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Only The Brave by Diesel

One of the safest scents I own and if truth be told I like it. I've received a few compliments while wearing this, It obviously projects well and as I've mentioned before ..ladies do enjoy a safe loud synthetic fragrance, mainly because they can actually smell you And unless she's a fragrance purist will not care if it's synthetic. The scent will never win any awards for construction and smell but it's a very good all year rounder and if you can get it for a good price as I did then great ..(I wouldn't pay the top end price tho talking David Beckham fragrance prices) the bottle design is a bit naff sitting alongside dior homme so it sits with versace Eros and a few others..all in all a safe fragrance with good projection and silage.
02nd May, 2017

L'Homme Idéal Eau de Parfum by Guerlain

You'd swear this was a François demachy creation has that resinous vibe that's so abundant in dior homme parfum and dior eu sauvage parfum..I did actually think that this was a carbon copy of dior homme parfum until the classy cherry and vanilla appear making it very cosy and edible. I do really enjoy this and it could be the ultimate date fragrance just as dior homme intense is. If your a fan of dior homme parfum but find it a bit too serious give this a go. This is one of those designer scents that could be packaged differently and priced twice as's niche quality .
07th April, 2017

Dolce & Gabbana Pour Homme Intenso by Dolce & Gabbana

A modern take on a traditional aquatic style..very classy and clean soapy smelling, dominated by a relaxed lavender to begin, slight tobacco and musky citric amber aquatic..smells classy and gentleman like..I think it's a fabulous daily scent that performs really well for me in the first 3/5 hrs then drops off close to my skin for a further 4hrs. I think it resembles versace the dreamer in a vague way (first half hour) and anyone that's tried the dreamer may have issues with its opening, where this is very smooth from start to finish. In the dry down I get a strong resemblence to bleu de chanel and dior sauvage. The whole presentation and scent is very Italian and stylish, wonderful addictive versatile fragrance that fits in nicely with the modern clean scents.
06th April, 2017 (last edited: 07th April, 2017)
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Jimmy Choo Man by Jimmy Choo

Opens very bright and fruity..must be the melon and pineapple..slowly becomes a bit floral and synthetic with a slight hint of leather ..I find it very feminine and kinda reminds me of a lot of generic female fragrances. I do like this scent tho and it's at a great price point at the time of writing, I think it will garner lots of compliments due to its universally pleasing smell but it's not interesting or unique in anyway.
02nd March, 2017

Virgin Island Water by Creed

I would imaging those luxury super yacht's smell of this throughout ..coconut and lime are the notes that I can detect mainly and they are of the highest quality and supported by white rum, the overall feel is like taking a 5* Caribbean holiday without actually having to leave the house. This could also be a great treatment for mild depression. Totally unisex but would be more interesting on a gentleman with a zest for life. I think I actually sniffed the tester card dry (it's mid winter here in northern england).
02nd March, 2017

Eau Sauvage Parfum by Christian Dior

This is blended fantastically well and has wonderful performance..each stage evolves slowly over the course of the day ..the overall feel of this fragrance is like others have said, no nonsense straight to the point. It doesn't care who likes it and who doesn't but you will smell it. Very masculine scent with bergamot used in the opening and myrrh and vetiver used in the mid notes, in the final stages which remain potent I can detect an orange peel and slight vanilla that I also detect in dior home parfum, very faint tho and signature demachy. Price point represents an absolute bargain for the quality and performance.
27th February, 2017

Horizon by Davidoff

For me this is like a cross between terre de hermes and l'instant ..I prefer this to both , projects really well for a couple of hours and smells more modern and wearable ..yes it's slightly synthetic but overall it's a nice suprise from Davidoff and will make a good summer cologne ..sparkles with good citrus and woods ..not too heavy on patchouli ...has a juicy feel and uplifting..slightly soapy , classy bottle.
06th February, 2017

H.M. by Hanae Mori

What a fantastic fragrance that seems to give you a little bit of everything without losing the plot or ever smelling cheap ..I love the lemon and mint combination although I don't think mint is listed so maybe it's the lavender tricking my nose ..and then that cheeky little gourmand dry down including (sweetish vanilla) ..this seems to have it all in great quality . This will suit all seasons and in my opinion even tho it is very close to being a gourmand in the dry down it never does as the floral notes take it on another flight path and keep it linear so it stays fresh. It's a sort of Issey miyake meets Jean Paul gaultier le male. The cap of the bottle is the only cheap bit about this fragrance ...the rest is creative class.
31st January, 2017

L'Instant de Guerlain pour Homme by Guerlain

The biggest compliment I can give this fragrance is that 70% of the notes I don't like but the way it's blended commands my respect. I am actually converting to the notes everytime I'm wearing first thoughts were too soily and dracula/elderly like but because it's so careful with its development I'm really entruiged by it..only had it a week so I'm going to update this in a month or two.

*after a good amount of time with this, I've grown to really appreciate it's quality and the notes I was unsure with I really enjoy's been a bit of an education using this fragrance, at first I thought it too old and soily but now I pick up the Cocao and patchouli ..I can detect the anise also which isn't over powering. What a fantastic scent that has provoked more confliction and thought than any other I own.
28th January, 2017 (last edited: 02nd March, 2017)

Nuit d'Issey by Issey Miyake

After a very bright citrus fruity opening it transcends into a hippy type fragrance with a beautiful incense dry down ..I really enjoy this fragrance as it's a bit different from my others ..I get vibes of kokorico and aqua Di gio profumo..lasts a good while for an edt also ..projects good too.

*the parfum version is also excellent but focuses more on the patchouli and insence and as you'd expect has better longivity, is less projecting but has a deeper closer to the skin vibe*

both excellent in my opinion and my favorite flankers from Issey miyake.
27th January, 2017

Ultra Mâle by Jean Paul Gaultier

I can see how this fragrance would divide's very childish and feminine in the opening but for me it cheers me up and uplifts me ..the dry down is one of my all time favorites when all the comotion of the fruity tops notes have faded a little and that gorgeous vanilla and slight cinnamon can play a part. Performance is beastly and would be great for a fun night out. I'd say this is an exceptional gourmand for the young modern crowd, I also think it's far better than the reformulated original. There have been some ups and downs with the flankers but this and popeye are very special.
25th January, 2017 (last edited: 04th March, 2017)

Bayolea by Penhaligon's

I enjoy the opening of Bayolea..I can really detect the lemongrass note and I've not tried many fragrances that use lemongrass so prominently and so well ..usually expensive air freshner or room spray tend to use it. I also detect musk..pepper and woods and a touch of lavender ..very uptown and classy barber shop ..only issue is that it doesn't perform as well as I'd like, after 3 hrs I'm struggling to smell anything, on a par with neroli Portofino in performance and like portofino a very attractive refreshing summer cologne.
25th January, 2017

Dior Homme Eau for Men by Christian Dior

Another magical flanker to the original (and surely better than dior homme sport)..this has all the d.n.a of the original but executed in a fresh and lively almost citric way with a bright iris and toned down leather. I could easily wear this in the summer and winter so all seasons are covered and performance is better than the original dior homme for me but not better in note development. You'd think all these flankers are getting a little silly but each one is a superb creation and I can't think of many other fragrances with such good flankers. I think this fragrance is one of those go to fragrances when your in a rush and don't have time to think about it.
17th January, 2017 (last edited: 04th February, 2017)
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Bulgari Man in Black by Bulgari

The bottle has a great design..feels lovely to hold with that frosted black Base and nice sprayer so top marks on presentation. The fragrance is also very pleasent and reminds of a grown up version of ck shock..fruity spicy iris tobbaco and a touch of tea. I get about 4 hrs of note worthy performance which is dissapointing, just like dolce and gabbana the one edp, while they are doing their job they are good crowd pleasing evening fragrances but need reapplying. I won't buy this again tho.
15th January, 2017 (last edited: 02nd May, 2017)

Intimately Beckham Men by Beckham

Smells clean ..sweet and not too heavy on the musk..nothing much to complain about, in fact I like it, lady's could also wear this and if it were packaged and promoted in a gucci/versace hype nobody would bat an eye lid. If I had a complaint I'd say there is nothing unique about it so it may be good for those days when you can't be bothered.
27th December, 2016

Fahrenheit by Christian Dior

This has to be in my top 5 fragrances of all time..truelly a piece of genius to incorporate that petrol/violet smell into a fresh green type of scent..I'm talking about the 2016 formulation which I don't think has drastically suffered from last purchase of this would of been in 1998. I prefer the original over the absolute version, I personally don't like that strange sweaty curry smell in absolute.. the aqua version is very nice with added cucumber notes.
24th December, 2016 (last edited: 17th January, 2017)

Tommy by Tommy Hilfiger

I had a friend in the 90's in college who wore this ..I didn't love it at the time and I was never going to interfere with another guys signiture scent so I blanked it out for 18 years. Recently tried this again and had a few flash backs to my college years, I love how fragrances do that ..Fahrenheit and Calvin klein escape also transport me back to fun times with girls and night club's and doing very little college work. Anyway this scent is actually really good stuff, very lightly spiced apple and pineapple with a watery feel and pretty respectable performance ..fits in with no fuss in today's fresh type scents without any reason to say it's dated.
24th December, 2016

Spanish Leather by Geo F Trumper

Imperial leather soap immediately comes to mind which I presume came after this, I've loved all my life the old imperial leather and to have the fragrance in concentrated form is very special to me. The ultimate masculine soap scent ..very well refined and great performance, starts out a little scratchy but after 5 minutes settles down nicely . They do the shower gel and shaving foam to match which I must buy. Notes wise I detect musk, carnation's, slight leather and the tiniest amount of clove but barely detectable. I can't think of anything more relaxing that having a hot shower in this stuff and getting on some fresh pyjamas.
22nd December, 2016

Hugo Dark Blue by Hugo Boss

Nice and bright with good top notes of lime and ginger friendly and just an overall clean and fresh out of the shower scent. Bit of suede in the dry down to give a bit of interest. I get good performance from this, my work mate gave this to me because on him it has miserable performance. Sits very well amongst the other blue scents like polo blue and the 2016 versace Dylan blue.
04th December, 2016

Aqua Fahrenheit by Christian Dior

Citrus opening ..a very good grapefruit and tangerine and a lovely spearmint ..a very faint fahrenheit d.n.a in the background and great performance. You can smell the quality in this that is typical of all dior fragrances, a pretty safe blind buy and will be a great summer fragrance. Demachey really does put great care into his fragrances.
03rd December, 2016

Black Orchid by Tom Ford

From my point of view this isn't a man's fragrance it's not your dior intense or one million borderline genius's a superb female fragrance that swings into the edge of masculine like Marc Jacobs decadence does good in fact I purchased this for my mum over chanel for her 60th.
03rd December, 2016

Obsession Night for Men by Calvin Klein

I really enjoy coconut scents and this is a good example..I also get fruits and a bit of spice. Has simular vibes to d&g the one (parfum) and bronze goddess by Estee Lauder. A lot of the time with the use of coconut the performance of many scents I've tried can be poor and this isnt great either ..I do find spraying my clothes helps tho. It would be good to pair this with other grooming products like coconut shaving foams and shower gels etc. 100% unisex and a good bargain online. This has a mild d.n.a to the original but this for me is more wearable. If you detest synthetic blends then this isn't going to work for you but the silage won't reflect that, it's only when you put your nose right up to it.
26th November, 2016 (last edited: 27th February, 2017)

James Bronnley Original by Bronnley

Starts very bright and tingly in true eu de toilette fashion and then begins to reveal a wonderful month blanc individual type vibe ..maybe a bit of penhaligons endymion without the coffee. I almost would say it's a sort of Oriental type scent to my nose but then after reading Colins review I do picture a lot of what he said does feel very Britishly classic but yet at the same time modern with no sign of any connection to the fougere type of classics. In the dry down I detect a very faint vanilla/leather and I swear I almost got a whiff of strawberry ..this does get me trying to work things out in a good way ..probably way off in my description but it's certainly been fun and enjoyable wearing this. I've also received a compliment wearing this, which I rarely do with scents.
27th October, 2016

Obsession for Men by Calvin Klein

For the first hour all I could smell was old lady's perfume and vinegar then after an hour it settled into a floral talc smell which I liked. I find the deep dry down far more pleasurable than the first hour, I felt a little embarrassed wearing this after spraying my hand in liverpool city centre as it feel's so dated in a bad way ..thankfully the dry down is less potent. I can see this suiting a man in his 60's in a formal occasion. I also think the scent itself didn't suit my skin chemistry.
25th October, 2016

Dior Homme by Christian Dior

Wonderful delicate masculine/feminine waxy iris scent with great structure ..groundbreaking in many respects regarding the use of iris..takes a stroke of genius and bravery to launch this sort of fragrance in a well established house..for the scent and originality it has to be in the masterpiece bracket. Performance is just right for me ..projects two feet and last's most of the day without ever becoming cloying or irratating. The fragrance is that good I often just smell the cap and smile.
11th October, 2016 (last edited: 23rd March, 2017)

Dior Homme Parfum by Christian Dior

Very rich woody resinous honey laced dark leather with a powdery iris background. Performance is 24 hours on my skin with 14 hours of worthy projection. Suits autumn and winter ideally ..the bottle and scent scream luxury and class. Anyone who is a fan of leather and wood should just blind buy this ..I'm new to heavy niche type scents and buying this i jumped into the deep end I suppose. Dior homme keep releasing great flanker's and this is no exception, could well be demachys finest. This surely won't escape reformulation so maybe now is the time to stock up. 75ml is going to last me an eternity as I only use 2/3 sprays and it's not something I'd use all the's a treat when I do. I had a great layering experience when after 6 hrs of wearing dior homme parfum I sprayed 3 of dior homme intense.
06th October, 2016 (last edited: 24th January, 2017)

Eton College Collection by Taylor of Old Bond Street

Having recently tried Tom ford's neroli Portofino I fail to see why this is any worse ..the composition seems pretty simular and the ingredients seem like they are of high quality ..longivity is about 2 hours as a skin scent which is the same as Portofino on my skin ..this costs between 15/25 English pounds ..Portfino will cost you 150 pound and you will have the same experience ..if you like putting money into a shredder or wiping your behind on crisp ten pound notes buy Portofino..if you are savvy and don't care for the label buy this. Many compare neroli Portofino to 4711 and that is true but Eton college is identical in my opinion .
03rd October, 2016

L'Homme Parfum Intense by Yves Saint Laurent

This may say parfum and it may say intense but really its..edt ..anyway that's my performance rating ..the scent..very very cute ..rose ..leather wood combination that sits as a dior homme/one million type ..a female Co-worker went nuts for this scent so I guess it hits the mark with lady's but I'd take a decant out with you tho due to performance issues. I bought a 100ml in the airport and certainly don't hold back with the sprays. Interesting fade out ..becomes citric of those clever reverse scents. Update* this fragrance is superb in the winter and really comes into its own ..I spray my clothes and this seems to overcome any performance issues. I see many simularities with armani code profumo but prefer this.
28th September, 2016 (last edited: 03rd January, 2017)

Neroli Portofino by Tom Ford

As others have said ..4711 with a little bit more longivity ..pretentious rip off to be honest ..if you like this buy a few bottles of 4711 and go wild with decanter sprayers etc but personally I'd buy a bottle of aqua di parma essenza or penhaligons castille or geo.f. trumpers Gft. .all three are light years ahead of this.
28th September, 2016

1 Million Privé by Paco Rabanne

Certainly not as cloying as the original ..has a spiced apple element and a really nice tobacco note, hookah tobacco is described and I'd say that is very accurate having tried a hookah pipe recently in Turkey fact the scent itself is very reminiscent of a turkish market with a waft of their famous apple tea thrown in ..plenty of tonka in the dry down too ..perfect autumn scent that lasts to an above average length of time but not beastly by any stretch like the original. Excellent flanker this one ..I also enjoyed the cologne flanker which has a strong rose element.
26th September, 2016