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El Mono de la Tinta by Fueguia

It smells exactly like the "coca cola flavored" popsicles i used to love as a child. And I definitely love it!
Its sexy, edible but not exesively sweet. Spicy, woodsy and sort or "sweet earthy" if that exists.
Also, it develops into very different acchords over time. You will smell a different fragance every 15 minutes. Great longevity (over 12 hours) and good sillage.
29th May, 2014

Misiones by Fueguia

Upon application you get a LOT of incense, but after a few minutes something watery that i cant put my finger on comes out and plays with the spicyness of the nutmeg, creating an intoxicating, sensual and exotic blend. It was my first Fueguia fragance and I definitely love it. NOT to be worn on hot days, more of a winter night scent. I considered ir a quite feminine fragance, but everybody else seems to classify it a a VERY masculine one, which came as a surprise for me. Ladies definitly love it and find it very appealing.
Overall, ir smells like an oriental church sunk in the majestic Iguazu waterfalls, precisely as it is intended to smell.
29th May, 2014

Biblioteca de Babel by Fueguia

If there is a fragance that explains perfectly what WARM means, is this one. Not too sweet, not vanilla-ish, not overwhelming. Just perfect.
I got a sample and i HAD to use a little bit everyday on the back of my hand to take it with me. I just cant stop smelling it, its really addictive.
I find it a very masculine scent. A very elegant and classy masculine scent actually.
Upon application you get some spicyness, but not pungent. After a few minutes you get a very cozy, warm and slightly sweet gourmand feeling from the cinnamon, yet not edible, just... inviting.
The dry down is INCREDIBLE. You get a more smokey and oriental aspect that had been hidding there all the time but you couldnt just recognize it. If ther is one thing in particular I love about this fragance is its development. Unlike many modern perfumes, its not like a linear photography, but more like an evolving, complex movie.

To me it brings images of a very old, victorian library, decorated in bordeaux velvet with a warm subtle light. Smelling of antique wooden furniture, old books, some rhum and oriental spices.

Definitely my so far favorite scent from this house (I must say i like this house a lot)
29th May, 2014
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