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French Leather by Memo

Opens up with a fruity sweet rose combined with lime and sage. What I find interesting is that I can pick up a nice pink savory rose which seems pretty natural to me; and combined with the lime and sage, it has an intriguing opening. I don't know where is the leather, because I can't smell any, but there is a nice creamy element in the background. Next to the rose bouquet there are bitter and green herbs and woods which seems to amplify with time. For the dry down, I get a dance between aromatic woods and something creamy.
17th October, 2018

Elixir by Penhaligon's

It has grabbed my attention from the start as I didn't know what to expect. It's like smelling a chunk of cedar while near burning incense and eucalyptus leaves. It's also sweet, and I could be tempted to say it's honey, because it does remind me of the honey in Phaedon's Tabac Rouge, but also the vanilla in Tom Ford's Tobacco Vanille; it has the same character as those two and the cinnamon completes the association for me. It's mostly linear on my skin and I would categorize it as a sweet spicy woody oriental.
16th October, 2018

Fleur de Chine by Tom Ford

Vintage in structure, opens with a blast of aldehydes and I can't help but think of Arpege and No5 in the first minutes; vintage in feel but not dated. But then the white flowers are blooming and they're creamy and intoxicating. A nice addition are the fruits which are not intrusive, but just an extra flavor and the woods provide a solid structure in the background. In the end, it's an aldehydic/musky/floral/fruity oriental, a sort of a contemporary interpretation of a vintage perfume.
15th October, 2018
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TNT - Tama N Tuberose by PK Perfumes

This tuberose soliflore is a true interpretation of the flower; fresh, indolic, heady, buttery, rubbery. It's rich and fills up the room, intoxicating at the first spray and it goes strong for a couple of hours. In the heart the rubbery aspect fades and I detect ambergris which makes it a bit sharp around the edges, but that goes away in the latest stage, as the scent becomes really buttery, soft and powdery at times. Very pleased with the perfume as it is an a very good tuberose soliflore with good performance. It leans feminine, but I didn't have a hard time wearing it.
15th October, 2018

Tubéreuse Criminelle by Serge Lutens

The first 15-20 minutes are dominated by a vigorous camphor note which makes for a bold opening, but after that the tuberose takes the lead. It's not a basic tuberose soliflore as it has much going on besides it and it's what makes it stand from the crowd. The menthol note, which also balances the sweetness, runs right next to the tuberose the whole time as a supporter together with the spices, the jasmine and other stuff that I can't pinpoint but work so well together. I think it's quite complex for a tuberose scent and it's masterfully blended.
15th October, 2018

L'Ombre dans L'Eau Eau de Toilette by Diptyque

A sparkly opening that is green, zesty and sweet. It has the effect of a cooling orange and blackberry drink that is mouthwatering and you pour it over a pile of freshly picked pink rose petals and they fill the air with a sweet rose aroma. Two hours in the sparkle is lost and the smell is of a sugary rose with fruity tones.
11th October, 2018

Paisley by Etro

After a minute of freshness, a creamy ylang ylang and vanilla combo take the lead. There is a green element in the background that stays for a good while and makes the fragrance unisex, in my opinion. A nice jasmine is completing the flower bouquet and I think it has become rather sensual. The dry down is a vanilla leading creamy and flowery perfume and this part leans more feminine.
11th October, 2018

Galop d'Hermès by Hermès

Mouthwatering combination of quince and osmanthus with a sparkling rose. Now that is how you make a fruity floral which brings a smile on my face! From underneath all this, a fine buttery soft leather is adding some character; the leather is borrowed from the amazing Cuir d'Ange and I am happy about that. The heart is still pretty and it's focused more on the flowers (especially on the rose) while the osmanthus still brings a bit of freshness. I don't get any leather in the late dry down but I do get sort of an expensive rose soap feeling. I'd say this is unisex leaning a bit feminine, more so in the last part. It's a lively and happy perfume.
10th October, 2018

Les Ephémères: Poivre Bengale by Brécourt

Pepper and woody at first, pretty dry too. The leather used here along with the spices gives the fragrance a spicy tea smell. I like the fact that the sweet level is very low and the base is still spicy woods with a dry bitter leather. It's actually smooth.
10th October, 2018

Sel Marin by Heeley

I don't like aquatics, but this one is pleasant. Although it’s not my favorite blend, I can see the quality in the composition, doesn't smell synthetic and it's soft, airy and linear. Good for a warm summer day when you'd want something for cooling off.
09th October, 2018

Myrrhe et Délires by Guerlain

The myrrh is accompanied by licorice (a note I don't like) and it has a sweet opening which gets even sweeter and candy like , really too sweet for my taste. The dry down is a linear, not as sweet as the beginning, made of myrrh, tonka and vanilla with a slight incense note.
09th October, 2018

Camel by Zoologist Perfumes

A pretty busy opening with dried fruits, amber and civet hitting my nose first and after a closer inspection the rose, cinnamon and incense are picking out. Half an hour and the fragrance dials down compared to the complex opening being simpler and sweeter; myrrh with a subtle civet note which gets a bit pissy in the late dry down. Just meh for me, complex opening leading to a simple pissy drydown.
09th October, 2018

Héliotrope Blanc (new) by Oriza L. Legrand

Very sweet and slightly green violet leaf over a blanket of almond and rice powder. Through the drydown the powdery aspect is even more pronounced and it's accentuated by the sweet tonka.
09th October, 2018
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Rose Cut by Ann Gerard

The sweet level of the opening is very high! Jammy roses are dominating and are paired with aldehydes which are not that sparkly as they usually are, a healthy dose of vanilla and a shy peony. In the base a big powdery note is intruding over the sweet rose and will take the lead into the drydown together with an abstract and synthetic floral/patchouli.
09th October, 2018

Elite by Floris

Zesty citrus with woods and burned sugar. The citrus is paired with oakmoss which gives an old school vibe, in the lanes of Chanel's Pour Monsieur and YSL Pour Homme. And the combination of lavender and juniper is adding a nice aromatic experience.
09th October, 2018

Dry Wood by Ramon Monegal

It is dry and woody, as the name suggests. It's also very sharp and after the initial sniff, I am only thinking how synthetic (in a bad way) this feels. I was intrigued by its name and I thought this will be to my liking, but it smells like many of the newer screeching woody generic designers that I dislike. Cedar and pepper with lemon, all synthetic and cheaply blended.
09th October, 2018

Sous le toit de Paris by Atelier Cologne

Green, sour and sharp. Lime with geranium and vetiver are all playing the biggest role at the start but then the violet leaf catches them and moves upfront. Then there is a transition through softer and creamy notes lead by tonka.
08th October, 2018

So Amber by Montale

It's nice to smell a Montale which doesn't open with the floor cleaner rose based scent. This one is raspberry, ambergris, saffron and rose. Of course the rose intensifies after the first couple of hours until it wins the battle for the first place. And not much happens forward other than a soft musky note with added sweetness from vanilla. It's an interesting sweet floral fruity, maybe a bit too girly and sweet for me and far from what the name "So Amber" says.
05th October, 2018

Attar by Montale

Very sweet and floral and the flower is of course the rose. I am not sure what, but there is something musky and dusty beneath that rose; I get the same feeling from the use of violet leaf in some perfumes. The rose seems to open and amplify more and more and later I get a powdery aspect added to the sweet rose.
05th October, 2018

Aoud Roses Petals by Montale

I don't get much oud in this one and the overall feeling is of a chemical rose blended with geranium and amber. I have smelled many roses and no petal has come even close to this synthetic blend in the first part. The second part, which comes after about 4 hours, is simple, but better. Again, I am noticing that the harsh floor cleaner smell from the opening of many Montale is gone until the dry down and at least I can enjoy a decently sweet rose.
05th October, 2018

Aoud Purple Rose by Montale

Another scent "a la Montale" with the synthetic rose. I do get the blackberries at the start, as it feels sweet, sour and fruity. Not sure with what the rose is paired, as from close it smells like a floor cleaner. Into the dry down is when finally the rose distances to the cleaning product and it starts to fell like a "normal" rose and it's paired to a creamy sandalwood, which is nice, but is not enough for me to forget the cheap mess from the first part.
04th October, 2018

Aoud Forest by Montale

It took me by surprise, as I was expecting a green, maybe earthy, dark fragrance, with plenty of oud or woods but what I got is a marine scent. It has clear marine/salty/ozonic notes backed up by fresh citrus and spicy ginger. There's that Montale DNA also of synthetic rose/oud for an extra kick.By the end is your basic marine scent.
04th October, 2018

Oolang Infini by Atelier Cologne

A smoky opening, some dry tea and sweet notes that reminds me of immortelle, although I don't see it mentioned in the notes. What I get now remains unchanged for the next hours, which is pretty much sweet smoke that is having a warm aura around it. The projection drops to a skin scent level within half an hour, so it's a very soft and warm scent.
04th October, 2018

The Cobra And the Canary by Imaginary Authors

Opens with a fresh and bitter leather; the leather is quite raw and I am surprised on how well it's blended with lemon; this stuff is really nice. Combining a dry but warm hay note with the leather and lemon is surprisingly good and lifts the composition to another level. The hay also brings a mentholated smell and the combination somehow reminds me of septic bandages and hospitals.
Within 2 hours, the smell shifts into a new direction; the leather, which seems to be more in the top notes mostly disappears, there are no more traces of menthol or hospitals, but the freshness remains there; it's still citrus and it's paired with a beautiful iris and a sort of a coconut/fig leaf that's milky and creamy.
By the 5th hour it shifts again as the freshness is gone and the leather comes back with a motor oil vibe; a weird combination, oily and creamy at the same time.
This and A City on Fire are the best Imaginary Authors fragrances for me, both being an unusual combination in a palette of mostly mediocre blended scents.
04th October, 2018

Violettes du Czar by Oriza L. Legrand

This is very heavy on the violets and it seems so concentrated that I feel like I'm smelling a violet based oil (and I am saying it because I get sort of a wet oily/balmy smell). However, they're not left alone, but surrounded by iris and a soft suede. The dry down leaves me with a pronounced musk smell backed up by the violets and amber.
Violet is not among the notes I like, but if it were, I suppose I'd be head over hells for this perfume. I highly recommend it for violet lovers.
03rd October, 2018

Romantina by Juliette Has a Gun

A flash of freshness at the top spray leaves way to sweet florals over a base of musk. The dominant flower is the rose, but none the less the jasmine is so pretty added next to a dose of muguet and powdery iris. The combination is clean, soapy, soft. The dry down is a combination of gentle musky/powdery flowers.
03rd October, 2018

A City On Fire by Imaginary Authors

To me, it doesn't smell that much like a burning fire, but more of a fire that has just ended. It's probably the most smoky perfume I've tried yet. It's bitter and oily and as it progresses, aromatic and spicy notes start to appear while the smoke dials down a bit. Here is where it also gets sweet and it reminds me of the way clothes smell after I've stood a long period near a fire; like smelling up close a sweater which blends the smoke with the perfume caught from the body.
After about 3 hours, it stays close to the skin and the sweetness reaches high levels, it gets resinous and has an amber quality. I could say that it has become more wearable, but I actually liked more the extreme smoke paired with the spicy aromatic notes from the start.
02nd October, 2018

Violet Disguise by Imaginary Authors

The fruits are dominating the opening and they're like a thick nectar. I am getting the powdery aspect of the violets and they work well with the sweet fruits. Not many changes happening, just a joyful fruity floral, mostly plum and violets.
30th September, 2018

Cape Heartache by Imaginary Authors

Pine, smoke and a honeyed strawberry note. The sweetness and the smoky pine are fighting for many hours to the take the first place and none of them is a clear winner. What I smell in the opening is mostly what I get until the dry down. It goes on Arso's territory with a good effort, but Profumum Roma is better constructed.
24th September, 2018

Yesterday Haze by Imaginary Authors

It opens green, fresh and fruity. Within minutes, while the green notes are still playing a good role, the scent also goes creamy (iris) and milky (fig). Continues to a sweet and creamy scent, not fresh anymore, something like a vanilla/tonka whipped cream. I'd say it's better on a women.
24th September, 2018