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Polo Red Extreme by Ralph Lauren

A solid offering in the Polo Red line. I find this to be the best so far considering the scent itself and the performance. Good for nights or dates and it could be a scent for all seasons. A safe blind buy if you like the other Red Polos. IMO this slightly similar to Mugler Ultrazest. Not to similar to own both though. Enjoy!
09th July, 2017

Epic Man by Amouage

From the start I get cardamom, incense, geranium and spicy pepper. The dry down is a mix of sandalwood, musk and some very faint hints of incense. I wish it was a bit stronger but overall it is a neutral due to projection and longevity (considering the price). A TRY BEFORE YOU BUY... you can get some nice samples very cheap on a few online websites.
07th July, 2017

Lyric Man by Amouage

This is a rose dominant fragrance that leans very feminine to start and does dry into a nice soapy skin scent. Overall, it's a neutral due to the start being feminine. Longevity is nice with nice projection. Not my most favorite from the house. Worth a sample to try but do not blind buy.
29th June, 2017
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L'Eau d'Issey pour Homme Eau d'été 2016 by Issey Miyake

This does smell like the original... It does have a little more bottom end umph to it lol... Stronger off the top as well. I feel this is more of a masculine scent compared to the original and is a complete winner for the current online prices (under $30 dollars US for 125 ml's). Blind buy worthy (if you like the original and don't mind redundancy). Enjoy!
28th June, 2017

La Fumée / La Fumée Classic by Miller Harris

When I placed my order for this fragrance I instantly thought "Oh no what have I done". I have had the "smokey fire like" scents before and absolutely hated them. I fell for the reviews online and reveiws on youtube and I do not regret this purchase at all. I will say the first 10 minutes isn't the best for myself. It is a fire (of logs and melting plastic) and this weird "perfumey" essence... then I get the hints of cardamom, incense and frankincense mingling as the fire falls into the background. It turns into a pleasant smokey scent with some cedar, woody notes and finally the amber to add some sweetness. Overall this is a solid thumbs up but I would TRY BEFORE YOU BUY with this one. I find this to be a true unisex early on but as it dries I feel it leans masculine. Also, it is a winter fragrance IMO and a casual scent or something for the weekends. Enjoy!
16th June, 2017

Armani Eau d'Arômes by Giorgio Armani

This is a nice spring and summer fragrance that may lend itself to the fall as well. Nothing offensive to the nose and does start with a solid citrus mix with vetiver and ginger in the drydown. I do get a slight patchouli wave here and there in the dry down as well. Overall I do like it... Not sure that I love it... For the price it's ok to blind buy if you are in need of a warm weather scent. Otherwise TRY BEFORE YOU BUY. Enjoy!
12th June, 2017

Tobacco Nuit by Atelier Cologne

My first experience with Atelier and this is a complete winner. I am very fond of tobacco based scents. This starts with a nice spicy tobacco mix and dries into a slightly sweet woody tobacco. I would say that it is unisex from a distance but if you get a up close whiff it is towards the masculine spectrum. The tobacco in the juice lays close to the skin while the rest of the mix seems to project well for several hours. The tobacco has a slight cherry pipe tobacco sweetness to it but in no way is overpowering. Solid projection and longevity with out being overbearing or cloying. For the price this is a TRY BEFORE YOU BUY! This is full bottle worthy IMO. Enjoy!
12th June, 2017

Modern Man by Banana Republic

Nice, fresh, clean and musky scent that shouldn't offend anyone and perfect for casual wear or work. Nice aquatic citrus start with a little vetiver and musk. Lasts about 4 hours with 3 to 4 sprays on me. Projects for maybe 30 minutes then is a skin scent. For the price it's OK.
09th June, 2017

L'Homme Idéal Cologne by Guerlain

This is a great juice from start to finish. Starts with nice citrus of grapefruit with the bergamot and pink pepper... heads towards the citrus almond mix that is very nice and enjoyable before becoming a skin scent of musk and slight almond to my nose. I find this a good buy for the price ($40 or less US for 100ml). If you are into citrus scents this is a safe blind buy IMO. Enjoy!
01st June, 2017

Oud Malaki by Chopard

I blind bought this based on the online reviews here and on youtube. I seem to be in the minority on this one. This is skanky in a bad way for me. Not a fan of this at all. Two sprays were enough for me to list this on Ebay. As Bavard noted, this has a menthol note that totally ruined this for me.. Close to two hours in and the menthol is almost gone and what's left is in no way that interesting for me to wear this again. Overall a TRY BEFORE YOU BUY.
01st June, 2017

Aoud Musk by Montale

This is the third sample of the 7 I have and this is better than the first two for sure. I give this a slight thumbs up due to it, at least to my nose, being a sweeter version of BRUT lol. Now it isn't an exact copy but it is close but with better quality of construction and notes. It is a strong musk scent but not too overbearing and the oud isn't over the top. Overall I like it but I suggest a TRY BEFORE YOU BUY with this house. Other wise... Enjoy!

Wearing this today it hit me... this is similar to Hermes TDH. To my nose, these are in the same vein. Just my 2 pennies worth lol. Still think this is pretty awesome overall.
31st May, 2017 (last edited: 02nd June, 2017)

Wood & Spices by Montale

This is sample 7 of 7 from Montale. I would say this is very generic and smells like something I have had I just can't put my finger on it. I get a lot of spice and sandalwood. I understand that this has vetiver in it (which I can't find) and oud which is there but mingles with some incense deep in the dry down. Over all it is nice and it is masculine to my nose. TRY BEFORE YOU BUY PEOPLE! lol
31st May, 2017

Oudmazing by Montale

This is sample six of seven from the house of Montale. OK this is anther floral bomb that leans feminine to my nose. I get bitter citrus (bergamot), oud, orris, jasmine and musk. Not a bad scent just not for me. As always TRY BEFORE YOU BUY lol...
31st May, 2017
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Aoud Café by Mancera

This isn't a bad fragrance just not for me. Possibly if I layered it with Sebastian's Espresso Royale it would shine more (and bring down the beast that is Espresso Royale). It is floral for sure but not overbearing. I get floral notes, coffee and oud for sure with hints of amber and blackcurrant. Overall it is nice just leans feminine to me. TRY BEFORE YOU BUY for sure.
31st May, 2017

Honey Aoud by Montale

This is my fourth of seven samples from the house of Montale. This is a very slight thumbs up. The juice does start of slightly bitter and honey sweet. As the bitterness softens the sweetness from the vanilla and amber mingle with the oud and leather of the scent. I find this to be a true unisex juice with the leather dying out slightly the farther you get into the dry down where you are left with amber and oud. Overall a TRY BEFORE YOU BUY... other wise... Enjoy!
31st May, 2017

Interlude Man by Amouage

Initial thoughts on this juice... Incensy, Loud, Forest like, Sweet, Dark... then... wait I have smelled something like this before. Interlude man does start off amazing... incensy and very bright... As it dries I find that it becomes very familiar. I hunt through my samples and find that I do have something similar... If you layer Ore from Slumberhouse with L'Air du Desert Marocain from Tauer you get very close to Interlude man (at least the 30 minute mark of Interlude Man). When I got those samples I sprayed them both on the same arm by mistake... I would say that if you are in the market for an incensy juice this is amazing but I would TRY BEFORE YOU BUY because this might not be everyone's cup of tea. I will have to save the rest of my sample for the winter to fully enjoy this amazing juice. Enjoy!
31st May, 2017

Intense Cafe by Montale

My second sample from the house of Montale and this as well as the first (Red Aoud) are very floral from the start. I get no coffee in this juice and it does lean towards the feminine side of the line as well. It does get sweeter in the dry down. TRY BEFORE YOU BUY... unless you are of course into floral juice.
31st May, 2017

Red Aoud by Montale

First fragrance from several samples from the Montale line and this is not for me in the least. WOW super floral with some sweetness and a soapy vibe. Leans way feminine and towards the dry down does become more sweet and powdery. Glad I got a sample first. TRY BEFORE YOU BUY if you don't like florals.
31st May, 2017

Opus VI by Amouage

This is a WTF fragrance for me. I get a huge blast of florals from every direction with a bitter powdery feel for at least the first 20 to 30 minutes. The middle and dry down are no better IMO. WOW this is just awful. I can't detect the amber that most reviewers mention. This is VERY feminine as well. Glad I got a sample... AVOID.
31st May, 2017

Smoky Fig by West Third Brand

I give this a solid thumbs up for the great smell of the juice and for the price ($35 US for 2 oz bottle). The only thing not making this a 5 star review is longevity which for this scent is lacking IMO. Starts with some fig and lily mingling with coconut here and lemon there. Towards the dry down the woody aspects come out with slight musk. I would say this is a true unisex fragrance... there are aspects that will lend themselves to women in this juice. I really enjoy the fragrances from this house. The quality and prices are outstanding. I view this and Tobacco 1812 as easy blind buys. Enjoy!
31st May, 2017

Oud Suede Cologne Intense by Art of Shaving

This is a very nice scent from start to finish. Very masculine. Does have a STRONG leathery/suede vibe. Similar to Rhinoceros by Zoologist, TAOS Oud Suede isn't as strong but the start is similar as it drys it does settle into a nice woody suede mix with very light Oud. Overall an extremely nice fragrance and a must have for leathery scent lovers. ENJOY!

After additional wearings I feel into the dry down it has nuances of Egoiste by Chanel. Overall an amazing fragrance.
30th May, 2017 (last edited: 27th June, 2017)

Honour Man by Amouage

Good grief this is highly disappointing. This is punishment in a bottle. Uber geranium and pepper to start... overwhelming for a few minutes... as it drys it doesn't get any better... very bitter to my nose and something slightly familiar to my nose that I can't place. For the price I am very happy I got a sample... This is just awful. A scrubber for sure. AVOID!
30th May, 2017

Gucci Guilty Absolute pour Homme by Gucci

I got a sample of this from our local Macy's counter. I find it to be a nice scent but nothing to drop mall prices for. As Speedracer mentioned it does have a "band aid" nuance lol. To my nose its a mix of Baldesarini (original) and D&G Pour Homme with a hint of band aid. Nice for the office or casual wear. Try before you buy.
30th May, 2017

Essential by Lacoste

This is an extremely "zesty" juice to my nose that works perfectly in the spring and summer. Geared towards a younger demo IMO. Would be good as a weekend or casual scent. Nothing overbearing to my nose and will last about 3 or 4 hours on the skin. For the price it's ok to blind buy but if you are looking for something a little longer lasting try Frapin Passion Boisee. The Frapin in more expensive but overall better done.
22nd May, 2017

Agar Blend by Davidoff

This is an amazing juice from the house of Davidoff IMO. I believe Davidoff may be going for a Tom Ford Private Blend type of set up where you can mingle the scents together to create your own fragrance. Or maybe I am reading to much into this line... there are three scents in this line Leather Blend (Awesome juice), Amber Blend (Waiting on) and Agar Blend.
The Agar Blend on its own is bottle worthy based on the depth of the incensey vibe along with the cinnamon and clove combo over an outstanding, yet not overpowering Oud.
Now if you layer or "blend" the Leather Blend and Agar Blend you end up with Tom Ford Extreme. I have all three juices and you honestly can't tell them apart. Now I know a lot of people don't like layering and what not just throwing that out there for everyone...
On it's own merits I find this to be a winner due to the price being well under $100 US for a 100 ml bottle and the quality. Enjoy!
04th May, 2017

Perry Ellis Oud : Black Vanilla Absolute by Perry Ellis

I find this to be a very nice scent to be worn on any occasion. I would say this is a fall or winter scent (got it the 1st day of May lol) so I may have to wait for a slightly cooler day to rock this scent. So far I find it does have a slight synthetic / mall juice undertone but other than that it is a slightly boozy vanilla juice with slight hints of incense, oud and tobacco. For the price it is a steal ($30 US online discount sites). Enjoy!
01st May, 2017 (last edited: 06th June, 2017)

Leather Blend by Davidoff

A very nice leather scent for men although it is labeled as unisex. It is a quality juice for sure from start to finish with just a slight hint of Davidoff mall juice dna (lol). At the start it does have a slight incense feel with saffron. For about five to ten minutes it reminds me of Rhinoceros by Zoologist Perfumes. It turns into a much less overbearing scent and much more sweet and leathery. Overall, based on the price $65 US, I would try before you buy especially if you have several leather scents. If you are a fan of leather then this is a nice juice. I have layered this and Agar Blend by Davidoff and get something similar to Tom Ford Extreme... At least to my nose. Enjoy!

Now that I have layered Leather and Agar Blend I find that Davidoff could possibly be going for a Tom Ford type Private Blend line. I am waiting to get Amber Blend by Davidoff so I can mix all three blend juices together or mix and match. If Davidoff is going for a layering/blend line the first two juices are excellent so far. Enjoy!
01st May, 2017 (last edited: 04th May, 2017)

Azzaro pour Homme Night Time by Azzaro

Pepper, Vetiver and Cedar. That's the entire scent from start to finish. Not bad but nothing special. Could be used as a nice office scent or in casual settings IMO. Overall for the price I would say it's a safe blind buy. Enjoy!
20th April, 2017

A*Men: Les Parfums de Cuir / Pure Leather by Thierry Mugler

If you are a fan of the original (which I was... but no longer) then this is right up your alley. I find this to be just a slight detour from the original from start to finish. I give it a thumbs up due to the quality of the leather that does offset the off putting tarish quality of AMen to my nose. I got this for a surprising price so I find this to be a winner. Too bad it is no longer fall/winter here in the US or I would rock this today. Try before you buy (You may find this a redundant buy if you already have original AMen). Otherwise.... Enjoy!
20th April, 2017

Méchant Loup by L'Artisan Parfumeur

I would say this does take awhile to enjoy. The licorice and honey come to the fore in a nice blend, neither of which are stronger than the other. Not a huge fan of licorice. That being said this is very enjoyable. As the combination heads towards the middle ground, the cedar and hazelnut come through. I do get a slight sandalwood vibe in the dry down. Overall a great scent. I would say try before you buy... just to be sure this is up your alley. Otherwise.... Enjoy!

Additional info... Once you hit the complete dry down I find it very similar to Lalique Hommage a l'homme Voyageur. Weird considering the notes aren't close to the same. Either way still enjoyable.
12th April, 2017