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Ambra Aurea by Profumum

Starts out very rich and complexed with that initial niche style amber smell that is prominant in Ambre Russe and a few others , sort of warm and skanky, soon enough I'm reminded of Tom fords tobbaco oud with that dry smokey feel , however the fragrance never becomes dry or overly ashy, a start that through experience I didn't pass off, I couldn't stop smelling my hand, it evolves into the ambergris dry down I'm accustomed too in many creeds but the ambergris in this is accentuated to another level and becomes the fragrance as a whole, it's really addictive and seems to get more and more sexy. To summarize, this is a smoked ambergris fragrance of the highest quality and concentration , it may seem expensive but for what you get it represents amazing value, 12+ hours of top quality.
08th April, 2019

Prada L'Homme L'Eau by Prada

A light and airy clean clothes smell , suitable for summer and casual use , the florals neroli and iris smooth away any rough edges and the scent as a whole is really non offensive and significantly lacks character. Longevity on my skin is 2/3 hours , fairly boring but serves a purpose, mine being a few sprays before bed to enhance the clean duvet effect.
06th April, 2019

Battito d'Ali by Profumum

White floral heaven with a touch of vanilla...never in my life have I had such pleasure in smelling white florals. Its as if you have been reborn, you've been wrapped in a clean white satin sheet are surrounded by beautiful attentive calm females all taking care of you and the scenary is pure and clean...breathtaking purity in a bottle.
16th March, 2019
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Casamorati Mefisto Gentiluomo by Xerjoff

I'm resisting spraying this during the winter, i see this as a high quality summer freshy rather than a barbershop type. I get citrus and a slightly dominant grapefruit in the opening with a wonderful mint accord that makes you feel really energised, all the notes feel completely natural. In the heart of the fragrance it is quite floral like putting your nose in a fresh bouquet, in the Base it has some xerjoff signature cedar and a bit of musk. Overall it feels very 3D, as if you are in a small space with all the ingredients being grown and crushed around you. Longivity on me is about 4 hours and projection is good , reminds me of a less synthetic guerlain herba fresca or silver mountain water in the mid.
21st February, 2019

Colonia Sandalo by Acqua di Parma

Sandalo is an incredibly well blended sandlewood fragrance, the sandlewood in this feels very natural, like real sandlewood was used ..typical acqua di parma citrus notes keep everything on the fresh and classy side of life. If you have experience with acqua Di parma oud then you will know what to expect with this one, incredibly they have managed to keep their sophisticated citrus style and showcase a powerful sandlewood accord that manages to dominate with support from all the top and middle notes. I pick up on lavender and a slight leather feel that leans things a bit barbershop. Overall this is one of the best sandlewood fragrances I have ever owned. Everything feels so smooth and natural with great versatility and performance.
20th February, 2019

Black Phantom : Memento Mori by By Kilian

A really yummy boozey fragrance..I get a sugary coffee with raisin's soaked in rum, there are some woody facets in the base that keep it masculine enough for me. The aim was to achieve a sort of gothic pirates lair, the fragrance in part manages to reflect this but suffers in performance on my skin. When I catch the occasional waft it's lovely ..really warming and cosy but most of the time for 6 hours it's a skin scent ..shame really but there are other options like A*men and it's flankers. The presentation is fantastic , a beautiful gothic skull head lockable box that i feel is sadly the best part of the experience.
10th February, 2019 (last edited: 13th February, 2019)

Russian Leather by Molton Brown

Wonderful birch tar and leather combination that smells luxurious and expensive but is sadly spoiled with edt concentration ..the alcohol burns away the notes far too quickly and what began as a classy pine and leather ended 2 hours later as a leather and pine skin scent..dam what a shame.
08th February, 2019

The One for Men Eau de Parfum by Dolce & Gabbana

A fruity warming amber scent that is just so easy to grab and go, it has an inviting coconut vibe in the dry down and a bit of tobacco, I get good performance and the whole composition feels very well put together and smooth. I'm on my second bottle now and have enjoyed many good moments in life wearing this.
06th February, 2019

Join The Club : 40 Knots by Xerjoff

This fragrance begins very bright and floral and to my nose not very aquatic at first, more like the fields leading to the sea, silky and smooth tho all the same. Then suddenly I'm getting dry woods and maybe a whiff of a salty sea breeze with something jammy and sweet bringing to mind dior's ambre nuit, later things take a final turn into what feels like a chic white musk dry down with sea notes and a bit of spicey deck wood..all together the experience is enjoyable and very creative, I feel very relaxed wearing this, as if I've had a day out by the harbour and took that boat trip on offer. The fragrance lasted a long time on my skin but never became too loud or attention grabbing kind of became a second skin with little whiffs here and there. I'm close to saying this is a nautical masterpiece, it is certainly an interesting fragrance and exactly why many frag heads end up in the niche world.
28th January, 2019 (last edited: 28th February, 2019)

Rush of Unicorns by Parfums Vintage

MI just got better..salty musky water melon , usual DNA with better projection and longivity ..bottle has a nice dior type sprayer that creates a lovely mist. When I'm wearing MI i struggle to smell it unless I over spray ..with unicorn I can feel it projecting and I constantly catch wafts with my body movement for at least 5 hours, then a skin scent for another 4 hours..all with a normal application. The quality of ingredients seem no different, this is like the extrait version to me.
25th January, 2019

Gentleman Eau de Parfum by Givenchy

Just when you thought the designer iris edp's had reached their last consumer battle, taken the cash and ran.. no, up pops this wonderful intelligent creation. Nothing new in what you recognise but certainly not a cocktail that is readily available at the time of writing, as ZGB points out it is a hybrid of dior homme and rive gauche and it works absolutely without question. In fact I've put off replacing my rive gauche and gone for this one, as it feels familiar and original at the same time (nice idea to use the lavender and iris). The quality is just enough to feel special and the performance is stellar on my skin. To summarise , I feel like Gentleman only edp is a barbershop fragrance dressed in a tuxedo.
12th January, 2019

Boss Bottled Intense by Hugo Boss


Take the original, don't alter the D.N.A but intensify every note and make it last longer, hey presto you have boss bottled intense EDP. Could fragrance blending be that simple and easy?, you'd think not with the amount of failed 'intense' flankers on the market. Hugo Boss have nailed it tho with this one, they have stuck with their classic and given it upgrades. Price, performance and quality are all on point for what is a respectful and honest improvment of a legend.
04th January, 2019

Colonia Quercia by Acqua di Parma

Interesting one this ..starts very fougere like with a minty edge caused by the geranium and retro oakmoss ..sits lovely on my skin and garnered an instant compliment from my girlfriend.. good start but the tonka feels a little confused in the dry down, it kind of pull's it in the wrong direction and ends up leaving everything a bit flat and cheapened..what began for me as a lovely niche fougere ended up being a bit boring and like a less vibrant ysl la nuit de l'homme (even in current formulation) ..nothing terrible in any case , just dissapointing from an adp perspective and maybe this one got rushed a bit in development. Sits close to the skin after an hour but lasts a good while.
29th December, 2018
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Boss Bottled Oud by Hugo Boss

If you are familiar with boss bottled then imagine that but with added saffron and oud me it's a match made in heaven (juicy apple,spice and smokey wood) and it works a treat. There are occasions I can almost detect a very slight tobbaco tinge in this, absolutely perfect for nights out and certainly exotic. Another great designer oud release. Longivity is very respectable with a good 7 hours of noticeable performance ..projection good in the first 2 hours ..settles into a sophisticated 1ft bubble there after.
28th December, 2018

XJ 1861 Zefiro by Xerjoff

Citrus in the opening but not too pronounced, then beautiful incense and woods (cedar and sandlewood) come into play with peppery spices, eventually I detect a slightly waxy iris that mimics the feeling of being in a candle lit church. This fragrance is deeply formal and straight faced seriousness..certainly classy and very niche smelling, difficult to picture when to wear this tho..maybe an overcast Sunday somewhere or an art gallery displaying statues. Longivity and projection are very good. The type of fragrance I like smelling all day on the back of my hand. Zefiro reminds me of royal oud, ivory route and the new Valentino uomo absolute with the Valentino being my favorite of the 4.
23rd December, 2018

Dunhill Icon by Dunhill

A really well blended fragrance from dunhill with smooth transition. The opening is all about neroli and petitgrain, bringing a orangey floral beginning with a touch of pepper but not overly obvious pepper, its just there slightly. Immediately I'm thinking of fragrances like ferrari bright neroli and neroli Portofino, what separate's icon from those is the transition to the lavender, vetiver and iris giving it more of a masculine appeal but retaining its bright energy. Icon smells fairly natural and lasts a reasonable amount of time on my skin, the bottle is the heaviest in my collection and is as appealing as any top end niche design but will present a problem in luggage weight allowance, price is fantastic also considering what your getting, well done dunhill.
14th December, 2018

Eight & Bob by Eight & Bob

EDP Version

The similarities to Fahrenheit 32 are initially very close but eight and bob is far denser and has a more linear dry down. What I mainly get is lemon and vanilla with hints of nuts (slight synthetic feeling but not annoying or plasticky), not in the same way as say chanel edition blanche either, more a sort of strange banana smell. Sounds weird but I really like this and it performs amazingly on my skin. Where as Fahrenheit 32 is a bit more floral and wispy in its dry down this one maintains its top and Base notes from start to finish, probably one of the most linear fragrances I've come across. Eight and Bob lasts around 10 hours on my skin with at least 5 hours of projection. I'd say this could be worn anytime of year and anywhere, a nice release and fun to wear.
12th December, 2018

Uomo Noir Absolu by Valentino

They got the name right for me, night time usage at its best, dark and seductive to the core (black shirt and candle lit night clubs), begin's with a peppery creamy sandalwood with a very faint whiff of iris or something that is giving it a waxy feel, as time goes on the cinnamon becomes apparent and the incense is allowed to gently shine all through the dry down of many hours. I'm reminded of fragrances like xerjoff's ivory route minus the smokey note and less dry, the price for this is completely justified regarding quality of ingredients, presentation and performance. Fabulous release by Valentino.
11th December, 2018

Join The Club : Ivory Route by Xerjoff

Initially ivory route for me is very mystical, like opening an old book from a museum. Why in my mind am I thinking about old world maps and touching rural Indian and napal antiques with a donkey overloaded with village goods and treasures . ..because xerjoff have created a fragrance that stirs up the olfactory in me , im thinking Indiana Jones and any film based on an adventure along a dusty path (goonies included) notes of dry sandlewood and spices create this, and I can pick up on smoked tea and a bit of really well done vanilla ..very high quality and very addictive to go through the journey of notes. The bottle itself looks like some treasure out of a sinbad film ..outrageous but well suited ..what a pleasure Ivory Route is to own.
06th December, 2018 (last edited: 08th December, 2018)

XJ 1861 Naxos by Xerjoff

The opening is fantastic ..full of sparkling citrus notes of the highest quality..the citrus then goes almost golden, imagine fresh limes and lemons in a pan but in the early stages of being caramelised . Then roughly ten minutes further in , out of nowhere the fragrance takes a sharp left turn and leaves a lot of the opening at the crossroad (slightly dissapointing but wait). I am then greeted with lavander with hints of light sweet honey and a beautiful hint of vanilla (All very high quality and luxurious) , cinnamon is gently cascading into play and I am reminded of fragrances like bogart pour homme (very close) or pure havane but never evidently synthetic or exactly note for note just a reminder (I don't actually think I can detect tobbaco as most say, more an illusion). Performance is perfect, never cloying or overbearing and really long lasting, just sitting across the skin,inviting attention, blending individually which each wearers skin chemistry into new variations. In the far dry down (9 hours on my skin) the whole composition although linear becomes powdery but still potent and addictive and just generally sexier. Naxos is a complete class act from start to finish and should completely enhance a night out for the person wearing this and the person snuggling into it. The presentation of my new bottle (2018 version) is probably the most beautiful item I own ..from the frosted glass to the heavy gold lid and stunning box it sits in. I couldn't be happier owning Naxos, they have pushed the presentation like a Swiss watch ..all worth it tho, my only issue is I am now completely intrigued and excited to try other Xerjoff's, especially as my disapproving fragrance journey girlfriend adores this one ..well she would have too.
05th December, 2018 (last edited: 19th December, 2018)

Burberry London for Men by Burberry

An absolute bargain for fall and winter, the fragrance has a lot of notes listed but mostly I get pine and tobacco with some spices and a bit of lavender. There is something making the whole composition slightly sweet which I enjoy in colder reviewer's say it really is Christmas in a bottle. The other thing that makes this a special fragrance is the expert blending of so many ingredients, this has been created with a careful nose, you never feel like one ingredient is over added, a really well balanced winter treat. Performance is average but can be helped with extra applying and spraying clothes. The only negative for me is the piece of material they put around the bottle that gathers dirt and constantly moves..easy to take off tho like I did.
29th November, 2018

Versace pour Homme Oud Noir by Versace

Versace oud noir is for me possibly the best designer oriental fragrance out there at the moment in 2018, with regards to the performance issues of current ysl la nuit and the oriental genre being unpopular at the moment. Yes I detect the patchouli like oud but it has been tamed by spices and typical oriental notes that swing my thoughts more towards sensual glamour. I'm reminded of fragrances like endymion and ysl la nuit but only briefly as oud noir is more dry and woodsy. This is a really well put together fragrance given the budget the perfumer has been given to work with..I don't see how the perfumer could of got anymore out of his brief really. Overall a very seductive and sensual creation by versace and a must have for oriental fragrance lovers. Longivity is 4/5 hours on my skin with average projection, a fragrance that is meant to be detected around the shirt collar at close quarters.
27th November, 2018

Coach Platinum by Coach

This is a great effort by coach in this genre, to's 65% dior sauvage and 20% Aventus 15% leather and patchouli , as if you've actually layered dior and creed. A really cheeky offering but obviously not original. What suprised me was the fantastic leathery dry down with a touch of patchouli..the fragrance continually amuses me in its composition and blatant rip off, to the point I just think oh sod it. Projection is big and the longivity is very good, 7/8 hours of solid performance. My girlfriend really enjoys this but why wouldn't she as she loves sauvage and aventus. If your a fan of sauvage/aventus/club nuit/acqua Di gio profumo/Dylan blue/360 red...etc etc, this is well worth a try, no points for originality but praise indeed for producing a well made and excellent performing option.
21st November, 2018

Back to Black by By Kilian

Smells like manuka honey, which is a little off putting if truth be told ..I'm not a big fan of the smell of honey, but I can tolerate it in a measured dose, this however is overkill for me. If the almond vibe was a little more amped I'd probably have given it a enthusiastic thumbs up. If you like the smell of golden Virginia rolling tobbaco on steroids and find dark rich honey a lovely smell then this is the one for you. My girlfriend didn't like this at all and said I stink of rolling tobbaco, I tried to be more positive about it but in the end I had to agree with her.
20th November, 2018

Boss The Scent Intense by Hugo Boss

An easy reach fragrance with great appeal. In all honesty I really enjoy this, the original has been intensified massively, it's almost a fiery ginger version with a slight tartness in the beginning. The synthetic vanilla is lightly present throughout to add a slightly sweet mass market sales appeal, if this was the intention then bravo it's worked. I do get a faintest drop of leather in this but only to ground the main notes from becoming overly nauseating. Imagine Perry Ellis 360 red with a touch of vanilla and a bit of leather and you'd be close, finally after a couple of hours this settles into a kind of soapy orange, really pleasing overall and something I reach for often in a hurry.
31st October, 2018

Prada L'Homme Intense by Prada

Soft and playful but also elegant and dressy..this is well blended and the iris mixture almost tastes edible but not in a gourmand way, more a chalky pastille way, like parma violet confectionary. Unisex in my opinion and very fancy dandy for a trend setting male. I'm Slightly dissapointed by performance as I would of liked a little more silage and projection but ultimately this is really classy and sexy. This is different enough from uomo intense and dior homme to warrant a purchase in my opinion, although it is iris dominant there is enough of a twist to get me excited with the excellent use of amber and tonka, all in all a solid well put together night out fragrance.
28th October, 2018

Pure XS by Paco Rabanne

I sort of like this ..reason being, there's something in this that gives off a really clean sophisticated vibe ..I think it may be incense and myrrh mixed with the fresh notes..simular to the magical clean and incensy profumo or bleu de chanel but in no way as accomplished as those two. The sweetness from the artificial vanilla in the mix kind of spoils things a little in my opinion, instead of intensifying the fragrance it just blankets over all the other promising notes. Performance isn't great either, roughly 3hrs of note worthy performance. Great chunky glass bottle and an ok fragrance inside..glimpses of something great but never quite getting there, a weak mix of Dylan blue and la nuit de l'homme.
26th October, 2018

Douro Eau de Portugal / Lords by Penhaligon's

On the penhaligons box the only notes listed are Bergamot, neroli and oak moss, yes this is true but there are far more little twists and turns than that. On first blast I'm greeted with a gorgeous citrus medly with a touch of basil, natural and slightly sharp with a good dose of oakmoss and a grain of lavender, fantastic sophisticated beginning that really sets the tone and flirts with fougere territory, then in development Douro becomes nice and soapy with just the right amount of neroli, all against the backdrop of the oak moss which is in good quantity, I get 4 hours of performance which isn't bad. I'm a lover of chypre fragrances and this really is one of the better ones I've tried. If you like things like chanel pour monseir or aqua di parma colonia then this is a better option in my opinion, penhaligons have kept things of a high quality and been much more generous with oakmoss (or have allowed the oakmoss allowance to shine). A masterpiece in this genre.
26th September, 2018

Tobacco Vanille by Tom Ford

There are many dupes of this fragrance, some are going for high end designer prices, having tried a few myself I really don't think any can come close to the exceptional balance of tobbaco vanille. After the initial spray it all seems a bit over scrambled for me, I get every note listed all at once with a prominent clove smell that dissapates ..after 10 minutes the magic really starts to take shape. Rich rolling tobbaco appears that feels laced with a touch of honey, dried fruits keep things from going too syrupy this is the perfect balance. Then for a rare occasion I am greeted by a stunning vanilla, vanilla is a note I don't crave for, but not in this creation, it's smells plush and addictive. When every note is revealed you are left with a linear tobacco/vanilla combo with little whiffs of spice. This is real luxury stuff and a 50ml bottle may seem expensive but I'd expect a bottle to last me years, incredible performance that never really goes away, especially when sprayed in a trendy beard. A match made in heaven for those weekends away in colder surroundings. When this first came out it was very polarizing to many people, back in 2007 who wanted to smell like a pouch of their grandads rolling tobacco including me, but now most women and men find this universally appealing, with help from the current industrial trends and programs like Peaky Blinders. Tom Ford really did show some exceptional vision with this fragrance, like the very best designers ..they are all gifted with fantastic intuition and back in 2007 it took balls to release tobacco vanille, stunning luxury.
21st September, 2018

Black XS by Paco Rabanne

Sweet pineapple is what I mostly get , smells a bit like club nuit intense but without the woodsy birch note..great performance and overall a very pleasing fruity gourmand. The packaging and design are of a futuristic punk nature and I fully buy into that, the scent feels very full bodied and way out there in terms of creativity. It would be very easy to write this off as a sweet mess but for me this is very calculated and deliberate, great stuff.
16th September, 2018