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Ted's Grooming Room Cologne by Ted Baker

This fragrance is inspired By The Traditional Turkish Aftershave. The top notes are grapefruit and lemon with a hint of leather, black pepper, amber and musk. It is rather clean and not a long lasting scent being of cologne strength. I do get the citrus off the top with what my nose picks up as vetiver. It is very nice but lasts no more than 45 mins on my skin.
17th December, 2019 (last edited: 07th January, 2020)

Vert des Bois by Tom Ford

Vert Des Bois is a green scent and woody tones and slight sweetness to my nose. I really enjoy this juice from start to finish. I get florals, anise, olive leaf, plum and tonka. It is very green at the start for sure. I get around 8 hours of longevity on my skin with 3 hours of projection. I believe this could be an every day office scent or for a dinner date. I would try before you buy due to pricing... Other wise, Enjoy!
11th December, 2019

London by English Laundry

A decent inexpensive dupe of Aventus. Has the pineapple that everyone knows and loves. It goes about 4 hours on my skin. Don't expect a fragrance BOMB! I got mine for less than 12 dollars at TJ Maxx so if you find it at a great price you should give it a chance. Enjoy!
21st November, 2019 (last edited: 07th January, 2020)
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Agua Fresca by Adolfo Dominguez

Bitter citrus and clary sage to start. This last for roughly 20 minutes then I get some soft Rosemary and Juniper with light citrus. After the 60 minute mark it's a skin scent on me with Pine, Vetiver and soft woods. I find it to be very nice but not long lasting. It's similar to Houbigant's Fougère Royale with the Houbigant being A LOT better from start to finish. For the price I would say it's a safe blind buy for casual or office use at under $40 US. Enjoy!
28th October, 2019

Métallique by Tom Ford

This is a Aldehyde and Vanilla scent from start to finish for me. It almost disappears after 2 hours on my skin and then WHAM! Vanilla all over the place for several hours. It is a long lasting scent on my skin and didn't realize this was a female juice. I find it to be unisex. A try before you buy due to pricing. Enjoy!
28th October, 2019

Oud 24 Hours by Ard Al Zafraan

Jasmine and Gardenia? Yes. Spicy florals? Yes. Patchouli, Sandalwood and Chocolate? Yes! That's what I get from the start, through the mid and into the dry down. Starts feminine and turns more unisex in the dry down. I would say when it's a skin scent, about 5 hours in for me, it is slightly masculine. Overall it is nice. Very close to Tom Ford Black Orchid. I wouldn't blind buy, so sample first. Otherwise... Enjoy!
08th October, 2019

Aoud Lemon Mint by Mancera

Oriental oud scent that is very strong to my nose. Has a "perfumy" smell to me. If you give it 30 minutes it does settle into a decent juice. There is no mint actually listed but it has a minty vibe I suppose. There is lemon, oud and a lot of jasmine. That's mostly what I get for well over 60 minutes. Leans feminine at the start but does dry into a nice unisex fragrance. Gonna have to give this a few wearings before I decide if I like this. TRY BEFORE YOU BUY...

After wearing this for another full day I feel this is a quality product that is a very high quality nice juice. A thumbs up but a try before you buy fragrance. Enjoy!
23rd September, 2019 (last edited: 24th September, 2019)

Baldessarini Concentrée by Baldessarini

This is an amazing juice from start to finish. It isn't too strong, is very well blended and is perfect year round. I have had several bottles of this juice and it is a top 10 for me. Starts with slightly tart citrus and mint. Mellows into a sweet tobacco and woody notes. A complete winner and full bottle worthy. Enjoy!
19th September, 2019

Amai Mizu by Alexandria Fragrances

A quality interpretation of the original Issey Miyake L'Eau d'Issey Pour Homme. I really like the opening and find the longevity, projection and sillage slightly less aggressive as the original but other wise is 100% dead on. Full bottle worthy IMO. Enjoy!
18th September, 2019

Royal Mayfair by Creed

This is slightly smokey spearmint on my skin to start with. I know it is a play on the eucalyptus in this fragrance but I do get that off the top. I do also get gin, pine tree and cedar. To my nose eucalyptus is the most noticeable note. Overall a winner for the right price. Would I blind buy this? No, not at all. I do think it is a winner across the board. Enjoy!
10th September, 2019 (last edited: 17th September, 2019)

Tom Ford Noir Anthracite by Tom Ford

WOW! What a great juice from start to finish. I find, to my nose, a strong tobacco note that of course isn't listed. I also do get a lot of peppery notes, ginger, leather, other spices, birch (for a slight smokey nuance) and sandalwood. I REALLY like this juice. I find it to be slightly similar to Tobacco Nuit by Atelier. Also it is way better than Amouage's Journey Man. Both are peppery but TF is just better. It is old school, so most under 30's won't like it. IF you find it in your price range and feel that a power house juice is missing from your collection do find a sample to test. You won't be disappointed. Enjoy!
20th August, 2019 (last edited: 04th September, 2019)

Bitter Soft by Alexandria Fragrances

This is an amazing version of Tom Ford's Tuscan Leather. Start to finish it is in the 95% plus range of similarity. I would say this doesn't last as long as Tuscan Leather but I do get around 8 plus hours of longevity. I find this better than say La Yuqawam for sure. For the money you can't go wrong. Enjoy!
16th July, 2019

White Musk for Men by Body Shop

Clean, soapy and musk. This scent (from start to finish) is close to Kiehl’s Original Musk dry down only. So overall it is a good juice just no sillage. You may get noticed with 8+ sprays multiple times a day. Safe blind buy for sure especially for layering. Enjoy!
06th July, 2019
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Raghba by Lattafa

For around $30 US I would say this is an exceptional value for a rather linear juice. This is strong at the start and sweet. It is similar to Dolcelisir by L'Erbolario to my nose with the sweetness and vanilla. I really like the subtle oud/incense vibe I get from this. I do like it and would recommend this for the fall and winter for sure. For the price I would say it is a safe blind buy as long as you don't already have Dolcelisir (Vanilla Sweetness) or 24 Gold (Oudish Sweetness) by Scent Story... Otherwise Enjoy!
03rd June, 2019 (last edited: 10th June, 2019)

The Voices of Trees by Dawn Spencer Hurwitz

This is smokey, resinous and green/woody from start to finish. I really find the Fir note to be top notch. I don't get much Maple or sweetness from this but I don't think it is really needed. Exceptional for fall and winter. Try before you buy... otherwise Enojy!
20th May, 2019

Nautica Blue by Nautica

This is a high school / after gym scent. Not something you will make a staple just an after thought IMO. Similar to Wings and several others released in this time frame of the "aquatic" sensation. It's cheap so other than price I don't see any reason to really own this unless you have a 12 year old looking to impress.
22nd April, 2019

Oud Nobile by Enrico Gi

To my nose I get a strong impression of Davidoff Leather Blend when comparing to Oud Nobile. Sweet citrus at the start. Some spice and a sandalwood and patchouli base. For the price of around $40 US for 100ml I say this is full bottle worthy. Enjoy!
17th April, 2019

Oud Privé by Enrico Gi

This is a stunning scent for a fantastic price. Slightly and I mean slightly medicinal "oud" with strong spices and sweetness from the caramel. In the dry down the oudishness stays in the back ground with sweetness and woods. Knowing there is no oud listed in this juice they do pull of the oud essence. Overall a fantastic juice for less than $40 US for 100ml. Enjoy!
17th April, 2019

Original Santal by Creed

I have tried several Creed's and find this to be a super fresh and clean juice. Not offensive. I would say go easy on the trigger with this one due to it's strength and longevity (at least on my skin). Starts strong with spices and juniper. Once that dies down the sandalwood hits it does last for hours on my skin. I do pick up vanilla in the dry down to add some sweetness. A try before you buy due to cost but I do think most people would be pleased with this juice. Enjoy!
16th April, 2019

Kiehl's Original Musk by Kiehl's

First forty-five minutes or so. Old smelling soap. LOL. Harsh neroli and bergamot with florals. Then it turns. The "OLD" smell goes away and you are left with a super soft musk and slighty sweet patchouli. A remarkable juice for something created before I was born. A winner but a clear try before you buy IMO. Enjoy!
01st April, 2019

Pino Silvestre by Silvestre

This is a traditional old school fragrance. Not for everyone. You have to let this grow on you to appreciate it. If you are not a fan of peppery pine scents with hints of wood and very little sweetness then this is not for you. It did take several years for me to actually like this juice. It is linear on my skin and lasts around 3 to 4 hours. For the price its a safe blind buy. Enjoy!
06th March, 2019

Wings for Men by Wings

A generic Meh! scent. Got this so long ago early in my fragrance journey.
04th March, 2019

The Night Garden: Persian Thé by Crabtree & Evelyn

This is a really nice straight down the line unisex fragrance to my nose. Not over powering nor is it weak. About 2 hours of projection and 7 hours of longevity on my skin. I get hints of patchouli, some spice, black tea, cardamom, cedar and amber. I got this for a steal online (less than 30 US) and can't be more pleased. Enjoy!
11th February, 2019

Santal Royal by Guerlain

Starts with an overwhelming punch of Zest soap. Not kidding in the least. With in 2 minutes that soapiness settles and it becomes a strong floral fragrance of Jasmine and Rose that leans super feminine on my skin. This is a try before you buy for the guys unless you really like super florals. It is a high quality fragrance which, if you like this juice, is awesome for the price.
01st February, 2019

Godolphin by Parfums de Marly

Smells exactly like La Yuqawan and Tuscan Leather. No doubt about it. All 3 juices are extremely similar with very little variance. It is long lasting and gives decent sillage. Glad I got only a sample. It will take forever to use my La Yuqawam and Tuscan Leather. Enjoy!
01st February, 2019

1 Million Lucky by Paco Rabanne

Sweet and strong. To me I get fruit loops cereal. That being said I do like it. A predominant amber and hazelnut fragrance. Just not sure it’s for me. I already have Muglers Ultra Zest which is similar. A try before you buy due to the over the top strength and sweetness. Enjoy!
27th January, 2019

JB by Jack Black

A nice casual or weekend juice. It is pleasant. My neutral rating is due to the lack of longevity. Try before you buy.
23rd December, 2018

Amore Eterno by Victory International

Just not my cup of tea. I only wore it 4 or 5 times. I gave it away. It is rather dull and boring from start to finish. I would avoid this juice. It's not the price more than quality of the fragrance and longevity. Avoid!
31st October, 2018

Moonlight In Paradise by Alexandria Fragrances

Amazing juice. A top notch effort from Hany and Alexandria Fragrances. A near perfect rendering of it's inspiration of By Killian Moonlight in Heaven. For the price and performance this is 100% FULL BOTTLE WORTHY. Nice lemon citrus start with some florals from the Jasmine and a great dry down. Nice longevity and sillage. Enjoy!
30th October, 2018

Orange County by Alexandria Fragrances

Does it smell like Terre d'Hermes? Yes. How close? I would say 90%. The Hermes does have a slightly different "tone" to it that I can't explain. I find them to be very close in the first 30 minutes. The scents start to differ the closer you get to dry down. I do own both and I like them but prefer the Hermes to this. It is full bottle worthy IMO. Enjoy!
30th October, 2018