus and richness towards the dry-out and settles in a lush and clean but thin amber-base with a airy peppery-safron, a cool myrhh-feel and a leathery touch. A kind of confused and shizofrenic scent that doesnt deliver what it promises, like 2 different scents that dont come together. Good raw materials nevertheless.
07th July, 2019

Euphoria Men by Calvin Klein

Euphoria men - Calvin Klein
Tries to combine Cool Water, Egoiste, Allure pour homme and a little bit of Fahrenheit in one scent and fails miserably. A horrible miss-mash.
07th July, 2019

L'Homme by Yves Saint Laurent

L'Homme - YSL
Smells like Cool Water. Nevermind.
07th July, 2019

Gucci pour Homme by Gucci

Pour Homme - Gucci
An overly scrubbed clean 'nothing-like' scent with ultraclean notes all along and a bitter-sour anisic vs hissing peppery-gasoline tendency that goes on forever. No flesh, no structure and no bones: a spineless masculine that fails to impress. The use of some excellent raw materials is a bonus though.
07th July, 2019

Angel by Thierry Mugler

Angel - Thierry Mugler
This just goes to show that a bitter yet 'clean' camphorous tonality can save a perfume, and not only that but also create something novel and excitingly new. For me, Angel paints a darkish brown picture with a contrasting mix of purple and green colours and this works best when sprayed in moderation: less is more with this one. Sillage and projection are absolutely stellar, there is something very 'natural' the way this perfume presents itself: not too loud but very intense in an amiable way. It kind of reminds me of old vintage perfumes containing real deer-musk. I have tried not to like Angel but I had to surrender to its magic eventually.
04th July, 2019 (last edited: 07th July, 2019)

Boss Woman by Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss for women - Hugo Boss
Good perfume for women who want to smell smell fresh and clean while running outdoors- it even smells somewhat like new sneakers to... Best advice though, is to just run past this thing.
04th July, 2019