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The Night Garden: Persian Thé by Crabtree & Evelyn

This is a really nice straight down the line unisex fragrance to my nose. Not over powering nor is it weak. About 2 hours of projection and 7 hours of longevity on my skin. I get hints of patchouli, some spice, black tea, cardamom, cedar and amber. I got this for a steal online (less than 30 US) and can't be more pleased. Enjoy!
11th February, 2019

Santal Royal by Guerlain

Starts with an overwhelming punch of Zest soap. Not kidding in the least. With in 2 minutes that soapiness settles and it becomes a strong floral fragrance of Jasmine and Rose that leans super feminine on my skin. This is a try before you buy for the guys unless you really like super florals. It is a high quality fragrance which, if you like this juice, is awesome for the price.
01st February, 2019

Godolphin by Parfums de Marly

Smells exactly like La Yuqawan and Tuscan Leather. No doubt about it. All 3 juices are extremely similar with very little variance. It is long lasting and gives decent sillage. Glad I got only a sample. It will take forever to use my La Yuqawam and Tuscan Leather. Enjoy!
01st February, 2019
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1 Million Lucky by Paco Rabanne

Sweet and strong. To me I get fruit loops cereal. That being said I do like it. A predominant amber and hazelnut fragrance. Just not sure it’s for me. I already have Muglers Ultra Zest which is similar. A try before you buy due to the over the top strength and sweetness. Enjoy!
27th January, 2019

JB by Jack Black

A nice casual or weekend juice. It is pleasant. My neutral rating is due to the lack of longevity. Try before you buy.
23rd December, 2018

Amore Eterno by Victory International

Just not my cup of tea. I only wore it 4 or 5 times. I gave it away. It is rather dull and boring from start to finish. I would avoid this juice. It's not the price more than quality of the fragrance and longevity. Avoid!
31st October, 2018

Moonlight In Paradise by Alexandria Fragrances

Amazing juice. A top notch effort from Hany and Alexandria Fragrances. A near perfect rendering of it's inspiration of By Killian Moonlight in Heaven. For the price and performance this is 100% FULL BOTTLE WORTHY. Nice lemon citrus start with some florals from the Jasmine and a great dry down. Nice longevity and sillage. Enjoy!
30th October, 2018

Orange County by Alexandria Fragrances

Does it smell like Terre d'Hermes? Yes. How close? I would say 90%. The Hermes does have a slightly different "tone" to it that I can't explain. I find them to be very close in the first 30 minutes. The scents start to differ the closer you get to dry down. I do own both and I like them but prefer the Hermes to this. It is full bottle worthy IMO. Enjoy!
30th October, 2018

Silver Black / Onyx by Azzaro

This is a super powdery juice especially in the dry down. Just not a huge fan of the powder aspect of the juice although I do enjoy the opening a good bit. It has super longevity and projection. No more than 2 or 3 sprays will do for several hours (8 plus). A try before you buy of course unless you are into powdery fragrances.
07th September, 2018

Interplay Extrait by Alexandria Fragrances

Awesome juice. Nice quality, longevity and projection. This juice contains bitter almond, jasmine, woods, saffron and ambergris to my nose. A complete winner for an amazing price when compared to MFK Baccarat Rouge 540 Extrait. Hands down full bottle worthy especially for those of us looking to extend the life of the more expensive MFK. Enjoy!
29th August, 2018

China Affair by Alexandria Fragrances

WOW! Nice start with an amazing dry down. This is Neroli, Patchouli, Sweetness from the white chocolate notes with an incense/amber dry down. The longevity and projection with this is in the average range. I would say this would work well for a date night. Try before you buy as with most fragrances unless you are a Chanel Coromandel fan. Enjoy!
27th August, 2018

ELENYA gold by L'ADONÉ parfums

Very much on the feminine side of the fragrance spectrum to my nose. Strong floral from the black orchid. Has a "perfumey" essence which doesn't suit my tastes in the least. Turns powdery with the floral notes and sandalwood in the base. That being said this is a women's scent from start to finish. It's not bad just not my thing. Going to the wife's collection for sure. Not sure if my wife will like it. Either way do try before you buy.
23rd August, 2018

Fille en Aiguilles by Serge Lutens

This is a fantastic juice from Serge Lutens. Starts with a strong woody pine essence with sweetness and spice. Not a complete "tree" scent nor to my nose is this potpurri, like some might think. I really like this and if it had just a bit of a gourmand feel this would be Christmas in a bottle. I would say try before you buy due to this not being for everyone. I find it full bottle worthy(which I have). Enjoy!
23rd August, 2018
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FUntastic by Alexandria Fragrances

This isn't my favorite from the house but it is very nice. Strong Almond, I mean it is beastly, with Tonka, Vanilla, hints of woods and amber. Overall this would be awesome on a cold day and fall night IMO. This is a very close copy of Tom Ford's Fucking Fabulous which I have sampled on several occasions. I am giving this a thumbs up due to the dry down being awesome and the best part of the fragrance for sure. Overall try before you buy. Enjoy!
21st August, 2018 (last edited: 19th December, 2018)

Apple Crumbs by Alexandria Fragrances

A top notch scent from start to finish. Cinnamon, Honey Benzoin, Musk, Vanilla and Ambergris. Stunning juice and VERY close to it's inspiration. This house continues to amaze me. If you are a fan or not of "clone" houses give this a try. It's a winner. Enjoy!
21st August, 2018 (last edited: 03rd December, 2018)

Himalaya Mountains by Alexandria Fragrances

This is an amazing Creed interpretation. I absolutely find this to be amazing. Nice quality ingredients. Opens with a nice grapefruit, lemon and bergamot. Moves into a sandalwood musk and ambergris. Complete winner and Full Bottle Worthy. Enjoy!
21st August, 2018

Forbidden Plum by Alexandria Fragrances

I got a sample of this. Wore it for about a hour. Then went to the Alexandria website and bought a bottle. This is a fantastic juice that to my nose is more of a unisex juice than Tom Ford Plum Japonais. I really like the juice overall. It is sweet and slightly bitter at the start. Quality plum note, saffron, cinnamon, amber and oud. This is a top 5 from the house IMO. Enjoy!
21st August, 2018

Été Sauvage by Alexandria Fragrances

This is an exact copy 100% from start to finish of Dior Sauvage. I find this to be amazing. Just a complete home run. I really like this and for the price a winner. Enjoy!
21st August, 2018

Alexander the Great by Alexandria Fragrances

Amazing juice and a clear winner from Alexandria Fragrances. This is their inspired Xerjoff Alexandria II clone. This is amazing. I find it to be stunning. Nice Amber, vanilla and cinnamon with just a hint of Oud. I really like this. Alexandria has yet to disappoint. Their work is stellar. Enjoy!
21st August, 2018

John Varvatos Oud by John Varvatos

Looks like I will be the first to give this a thumbs up. This juice starts with slight tobacco, juniper and a saffron/cinnamon mix. Turns into a clove and rose mid to my nose. Then the oud, that is ever so slightly medicinal, leather and amber. In spite of the medicinal oud (which I really dislike) I like this juice a lot. Starting with a sample and will most likely move on to a full bottle. Enjoy!

Update. 12.13.18
Today I find that this is very similar to M7 Fresh by YSL. I would say it doesn't last as long but it is EXTREMELY close in smell. Just a little more information if you are thinking of pulling the trigger on JV Oud.
20th August, 2018 (last edited: 13th December, 2018)

Ambre Eau de Parfum by Molinard

Lavender start with incense and geranium into a patchouli musk base. Smells slightly feminine and has an off putting "perfume" smell to my nose. It also is powdery which I really don't like at all. I will say it is a no go for me. Glad I got a sample.
20th August, 2018

Nostalgia by Alexandria Fragrances

This is a very nice representation of Oud Satin Mood by MFK. Starts with rose and some oud to my nose. The combination of rose's in this juice are exceptional if slightly feminine to my nose. I would say this is overall a unisex scent once you are 2 hours in or so. You still get rose with sweetness from the vanilla and amber in the dry down. I really like it and it is a great alternative to OSM. Enjoy!
13th August, 2018

Cypress by Rag & Bone

This starts with a nice clean woody (cedar and cypress) essence with hints of vetiver. Slightly floral to my nose as well but not in a feminine way. It's a rather short lived scent with limited projection. It's a skin scent within 2 hours. This lasts about four hours on my skin overall. I like it but nothing to make me buy a full bottle. Try before you buy.
08th August, 2018

Zion by Alexandria Fragrances

Very nice quality juice. From start to finish this is in line with Elysium by Roja. Top notch start with citrus and some apple... hints of florals. Then musk, leather, ambergris and vetiver. I find this to be an amazing creation from Haney. Whether you like or dislike clone houses, or what ever you want to call them, Alexandria makes quality juice for a great price. Enjoy!
24th July, 2018

M7 Fresh by Yves Saint Laurent

From the bottle I get Oud and herbs with some citrus. Once I spray it I get Herbs very little citrus and slight Oud. I absolutely love it. VERY FRESH! A top notch scent. Of course, since Mr Ford left to do his own thing YSL discontinued the fragrance. They should release this again along with M7. Give us fume heads some nice quality instead of releasing another L'Homme flanker. If you can find this in your price range, go for it, you won't regret it. Enjoy!
24th July, 2018

Blu Mediterraneo Fico di Amalfi by Acqua di Parma

A nice spring through fall scent especially in the southern US where it is warm for 8 months out of the year. I find this leans feminine, so this decant from scentbird will be going to my lovely wife's collection. Nice citrus floral with some fig and musk. Not long lasting nor a projection beast. Slight thumbs up. Enjoy!
16th July, 2018 (last edited: 23rd August, 2018)

Encens by Rag & Bone

Starting off with a neutral. I was hoping for something with a little more incense and not as feminine. Good for the fall or winter. Not over powering in any way. A very nice juice. More for my wife than myself. The struggle is real people....
16th July, 2018

Colonia Intensa Oud Concentrée / Colonia Oud Concentrée by Acqua di Parma

WOW! Well crafted and extremely balanced from start to finish. Great longevity and sillage. The most unique Oud fragrance I own or have tried. It has the AdP dna for sure but the juice is so much more than the usual. Nice citrus with spice with a soapy, oud and musk combination with hints of leather. Exceptional IMO. A must have. Full bottle worthy. If you find this juice in your price range grab it up. Enjoy!
18th June, 2018 (last edited: 23rd August, 2018)

Yesterday by Room 1015

WOW! Stunning juice. Slightly sweet, green and floral to my nose. I get a little apple type vibe from it as well. I do smell vetiver, basil, cardamom and sandalwood. I would say this is a true unisex. I think this is a perfect juice for spring, summer and fall. Day or night. I wouldn't pay full retail for this but a nice decant will do you. Enjoy!

In the dry down
Now that I am over 5 hours in the dry down is very similar to Davidoff The Good Life. Lots of Vetiver. Awesome juice.
15th June, 2018

Cereus Pour Homme No. 14 by Cereus

Overall a safe office or casual juice. This shouldn't offend anyone nor will it garner many compliments. I don't mind the fragrance myself but it is lacking in imagination. It is a more mature scent IMO. Similar to other frags on the market such as Armani Code. Try before you buy.
15th June, 2018