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Aventus by Creed

This is a hard review as I believe with all the batch variations it's hard to give an accurate representation but it opens fruity (pineapple) and for me with some wood, goes into a musky light apple fragrance, stupidly good projection and longevity to boot, I am struggling as to whether it goes to a thumbs up or neutral review, I will put thumbs up for now though.

Scent: 8/10
Longevity: 9/10
Sillage: 9/10

Overall: 8.66
04th September, 2016

Raghba by Lattafa

Well this stuff is very sweet, opens with a woody vanilla with the wood (oud) being in the background, I have worn this quite a bit and got a compliment most times I have, a girl said it smelled like 'baby powder' but she meant that in a good way, she could smell it a good 5-8ft away and this was 4 hours after application, she even bought some herself and for £10 it's great value.

Definitely something worth a blind buy if you're into sweet fragrances but by no means is this a 'complex' scent.

Smell: 6/10
Projection: 9/10
Longevity: 8/10

Overall rating: 7.66
04th September, 2016

Absolue Pour Le Matin by Maison Francis Kurkdjian

Sampled this and couldn't smell it at all, even thought it was a fake so actually tried tapping the sample stick on my tongue to see if it was water, it wasn't, the scent has 0 smell, utter disappointment and wouldn't pay £5 for it.
23rd April, 2016
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Pardon by Nasomatto

Ignore odysseusm this is great for winter nights.

"No, too foody/gourmand to suit me. It delivers on the listed notes, and flowers-chocolate-spice is not something that appeals to me."

So you buy something with notes you dislike and then write a bad review, smart one.
09th April, 2016

Fève Délicieuse by Christian Dior

I have sampled this and for me right off the bat I get a baby wipe vibe.

For me if someone wore this and walked passed me I would think they had just cleaned themselves with wipes, although it is well made and turns out to be very nice and comforting.

The fragrance has decent longevity but sillage isn't the best, I may change my opinion one day but for me this isn't FBW, maybe I need more time with it.
18th June, 2015