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Ferrari Bright Neroli by Ferrari

A really enjoyable citrus and neroli fragrance that smells natural and organic in the dry down after the 'bright' uplifting citrus has faded, all the ingredients in this feel natural and not laboratory created. Simular to penhaligons castille or neroli portofino but for much less money. A real summer go to fragrance and the performance is very impressive with 5 hours of projection and silage. The bottle feels heavy and the cap is solid metal, overall one of the best bargains I've come across in fragrance. Tip* , don't use this after being in a swimming pool..the chlorine combined with neroli really smells bad gone off flowers.
16th June, 2018

Molecule 01 by Escentric Molecules

Goes on like wood/musk vodka and settles into a strange sophisticated soapy/musky creation that is unique to your own skin scent. I do catch whiffs of this throughout a 12 hour time frame and I enjoy using this as a Base for weaker fragrances, when the weaker performer has gone molecule 01 keeps going so your never left with absolutely nothing, sort of like a fragrance insurance policy (works great with acqua Di gio for example). I'm still yet to receive a compliment for molecule 01 though, although it has only been a couple of weeks lol. I think as a stand alone fragrance this would be fantastic for the office or close encounters.
06th June, 2018

Royal Mayfair by Creed

Very dissapointed with this one ..smells like gone off flowers or bad breath , maybe I'm being a bit harsh but it's not something I would choose to wear. Can detect rose but the other ingrediants have compromised the smell so I'm left with the smell you get from dirty vase water.
29th May, 2018
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Masculin 2 Gold Fever by Bourjois

Bought this for exactly £2 on a reduction in a department store in Liverpool ...I've had far far worse in fact I don't know why I'm comparing..this fragrance is very good , what I get is a sweet cinnamon and tonka explosion mainly, with a slight floral and woodsy Base. but it soon drops off and lasts about 3 hours after a powerful beginning. It strongly resembles one million but a lighter version ..more fleeting and sweeter and no less appealing as the quality is actually good.
28th May, 2018

Allure Homme Sport by Chanel

A light scent to enhance your clean morning routine, orange and tonka with a touch of neroli. It's a very simple creation, slightly creamy and done nicely with all the reassuring chanel packaging and pazazz. A simular fragrance by Taylor's of old bond street called Eton college goes heavier with neroli but is in the same family. I can't say much more really , it's not exactly brimming with creativity but it is made well and has garnered me compliments, a fragrance for someone who doesn't have time to evaluate things.
11th May, 2018

Tommy Tropics by Tommy Hilfiger

Picked up a bottle for £15..I like this, a tropical spritzer , lasts an hour but does a good job of enhancing your mood on a hot day, I mainly get lime and a creamy almost vanilla coconut, stings my neck as it goes on, which shows it must be highly alcoholic. It's a good buy for 15 pound , a poor man's Virgin island water that you don't need to go easy with or worry about running out, it'll never be the quality of the creed tho.
05th May, 2018

Vert de Fleur by Tom Ford

A magical floral fragrance that officially pushes me into the mind set and the idea that all fragrances are gender neutral (it all started with dior homme), here we have a fantastic level of creativity, obviously there is nothing new with the ingredients, but the blending, quality and concentration level of each note have come together to create a chic glamour/fancy dandy concoction with a slightly traditional masculinity. At first it felt green citric to me, almost lime... and quickly the many floral notes move into play with the ones I recognise being neroli, jasmine and iris, the whole composition is supported by patchouli and oakmoss and a pinch of vetiver but not in a heavy way, just enough to keep it together and grounded. The main players in this tho are the fantastic floral notes and the performance is excellent. Situatons I could see this being worn in are church occasions (weddings etc), lunch afternoons in upper class establishments, during summer time music festivals. Fragrances that this remind me of are neroli Portfino mixed with some high quality iris's a sort of love child of dior homme eau and neroli Portofino.
04th May, 2018

Polo Supreme Oud by Ralph Lauren

Supreme oud is another medium rare steak of ouds, along with versace oud noir and ysl's oud absolute. Not quite swimming in blood and barely touching the heat, these ouds are tasty and exotic but never too much in at the deep end. Supreme oud isn't dominated by rose to tame the oud like in the majority of western ouds..instead it is blended with spice and woods, the quality is very good and you could say that the oud is a background note to compliment the spice and woods that are the main players. Habit rouge edp has a touch of oud like this but guerlain didn't call it oud magnificent or something on those lines..Ralph Lauren got the name a bit wrong for this. I think this is the pick of the bunch I mentioned tho for me's sophisticated and spicey, has a friendly cuddly vibe and enough oud to be considered's a great introduction to the whole genre for a beginner and in many ways totally faultless from that perspective.
03rd May, 2018

Aqua Allegoria Herba Fresca by Guerlain

This smells typical of guerlain, the balance and intricate blending of notes are becoming so recognisable to me from this house. The way the spearmint and lemon are blended is as close to perfection as you will ever find in perfumery of those two notes together, the clover leaf and green tea give this a french garden feel or an olfactory memory of playing in fields and woodlands as a child. What more could you ask for from a perfumery, setting out to create a fragrance that gives an olfactory experience for the wearer and achieving it's goal easily. Herba fresca is almost surreal, it's dejavu in a bottle've been there before at some point but you can't quite pin point when. Performance is light and fleeting but has a bit of staying power (3hrs on my skin), it shouldn't be any other way really..the whole experience would be ruined otherwise. Stunning creation!!
03rd May, 2018

Oud 24 Hours by Ard Al Zafraan

I'm glad I tried black orchid before this ..oud 24 hours is a very good clone of black orchid but not quite as dense, it's more fleeting but that doesn't mean to say it's weak, this performs really well will survive a night out put it that way. Quality wise it is very close, as with other clones they can smell a bit scratchy compared to the real thing but this is well blended. Generally I get a sweet chocolate oud with a touch of patchouli. Totally unisex in this day and age. The best thing is , at time of writing, oud 24hrs can be bought for 12 pound , astonishing value. In a bar or room not a single person will tell the difference.
27th April, 2018

Rive Gauche pour Homme by Yves Saint Laurent

Soapy and floral with added barbershop notes like vetiver and cloves and lavender to give it a traditional feel but not in a dated way. Perfect fragrance for a successful man that has survived his twenties in one peice. The fragrance projects class and sophistication due to the well blended structure, there is never too much of one thing, it all just plays out evenly with precision. I only have the new version in the glass bottle so can't compare to the old tin. Longivity is quite good but I think this fragrance is designed to enhance your morning/evening routine for an extra few hours. I will definitely replace this with another when finished. Reminds me of Gillette shaving foam in some ways.
19th April, 2018 (last edited: 24th April, 2018)

Marlborough by Geo F Trumper

In the same field as rive gauche pour homme and guerlain heritage. Like those two this has one foot in the past and is perfectly wearable in the future. Starts with a citrus and lavender (ultra natural tho, like squeezing a lavender bud between your fingers) then quickly evolves into a cedar/sandlewood type fragrance with geranium and a touch of incense, I'm almost sure I detected a tiny pinch of mint also. The quality is extremely high and if I was to blind try all three of these masterpieces I wouldn't find it easy to differentiate. Marlborough is certainly masculine but not in an aggressive fashion, more of a sophisticated masculine that allows a man to be a man. Longivity is fine , about 4 hours of decent projection which makes this ideal for a meeting. Trumpers really are a fantastic company as I don't often find fault in anything they do, they have 4 or 5 masterpieces in their collection that stand toe to toe with anything else in the world.
12th April, 2018

Chrome Pure by Azzaro

Nice and summery ..I couldn't distinguish the tonka properly and immediately thought of it as a great summer fruity/coconut fragrance to rival things like Virgin island water but the dry down didn't quite hit the spot for me. I got a strong resemblance to obsession night for men which is good but this fragrance was working best with the top notes in harmony to create a tropical feel. This may blend well with a good lime cologne or shower gel.
10th April, 2018
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Aramis Modern Leather by Aramis

A very light leather'd expect this one to be a beast but ingredients have changed and so have the times. I enjoyed sampling this, it's a friendly leather that I'd use in the summer , doesn't project massively and doesn't go on forever either but it does smell sophisticated and classy. I have another leather fragrance in the same vein called mahon leather by floris, that one is a little more interesting and better done tho. I think this is perfect for close encounter nights like cinema and dates.
11th March, 2018

Gucci Guilty Absolute pour Homme by Gucci

A very enjoyable fragrance from gucci , I get a dominant leather note almost medicinal, some light fruit and plenty of woods ..average/good performance and just overall a really comforting and brave release from a company that has played it overly safe and generic for too long. This smells like dirty foreign money olfactory smell from Mediterranean holidays and being fascinated by peso's or Turkish lira, looking at the pictures on the notes and smelling the history within the paper. This is a scent I'd enjoy wearing to events and formal occasions, especially if surrounded by rich older men. Not sure why gucci would want to associate this with the guilty line, they could of started off a new scent name and done some interesting flanker's.
09th March, 2018

L'Homme Ideal Sport by Guerlain

A really non descript blue fragrance..smells like almond soap with a touch of aquatics thrown in ..extremely generic and terrible performance. I believe this to be guerlains worst fragrance and the only positive I can find is the bottle design. The original is fairly good, edp is fantastic and the cologne is ok, this tho is just simply crap. I even gave this a sporty go and used it after the gym but still couldn't find any enjoyment. Luckily I got it on discount and certainly won't be buying another.
09th March, 2018

Eucris by Geo F Trumper

It's fantastic but doesn't perform very well. I'm certain I have a reformulated bottle 2018 ? ..soapy/slightly herbal and classy with a bit of oakmoss in the background and a fruity blackcurrant twist. 2 hr performance which is a travesty really as this could be the finest fougere I have ever sniffed. Trumpers have released an edp version of this, i bet the old formulations of this are the new edp version.
03rd March, 2018 (last edited: 04th March, 2018)

Havana by Aramis

Aramis Havana isn't how I imagined it would be from reviews on here. I imgained it would smell like Pablo escobar with guts and loud brash unapologetic notes. What I get is a very green spicey concoction, somewhere between an oakmoss scent and a classic bayrum. The strange thing is tho I hardly detect tobacco unless it's the green field type, it's also very light considering the dominant notes. I don't actually feel that this is dated either, it's perfect if you want to wear an old school classic type without smelling too dated (I'm seriously getting older lol). I think this is great for summer evenings enjoying yourself after a good shower routine. Simular to vintage paco rabanne in the far dry down..soapy and herbal, the type of fragrance I wish everyone loved.
21st February, 2018 (last edited: 26th April, 2018)

Paco Rabanne Pour Homme by Paco Rabanne

(vintage edt)
Very green and nostalgic, in the same family as kouros but far more friendly and light. Like in a lot of these scents a hint of urine but it doesn't go too far and ends up just overall feeling very soapy after a balancing act that could of gone either way. Lasts a few hours and gets more and more soapy and dare I say sexy.. a good one for the gym bag.
16th February, 2018

Mahon Leather by Floris

An extremely friendly, modern, spanish leather style fragrance with a nice tonka and iris dry down, I get a good dose of saffron in this which gives it a southern Mediterranean feel. Perfect for summer dates and close quarter encounters. The fragrance is so light and fleeting that I can see this suitable for any season tho mainly summer evenings. It gives off a very regal high quality vibe with top quality ingredients used. Floris provide a little piece of paper explaining this is made in small batches and I can believe that (epitome of niche I suppose). In the far dry down I'm left with a light leather and amber with a sort of tonka and berry's smell. I doubt I'll be able to replace this when I'm done as it's already discontinued and hard to find, really glad I have a bottle tho.
16th February, 2018

Guerlain Homme Intense by Guerlain

Lime and mint with spices, good quality ingredients and created in a way that shows great care and intelligence (like so many guerlain's). The blend is in perfect harmony, with all the fragrance notes sharing the same stage equally and not trying to shout above each other. You get a feeling like your in the kitchen making lime and rum based cocktails with music and spicey food cooking in the distance. My only qualm is the performance, after an hour it's difficult to detect, I could get two decent hours at a push after a shower and shave and spraying my clothes. A fantastic fragrance that frustrates me, I really enjoy wearing this but it disappears too quickly.

UPDATE the longivity is perfectly fine , especially after a shave ..I get 4hrs of projection, this fragrance really comes into its own in the summer.
14th February, 2018 (last edited: 08th June, 2018)

Barbour for Him by Barbour

The sort of fragrance I'd buy for a young nephew at christmas ..sweet, woody , spicy..inexpensive and totally forgetable. It has that raggedy d.n.a they put in most high street clothing shop fragrances..a sort of poor man's immatation of something better (but fantastic for kids). Absolutely love the brand and history but come on barbour stick to what your famous for, bloody good coats.
25th December, 2017

Roberto Cavalli Uomo by Roberto Cavalli

This fragrance is a hidden gem, reminiscent of bvlgari man in black edp and tom ford oud fleur. Oriental in structure and very alluring, floral and sweet yet dark and oudy. Performs superbly and far more interesting than bvlgari man in black. This would make a fantastic date night fragrance. I think female's should sample this as well, it has the same appeal to both gender as black orchid does.
25th December, 2017

Boss Number One by Hugo Boss

I came so close to buying chanel anteaus (it ain't cheap even tho times have moved on), I'd been looking for a typical 80's hairy chest type of scent for ages. Kouros is too loud and pissy for my liking and anteaus lacks strong character and balls , I find aramis excellent in many ways tho..Boss number 1 just nails everything perfectly in all departments tho for me. What a masterpiece of masculine power and sheer animalic silage. When I smell this I instantly think of Wall Street and success. The best thing about boss number 1 tho is that it is never over the top or comical, the fragrance genuinely is balanced to perfection with all the characteristic notes of the 80's fragrances blended so harmoniously. These sort of fragrances are due a come back soon guilty absolute is testing the water a bit recently but when the time come's I'll be more than happy with this masterpiece.
16th December, 2017

L'Instant de Guerlain pour Homme Extrême / Eau de Parfum by Guerlain

A deeper and more powerful version of the original but not necessarily better, just an alternative season style ..if I had to choose one winter fragrance then this would surely be one I'd consider. The overall feel of the fragrance is very enjoyable to wear in most situations..I wore this to a wedding and received many compliments, I wore it to work and received a compliment. It's very patchouli and chocolate driven but not in a gourmand way, more a cocoa powder and earthy way. The concept and artistry within L'Instant de Guerlain is something truelly special, what a shame they ditched the original art deco bottle that complimented the fragrance.
14th December, 2017 (last edited: 03rd January, 2018)

Y by Yves Saint Laurent

Fresh and invigorating, not a million miles away from dior sauvage. This one is far lighter tho and if colours could smell it would reek of white. This would be an alternative to lacoste white and any generic summer fragrance. Not bad and certainly not unique but I suppose it smells nice and clean (aldehyde bomb and melon mainly, touch of ambergris) . Probably the safest and most unoriginal fragrance of 2017, however it does smell ok and will enhance that fresh out the shower appeal.
07th December, 2017

L'Homme Idéal Cologne by Guerlain

Just how you'd imagine really ..the original ideal but toned down and dipped in a nice bright lemon, the almond is still there and in this light and bright form seems to work really well, (reminds me of Italian liquers) Obviously would be good for summer and freshening up frequently. Poor/average performance on my skin and I've seen worse in this genre.
28th November, 2017

Le Mâle by Jean Paul Gaultier

I don't like to ramble on about reformulation's but this one is totally spoiled now's dry and has lost all of its opulence and density..highly synthetic and basically its not been treasured or treated with any respect by the company that currently formulate it. I gave it away to my 14 year old nephew ..he likes it so at least it wasn't a complete waste of money.
19th November, 2017

Héritage Eau de Toilette by Guerlain

Starts out with a stern abrupt "can I have your attention please ladies and gentleman" then drops off into a gentle speech about all the good things in life and a final disney style fairy tale ending. In fact I could imagine this being worn by Walt Disney. The fragrance as a whole is like a production split into 4 parts. The first is serious lavender with bergamot..then comes the peppery spikey character building spices..then there is a lost and lonely woodland vibe with bags of organic smelling cedar ...finally the curtains come down with a reassuring and comforting vanilla. This is Guerlain's most intelligent fragrance for me, the way it is constructed and formulated is more like art than fragrance. To summerise, this is a serious masculine oriental type with a soft under belly..superb balance and creativity, the way you smell at the start of your evening is not how you will smell at then end. *I have the second formulation of this and the very latest 2018 version ..both are fantastic , the older one smelling a bit more fuller and dated with a touch more of the oak moss , the newer smelling more vibrant and citric in the opening and overall slightly more casual and soapy*.
16th November, 2017 (last edited: 20th March, 2018)

Habit Rouge Eau de Parfum by Guerlain

After having my sense of smell completely educated and enlightened by the edt version, I purchased this..the edp. Wow guerlain have basically taken the edt version and made every note denser and more rounded ..what we have is obviously a stronger and longer lasting habit rouge with a much slower dry down. There is less to smell tho with the edp, the dry down isn't a race either's more a journey and that's why I prefer this over the edt..the higher concentration of alcohol in the edt kinda takes some of the elegance away (although the edt dry down has a fantastic light incense). The edt would work better in summer for sure because it is light and fleeting, exotic and thoughts of India come to mind. Overall tho I'll just say this , I think the general smell of habit rouge in whatever concentration and variation is the greatest I have come across. Darvant said it perfectly, each to their own habit rouge.
13th November, 2017